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Co-founder Cto Resume

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Baltimore, MD


Development within award winning agencies, project management in a high level design firm, along with success in entrepreneurship has built over 10 years of experience in the web industry. Having success generating design systems for companies such as Wunderman, or maintaining sites for companies. Along with being recognized as the best web designer in DC by Thumbtack, shows a strong sense of personal success. Having a startup in the Dreamit Ventures portfolio and working on marketing services for small business has contributed greatly to a unique skillset with a focus in design and its relation to data.


HTML, XHTML, HTML5 (hand coding) 10 years

PHP 7+ years


MySQL,MongoDB 6+ years

Javascript 7 years

Drupal7 7 years

Jquery 8 years

UI/ UX design 10 years

Emberjs, handlebars 5 years

Front - end Design Systems 5 years

Angularjs <1 years

Bootstrap, Foundation, custom systems 7 years

API development 4 years

Business documentation(UAT,Design Specs, UX) 7 years

Adobe Photoshop 11 years

Adobe Illustrator 10 years

Adobe After Effects (Motion Graphics) 10 years

Drawing 14 years


Windows Desktop

Mac OS Desktop

Android iOS


Co-founder CTO

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • My role consisted of designing and developing the system and designing architecture for overall app development.
  • Manage task from front-end, API, backend, and server.
  • Manage training and weekly task of team.
  • Designing growth funnels for analytics.
  • Implementation of SEO/Analytics for web and mobile application.
  • Built mobile application that was made with Phonegap.

CEO Designer/ Developer

Confidential, Laurel, MD


  • My roles has allowed for range of work from web/blog work for small businesses
  • As a subcontractor tasked with reviving a project that had previously failed on a different contract I was able to build mapping applications for cryptographers using MongoDB, and MeteorJS.
  • Without any prior experience with Meteor I was able to quickly get involved in the code and right processes for other contractors to follow along with training other developers working in the system.

Senior Drupal Developer

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Design the UX and front-end design systems for the overall websites.
  • Created User Analysis strategy to gauge user interest.
  • Conducted website audits to find opportunities and or find user interaction issues.
  • Managed the overall website build between the content creators and managers.
  • Created both the front-end system and back-end infrastructure within Drupal.
  • Created google workflows to manage bugs and reporting
  • Trained team on implementing new features into the site
  • Managed server, database, UI, UX, and all documentation

Senior Front-end Developer

Confidential, Georgetown, DC


  • Develop Sites and provide insight to marketing and UX team.
  • Authority on responsive and email development.
  • Implemented process for creating design systems for future clients.

Drupal Administrator, Highland graphic designer/ senior front-end developer

Confidential, Gaithersburg, Maryland


  • Develop Confidential website (server side, back-end, and front end)
  • Create graphics for proposals
  • Provide Drupal training and insight to web team
  • Write up reports to be used in further meeting and planning
  • Served as a Drupal authority for communication between departments

Web Designer

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Manage client web strategy
  • Manage Social/ UI model for brands
  • Develop marketing strategy for social commerce
  • Provide web training for small business

Web Specialist

Confidential, Vienna, VA


  • Design, develop, and deliver client web sites/Intranet sites, including service as Project Manager on site development.
  • Activities included communicating to different directorate, site maintenance, troubleshooting, managing content, and training within the directorates.
  • Entrusted with responsibilities to Design print and promotional materials for the Veterans Administration. Assisted Lead Designer with re-branding the Communications directorate. And took lead roles for print materials production, often having to simplify a message to create understanding throughout the Veterans Administration.

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