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Senior Principal Engineer Resume

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Malvern, PA


  • Thorough JavaScript/jQuery/ReactJSAngularJS/Angular2&4/Ajax/Json, Node.js, HTML, CSS, UI/web design skills (CSS3/HTML5), as well as Java, PHP and Python backend programming background.
  • Strong software application design and development in UI as well as server utility experience on Windows, UNIX/Linux platforms.
  • Over 10 year experience developing quality software using design - pattern, Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, C and some version control such as Perforce, SVN, Git, Firebug etc. in software development full lifecycle with Agile methodology.
  • Strong English communication skills, verbal and written; ability to get along with and work closely with other developers and QA staff
  • Excellent MySql/Oracle database experience.
  • Bright, disciplined, detail-oriented; structured and organized in approaching work; able to multi-task
  • Great experience and Knowledge of software implementation best practices.
  • Self-motivated, independent, detail oriented, responsible team-player in a multiple-project environment


Confidential, Malvern, PA

Senior Principal Engineer


  • Design and develop web application platform for management systems such as Project/Resource/Document Management etc.
  • From scratch in Angular (Typescript), React.js, Javascript, Html, CSS and Node.js, MongoDB, Linux as well as websocket, webpack, etc.

Confidential, Southborough, MA

Software Architecture/Developer


  • Make design choices and dictate technical standards, including software coding standards, web UI/UX, tools, and platforms.
  • Independently work as a full stack developer to build hybrid web application based on medical device simulation system in Javascript/Typescript, html5, css3, bootstrap and node.js, Rest API, Python, Jquery, Zepto, Angular2&4, React.js, as well as Lamp/Mean stack.
  • Contribute to the design, development and testing of mission-critical applications as well as maintaining and enhancing production applications including researching, designing, documenting, and modifying software specifications throughout the production lifecycle.
  • Also analyze and amend application errors in a timely and accurate fashion and provide status reports.
  • Assist with the collection of business requirements (functional and technical), actively participate in projects to improve site architecture and optimize navigation.

Confidential, Lawrence, MA

Senior Full Stack Developer


  • Play multi - task from leading projects, design UI/UX, developing software in Node.js, Rest API, Python, Javascript, Jquery/Angularjs/React.js, Html, Css
  • Json, Ajax, Mysql database and AWS, write technical documentation, and to help resolving critical customer issues.
  • Designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to functionality.
  • Create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.
  • Develop world class web solutions to support monitoring and management of PV inverter systems.
  • Design interoperation of embedded systems with web platform.
  • Build remote access portal on AWS and Linux in node.js
  • Provide outstanding documentation of software designs and user documentation.
  • Provide additional duties and challenges based upon business needs.

Confidential, Billerica, MA

Senior UI / Full Stack Developer


  • Design and develop a new MVC/MVVM framework for hybrid native / web based application with real time data such as live video and google map in controlling prioritization of video feeds, network routing, video routing, workflow optimization and asset management in Vislink network management system.
  • Plan and implement/build user interface (SPA) with state of the art in website technology, standards and practices using MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS/Angular2 and NodeJS with Rest API, middleware and modules)
  • Object Oriented Javascript, Python, Typescript, Ajax, JSON, ReactJs, CSS3, html5 etc. including performance monitoring & enhancement, caching, coding standards and writing re - usable/utility driven code, testing, maintaining and performance tuning.
  • Offer UI design input for page styling, layout, usability and translate conceptual designs to interactive, feature-rich, visually stunning web applications
  • Work with QA and engineers on definition and coordination of unit/functional/integrated testing. Responsible for maintaining, supporting and upgrading existing Vislink web based app.

Confidential, Chelmsford, MA

Senior Web Developer


  • Design and build a MVC framework for Comcast engineer report system. Work as a full stack developer with heavy lamp(Linux/Apachd/php /MySQL/Php/python) on the back - end as well as front-end and using
  • Javascript/Jquery/AngularJs/ReactJs, Ajax, Json, CSS, html etc. on the web-based User Interface, including coding, testing, and performance tuning.
  • Modify the application and take groomed data from another team to build and finish MySql database and reports based on the client s large suite of home built tools that are used internally.
  • Play a key role in developer team working with a tracking tool that measures the capacity of the network for the client. It also tracks the deployment efforts in augmenting the network and tracks congestion on the network.
  • Good experience in version/source control, defect tracking, continuous integration.
  • Java web application development in Servlets/JSP (Apache Tomcat); JavaScript with AngularJS, and html5, css3/Less and web-based user interface design.

Confidential, Marlboro, MA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Played multiple roles such as development, implementation, debugging, support, testing, etc. as a key engineer in a R&D team for two core products:
  • Object - Oriented designed and developed web report as browser server application in Java, Python with related framework to create data selection, analysis chart, wafer map and image for chip test result analysis.
  • Create and maintain large normalized tables by stored procedure/functions to improve configuration, performance and management (master/slave, backups, performance testing, etc.)
  • Designed and developed as well as maintained large client server application in Java, C++ and Oracle database in SQL for a Yield Management System.
  • Designed and implemented UI applications such as spreadsheet, chart, wafer maps, statistical analysis and report (.csv/.html) by C++, MFC, QT, C# and MS Visio for leading semiconductor data analysis packages.
  • Created reliable utilities and automation tools in Perl, Python to perform function, integration and performance test
  • Debugged/tested/viewed huge source codes and application as well as wrote functional spec document to provide product maintenance and customer support with Agile methodology.

Confidential, Bedford, MA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Yield management system server design and development including: data translation for chip test result raw data. Data loading and other maintenance utility programs
  • GUI Application design and implementation, including charting, Statistic Analysis features, Real Time SPC and defect data Report/Special Charting Features;
  • Coordinate with oversea team for the GUI Charting, StatTool integration related tasks including writing the engineering proposal and debug, test.
  • Existing Software (both UI and Server) Maintenance.
  • Provide necessary inter - team support to QA and CAE such as debugging, testing for product.
  • Customer support for the emergency issue upon the manager request.

Confidential, Bedford, MA

Software Engineer


  • Programming in Pro C and SQL to modify and maintain Oracle database on UNIX. Installed Oracle8 database and migrated Oracle7 to new version.
  • Built software components by MS COM, created an advanced statistic computing spreadsheet for data analysis using VC++.
  • Generated correlation analysis report from database by VB/Excel and advanced statistic computing on MS Windows
  • Built Installation program for our key product software using InstallShield.

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