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Senior Software Developer Resume

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Chicago, IL


Senior software engineer with 15 years of experience in software development (desktop, web, and mobile web), agile software methodologies (XP and Scrum), and team leadership.


Software Architecture / UML

Object Oriented Design

Agile Processes / XP / Scrum

TDD / Refactoring

Pair Programming

Usability Testing

Requirements Engineering

Development Technologies:

Java 8 / J2EE

Ruby on Rails / JRuby / Sinatra


JavaScript / CoffeeScript

Web Services / REST / SOAP jQuery / Node.js

React / Knockout.js

Spring / Hibernate / Struts

Messaging Services / Resque

Eclipse RCP / SWT / JFace

JavaFX 2 / Swing

Maven / Ant

SQL / Stored Procedures


Bash Scripting

Server Technologies:

Amazon AWS EC2 and S3

Heroku Cloud Hosting

Tomcat & BEA WebLogic

Apache & Phusion Passenger

Moonshine / Capistrano

Testing Technologies:

Java JUnit / JMock / Mock4J

Ruby RSpec / Cucumber & Selenium

JavaScript Jasmine

IBM Rational Functional Tester


Operating Systems:

Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux


MySQL / ClearDB



Microsoft SQL Server


Redis (memory DB)

OrientDB graph databse

Applications & Editors:

Vim / Emacs / TextMate / Sublime 2

Eclipse / IntelliJ Idea / NetBeans

RubyMine / Aptana

Git / CVS / SVN / Visual SourceSafe

Visual Studio

Visual Paradigm / Visio


HTTP Caching and CDN

Solr / Lucene / Full - Text Search


Twitter Bootstrap


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Software Developer


  • Software development and engineering primarily with Ruby on Rails and Agile Methodologies.
  • Confidential web application badging center, review management center, character counting JavaScript UI component, refactoring/cleaning of JavaScript and Ruby codebase, introduction of test driven development and pair programming, introduction of weekly team code reviews, introduction of weekly team retrospectives, selection of new graphing technology.

Technologies: Ruby 2.3, Rails 5.1, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, Backbone.js, Omniauth, PostgreSQL, Redis, Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2), Linux, and Chef


President and Senior Consultant


  • Java / Ruby on Rails / Agile Consulting, Web Development, Team Leadership, Training, Coaching.
  • Authored Ruby and HTML/CSS Web Development training.

Technologies: React, Ruby on Rails, Java 8, WebSockets, Knockout.js, CoffeeScript, Haml, Git, PivotalTracker, HTML5, CSS3, Heroku Web Hosting, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, WordPress, HTTP Caching

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Software Architect


  • Ruby on Rails Expertise Resource, Software Architecture, Web Development, Project Leadership, and Junior Team Member Mentorship. key accomplishments were bootstrapping Confidential Ruby on Rails application and mentoring junior developer and designer on contributing to Rails application effectively.
  • Also came up with the Ultra Light Wizard pattern and Abstract Feature Branch library.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Omniauth, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Rack-Cache, Amazon S3, and Heroku

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Software Engineer


  • Web Development, Project Leadership, Technical Presentation, Engineering Blog Authoring, and Internal Training.
  • I had the team contribute web user interfaces for capturing personalization and geolocation data to personalize deals accordingly as well as refinements to the user subscription flows to optimize subscription and conversion rates.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Backbone, CoffeeScript, Resque, Redis, Git, PivotalTracker, Jenkins, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Consultant


  • Agile software development, technical coaching and leadership, and public presentations.

Technologie: Java, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Resque, Redis, Eclipse RCP/SWT/JFace, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, JUnit, Git, CVS, SVN, XML, XHTML, CSS, HSQLDB, Oracle, BEA WebLogic, Apache, Passenger.

Confidential, Lombard, IL

Computer Systems Analyst


  • Desktop client software design and development, requirements engineering, testing, technical support, and training of people in applications and software development kits.
  • Also, doing two presentations at a marketing event, implementation of a source code control system, and complete migration of a customer's document repository into ViewWise, Confidential ’s document management system product.

Technologies: Java, Swing, J2EE, C#, C++, MFC, Visual SourceSafe, VB6, Oracle, SQL Server, ASP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JUnit, and VBScript.

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