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Front End Developer/data Visualization Engineer Resume

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Ann Arbor, MI


  • Over 9 years of extensive Experience in designing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JSF, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON and XML. Solid proficiency with IA/UX and web usability best practices.
  • Experience with full software development life - cycle, architecting scalable platforms, object Oriented programming and agile, scrum and waterfall methodologies.
  • Developed websites using JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, Ractive JS, Angular 5, React JS and Backbone.JS.
  • Developed Responsive Web designs (RWD) using Media Queries and Bootstrap
  • Strong experience with JQuery, JQuery plugins (Validator, Drag and Drop, AutoComplete), AJAX, Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and JSON.
  • Experience with Responsive Web Design, JSON, AJAX, Angular JS, Ractive JS, Angular 5, React JS, Backbone.JS, Media Queries and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Experience in Applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML.
  • Experience in working MVC Architecture and also in using version control(SVN)
  • Experience in developing Ext-JS components like Grids, Toolbars, Panels, Combo-Box and Button etc.
  • Worked on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, Pseudo Elements and CSS Behaviors in CSS.
  • Develop various screens for the front end using React JS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and Redux libraries.
  • Involvement in using various IDE's, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, eclipse, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Utilized the latest front-end Technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 for layouts.
  • Experience on working with CSS Background, Animations, and Layouts, positioning, border, margin, padding, table, Pseudo classes, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors including the Box model.
  • Specialized in developing Web 2.0 Apps using core JQuery along with AJAX/JavaScript.
  • Involved in designing the user experience interface UI/UX strategy, UI requirements, converting findings into UI designs
  • Experience in CSS pixel-level layout, Consistency with browsers, Version and Platform Independence.
  • Extensive expertise in client-side scripting using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Ractive JS, Angular 5, React JS, AJAX
  • Experience in using various jQuery UI controls and corresponding Event handlers etc.
  • Experience working with XSL, Smarty, Velocity and other template engines
  • Used the latest HTML5 elements for video playback, content rendering using semantic tags such as article, section etc.
  • Client-side technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSL, Web Services etc.
  • Ability to write clear, well-documented, well-commented and efficient code for web development.
  • Determined quick learner with strong interpersonal skills and proven ability to manage positive and productive client relationship.
  • Highly Curious about new front-end development technologies and adept at promptly and thoroughly mastering them with a keen awareness of new industry developments and the evolution of programming solutions.


Web Technologies: HTML5/4, CSS3, XML, XSL, DHTML, JavaScript Object Oriented Programming, jQuery, Web Standards (XHTML, CSS), AJAX, JSON, Protractor, Stylus/LESS, SCSS, Webpack, JSHint

JavaScript Technologies: jQuery, AngularJS, Ractive JS, Angular 5, React JS, Backbone.JS, exp.js, Node JS, Ractivejs, Ampersand-Router, Ampersand - Model/State/Collection, Ampersand-XHR, D3js, Leafletjs

Database: SQL Server 2005, MySQL, Oracle

Web Services: Apache Tomcat 7.0.34, HTTP Web Server, Team Foundation Server

Debugging Tools: Firebug, developer Tools

IDE: HTML Editor Notepad++, Eclipse IDE, Adobe Dreamweaver, WIX, Photoshop, Express, MS FrontPage, MS Visual Studio, Socket IO, Android SDK, Visual Code

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Scrum


Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Front End Developer/Data Visualization Engineer


  • Working on Text and Data Mining (TDM) product which will serve as an academic resource for teaching and research.
  • Worked with the TDM team to develop custom and bespoke data visualizations.
  • These visualizations are interactive and will draw from rich and unique text content.
  • Gained experience working on a state-of-the-art data visualization project.
  • Developed from scratch D3 interactive data visualizations
  • Built frontend web app and API infrastructure for the TDM product
  • Worked with UX Designers to mockup visualizations
  • Experience with HTML, Bootstrap, and Stylus/Less/SCSS (in the style of CSS).
  • Worked on building single page application using Ractive.js framework along with Ampersand-router, Ampersand-Model/State/Collection, Ampersand-XHR used frontend build tools such as webpack and JSHint
  • Experience with data mapping and GIS technology using Leaflet.js
  • Used Node.js as a server-side platform to build fast, event-driven scalable application for data-intensive real-time application
  • Implemented Single-Sign on (SSO) authentication using Auth0 to allow user to access application only after handshaking of code and randomly generated state parameter between node server and front end.
  • Ported legacy application from Ractive JS framework to latest Angular 5 framework.
  • Created single page application structure with multiple module using Angular 5, TypeScript and RXJS.
  • Created individual modules, Component and Directives with single responsibility principle.
  • Created shared module with components that will be loaded once in AppModule and components that will be shared across the application such as Modal Dialog, Models.
  • Implemented CRUD system and contributed in backend Node JS data API.

Environment: Node 4, NPM 3, ES6, Babel, D3js, Leaflet Js, lodash, Webpack, JSHint, JSCS, Ampersand-Router, Ampersand - Model/State/Collection, Ampersand-XHR, Ractive JS, Angular 5, Mocha, Karma, Bootstrap, Stylus/LESS, SCSS, JQUERY, JSON, GIT, Visual Studio 2017.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Senior Front-End Developer


  • Responsible for designing User Interfaces using web/front end technologies.
  • Developed application layout and responsive web pages using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Developed User Interfaces using JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS & Backbone JS.
  • Worked on different versions of angular application migration.
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture. Built components library, including Tree, Slide View, table Grid.
  • Used React.js for implementing responsive web design in the customer pick application.
  • Wrote the base starting point for the Node.js webserver that we use at work using Coffee Script.
  • Implemented ngRoute and UI router to navigate within the application.
  • Worked extensively on two-way, one-way data binding, built-in components and developed single page applications using Angular MV*.
  • Interactive D3.js Graphing framework, able to handle hundreds of lines to visualize big-data network trends.
  • To reuse code/functionality created custom Directives, Filters, services and controllers.
  • Developed Form controls and worked on client-side validations for better user experience.
  • Used Bootstrap components such as breadcrumbs, Navigation bar, pagination and modal services and Implemented UI angular bootstrap for faster and easier web development and Used Bootstrap responsive CSS to adjust to phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Used logging mechanism for debugging and logging objects.
  • Used spring framework to auto wire/inject components.
  • Used JMS in OPUS application were Businesses can interact with each other via messaging, and similar setup used for logging application, watching for specific errors, and alerting people via various means (email, text message).
  • Mainly responsible for developing Restful API using spring framework. Developed different controllers that return the response both in JSON and XML based on the request type.
  • Developed application using Spring MVC - Implemented Various Controllers, used spring's component-scan and auto wiring functionalities.
  • Used SVN for version control and used eclipse as the IDE for developing the application.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, Angular JS, Backbone JS, JavaScript, React JS, JQuery, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Chrome Developer Tools, Hibernate, Restful Web services, JSON, Advanced Rest Client, SQL, SVN, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Front end web UI Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Worked with Bootstrap for compiling CSS, REST API, React.JS, JavaScript, Typescript and building the System with the convenient methods with Angular JS.
  • Involved in requirement gathering and in design phase meetings.
  • Enhanced an existing application to follow strict MVC patterns for improved source code maintenance and enhanced performance.
  • Got some idea about different JavaScript frameworks like React.js and node.js by helping other teams. Involved in working with REST API to render the data into my application.
  • Created Reusable Common UI components using React.js as a business functionality
  • Worked on React input components and integrated the reusable component.
  • Used Dependency Injection (DI) concepts in Angular JS.
  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Type Script, jQuery, Angular.js, React js, Ajax and JSON.
  • Participated in making Responsive Web Designs using Media Queries and Bootstrap, J Query-Mobile.
  • Made enhancements to existing CSS and DIV tags, made upgrades using Twitter Bootstrap model.
  • Creating custom UI components and implemented UI MVC framework.
  • Involved in up gradation and maintenance of website to the new layout using the Grid orientation model Bootstrap framework.
  • Changed all java script code into structured & object-oriented JavaScript by defining some global variables and methods.
  • Creating custom UI components and implemented UI MVC framework.
  • Used J query for Ajax Support and used JSON for DOM objects and developed data visualization using D3.js, Dojo and Google Charts.
  • Developed mockups and prototypes using VISIO
  • The JSON is parsed in the front end and is rendered using handle bar template.
  • Worked upon the dashboard for the project which contained a variety of charts and drag gable components using JQuery UI Library.
  • Worked on npm to manage the dependencies through command line.
  • Involved in the Build, Configuration, and Deployment and Integration phases.
  • Code Reviewing and Guiding the Teammates during the development.
  • Contributed code to the development of mobile and responsive design and customized many features of the application in iterative sprints environment using version control tools like GIT and Omniture tracking and JIRA for bug tracking.
  • Involved in working with different unit testing components like karma and used jasmine framework.
  • Code Reviewing and Guiding the Teammates during the development.
  • Involved in Agile/SCRUM based approach to UI Development.

Environment: HTML/5, CSS/3, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, Typescript, Bootstrap, jQuery, DOJO, Angular JS, React JS, Handle bars, Agile Methodology, JIRA, and Node.JS.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Front End UI Developer


  • Developed internal and external validation code using JavaScript.
  • Built Rich Prototypes and Applications using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, Angular JS and Bootstrap with MySQL database.
  • Coded JavaScript for page functionality and Pop up Screens.
  • Used JSP, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS to create interactive user interface.
  • Developed dynamic UI using Angular JS.
  • Utilized various JQUERY plug-in to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make it look more intuitive.
  • Created AngularJS controllers, services and used AngularJS filters for filter functionality in search box and integrator functionalities.
  • Implemented and designed user interface for web based customer application.
  • Use JS framework such as Angular.JS (for data driven apps) and Backbone JS (for heavy DOM manipulation).
  • Developed/Designed the web forms from designs provided by the design team (wireframes, visual design document).
  • Developed REST architecture based web services to facilitate communication between client and servers.
  • Developed non-functional HTML/5, CSS3 pages from the mock ups and involved in UI review with UI architect and Business Units.
  • Developed data formatted web applications and deploy the script using client side scripting using JavaScript.
  • Wrote extensive HTML, CSS (2/3) and JavaScript code to build dynamic pages using Eclipse.
  • Developed and designed the various screens and its architecture in accordance to UI Specs.
  • Involved in the development of Dynamic loading of web pages using Ajax calls with server pages.
  • Brought the HTML and CSS of an existing web site to the latest web standards.
  • Created a CSS framework for using a 12 column grid preferred by the designers as well as implementing parts of Object Oriented CSS to cut down on repetitive code.
  • Worked through cross browser compatibility issues with layout and styles for all new CSS that was implemented.
  • Used Subversion (SVN) as a repository tool and as a version control.

Environment: Angular JS, Backbone, HTML/HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, RESTful Web Services, Node JS, JSON, AJAX, XML, MYSQL, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Windows.


Web Developer


  • Key front-end developer to develop/code new features, functionalities using front-end technologies.
  • Coordinating with backend team in the process of building and communicating with RESTful API.
  • Developed User Interface based on design document guidelines.
  • Responsible for integrating interactive virtual assistance SDK in the code environment.
  • Developed and remediated code as per accessibility assessment report and tested them using AT, screen reader- JAWS and Dragon naturally speaking.
  • Key Developer for fresh web pages using web Technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery.
  • Primary contact person to handle critical / complex and technically tricky issues throughout the duration of the project.
  • Primary technical point of contact for project requirement, client escalation, technical nuances, tools & technologies.
  • Worked as project coordinator under the guidance of project manager for allocating tasks, effort estimations, development & QA coordination, collating reports, documents review etc.
  • Helped supervisor to build team, setup internal project processes, understand project development &testing environments.
  • Provided reverse training to client's development team, reviewed and answered their queries in each Q/A session
  • Remediated existing web pages as per accessibility assessment report and tested them using AT, screen reader- JAWS and AMP toolbar.
  • Review documents that were shared with client i.e. Migration Log.
  • Walk-through of the Accessibility analysis report to the client.
  • Courseware Engg. To develop fresh iSPOs for on-site GBS Consultants.
  • Courses are developed using responsive layout that support multi-platform environment like android, iOS, Linux, MacBook and Windows.
  • Worked as a mentor and helped team to resolve Accessibility and technical issues.
  • Designing prototypes for websites that support mutli-platform environment.
  • Addressed cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Provide guidance to other team members on web development issues.
  • Communicate confidently.
  • Organize and manage multiple priorities simultaneously.
  • Produce feasibility and usability reports for projects

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