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Aggiesland Ios/android Project Resume

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To obtain full time position in software engineering or mobile application development.


Programming: Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Objective - C (5 years), HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, Swift (4 Years) (iOS), PHP, JQuery, Python,, Ruby, Angular.JS, NodeJS

Build tools: such as Ant and Gradle, Continuous Integration such as Jenkins, Travis CI

Other programming languages: such as SAS Programming


AggiesLand iOS/Android Project



  • Mobile application for students at North Carolina A&T State University to provide information for wif teh latest information occurring in teh campus area and teh Guilford County Area.
  • Provide data information for teh latest events in teh Guilford county area.
  • Free, semi-anonymous app that allows users to share positive thoughts, activities, and photos in personal and community purposes.
  • Developed using back sourcing and partial coding via Git repository.
  • Confidential is a fun way to answer and create scenarios, but wif two choices only. Teh goal is to answer a question wif only two options at your disposal. You can answer scenarios and see how many people pick teh chosen scenario.
  • Create your own scenarios and share them wif others.
  • Search scenarios and vote certain scenarios wifin teh context search. Teh app also has a iMessage Extension, along wif an Apple Watch Extension in teh works.
  • Shorti is a creative short story writing app that allows you to express and share your most imaginative short stories in 500 words or less.


Mobile Applications Developer

Confidential, MI


  • Consulting wif client wif connect cars and trucks from different areas in teh United States
  • Report changes and plans to manager to meet expectations from teh clients.
  • Helping client understand to timeframe between instances from teh development use and teh peripherals from certification such as Apple MFI certification and, Bluetooth SIG certification.

Mobile Applications Developer

Confidential, Renton, WA


  • Help wif certifying teh PacLink Bluetooth Adapter become MFI compatible by Apple.
  • Working wif different faults from different truck to provide troubleshooting between teh iOS and Android platforms.
  • Understanding standards for J1939 to retrieve different gauges for Trip Reports and other activities.
  • Adding features for teh PacLink app that includes In-App Purchases to features to find different fault codes from a API.
  • Help wif bug fixes and UI changes wif teh PACLink app for iOS and Android.
  • Working wif Android fingerprint for autantication using Volley API to pass request for user fingerprint for security.
  • Create API services for autantication and for users’ preferences for fingerprint login.
  • Worked on improvements on teh Omnicare Rx app including new features and bug fixes.
  • Discuss new features and tools to halp wif most framework features such as Adobe Analytics.

Lead Mobile Developer

Confidential, Greensboro, NC


  • Worked wif seven major app platforms wif native iOS and Android
  • Implemented modern tools and frameworks from third party sources to improve efficiency and performance
  • Collaborate wif clients to work on mobile applications using their specified requirements
  • Discuss new features and tools to halp wif most framework features such as Fabric and Google Analytics.
  • Created unit test for team projects using Jenkins
  • Use build tools to aggregate projects using Apache Ant, Maven, Groovy tools, and Gradle.
  • Use SAS Visual Analytics software to generate and create reports for project managers

BIRD Customer Intelligence Intern

Confidential, Cary, NC


  • Developed Mobile Confidential for clients to collect data from customers and send teh data to SAS backend using SAS Customer Intelligence 365 Portal Site.
  • Use teh technologies including Beacon and Geolocations to integrate teh products and to understand teh data populated by customers.
  • Created and modify unit test for both iOS and Android
  • Analyze and improve code to halp better performance and stability
  • Developed companion mobile application for colleges to provide uses and quality of a mobile system. Add content of HTML websites and documents to organizations and companies.
  • Make website pages for community colleges and organizations around teh North Carolina area.
  • Understand teh challenges being addressed by an engagement and collaborate wif team members, clients, and stakeholders to deliver a technical solution that meet teh unique needs for clients
  • Continue to discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiently.

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