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Devops Engineer Resume

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Omaha, NE


  • Around 5 years of comprehensive experience in the areas of DevOps, AWS and Linux Administration including Building binaries, end - to-end code configuration, & deployments of artifacts for entire life cycle model in enterprise Applications.
  • Highly motivated and committed DevOps Engineer experienced in Automating, Configuring and deploying instances on AWS, Azure and Rackspace cloud environments and Data centers, also familiar with EC2, Cloud watch, Elastic IP’s and managing security groups on AWS.
  • Linux/Unix system administrator on Red hat EL 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Debian, CentOS 4.x,5.x, Suse, FreeBSD, Solaris 8,9,10 and VMware vSphere 5.x, ESX / ESXi 3.x,4.x, 5.x, VMware Workstation, and Hyper-V administration. Involved in migrating physical Linux/Windows servers to cloud (AWS) and testing.
  • Experience on DevOps tools such as GIT, SVN, ANT, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Vagrant, and virtual box.
  • Proficient in computerization utilizing Python, Ruby and UNIX Shell/bash scripting.
  • Experienced in working on DevOps /Agile operation process (Code review, unit test automation, Build& Release automation, Environment, Service, Incident and Change Management) including various tools.
  • Profusely worked on Version control tools like Subversion, GIT, clear case to track changes made by different people in source code.
  • Experience customizing JIRA projects with various schemas, complex workflows, screen schemes, permission schemes, and notification schemes.
  • Familiar with Atlassian tool stack such as Jira, Bamboo, Bitbucket and confluence.
  • Strong experience in System Administration, Installation, Upgrading Patches, Configuration,
  • Troubleshooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance Monitoring and Fine-tuning on Red Hat Linux Systems.
  • Configured and Administered Nexus Repository Manager for GIT repositories and builds.
  • Experienced in introducing, designing, adjusting, testing and conveying applications on Apache Webserver, Nginx and Application servers, for example, Tomcat, JBoss.
  • Strong experience in self-healing Server Infrastructure development on AWS cloud, extensive usage of AWS-EC2, VPC, CLI, S3, Route53, Cloud Formation, Cloud Front, SNS, SQS, Cloud Trail.
  • Developed and managed cloud VMs with AWS EC2 command line clients and management console. Implemented DNS service through Route 53 on ELBs to achieve secured connection via https.
  • Good knowledge in creating and maintaining various DevOps related tools for the team such as provisioning scripts, deployment tools and staged virtual environments using Docker and Vagrant.
  • Installed, Configured, Managed Monitoring Tools such as Splunk, Nagios, Zabbix for Resource Monitoring/Network/Monitoring/Log Trace Monitoring.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, intuitive, analytical and leadership skills with an ability to work efficiently in both independent and teamwork environments.
  • Proficient in troubleshooting complex build problems, release issue, and environmental issues in the multi-component environment. Worked on coordinating multiple releases across the projects.


Cloud Infrastructure: AWS, OpenStack, MS Azure, Rackspace

Configuration management Tools: Puppet, Chef, Vagrant, Docker, Ansible and Opswork

Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, Build Master, Travis CI

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Gradle, Build Forge, CMAKE, MS Build

Versioning Tools: GIT, ClearCase, Perforce, CVS, Subversion

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Rally, Nexus, Remedy

Scripting: Shell, Python, PL/SQL, Java AWT/Swing, C#, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, Ruby and Perl

Languages: C, C++, PHP, PL/SQL and Java/J2EE

Web Technologies: Java Script, Servlets, JDBC, JSON, CSS

Virtualization Tools: VMware vSphere, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation

Web/App server: Web Logic Application Server 9.x, 10.x, WebSphere6.x/7.x/8.x, Apache Tomcat5.x/7.x, AWS, JBOSS4.22.GA

Database: DynamoDB, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, RHEL, Debian, Centos, Ubuntu, SUSE, Solaris

Network Services: LDAP, DNS, NIS, DHCP, NFS, Web, mail, FTP

Network Topologies: LAN, WAN, VPN and Firewalls

Logging&Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Splunk, Logstash


Confidential, Omaha, NE

DevOps Engineer


  • Created the automated build and deployment process for application, re-engineering setup for better user experience, and leading up to building a continuous integration system for all our products.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, ELB, and Autoscaling groups, Optimized volumes.
  • Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups and polices.
  • Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to backup files and archive files in Glacier.
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) with EC2 Autoscaling groups.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch.
  • Installed, Configured and Administered Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool.
  • Using Jenkins AWS Code Deploy plugin to deploy to AWS.
  • Responsible for code build, release and configuration on Amazon EC2.
  • Orchestrated the CI/CD life cycles for several new and existing Applications.
  • Used Chef to manage Web Applications, Config Files, Data Base, Commands, Users, Mount Points, and Packages.
  • Used chef from the point of bootstrapping nodes to executing runlists to mirror the new nodes to web or application servers and to run deployments against newly added nodes to the clusters.
  • Created Containers, Images and shipped them using Docker.
  • Writing the API/Command line automation frameworks in Python.
  • Creating the delivery pipeline of the build in Jenkins and Groovy Script.

Environment: AWS, VPC, EC2, ELB, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Jenkins, GIT, Chef, Docker, Python.


DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on Amazon AWS EC2 cloud services for installing, configuring and troubleshooting on various Amazon images like Amazon Linux AMI, Red Hat 4.x, 5.x.6.x,7.x, Ubuntu 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.x.
  • Understanding of secure-cloud configuration, (CloudTrail, AWS Configuration), cloud-security Technologies (VPC, Security Groups, etc.) and cloud-permission systems (IAM).
  • Platform design, implementation and operations in Cloud IaaS and PaaS environments (major in Cloud).
  • Created functions and assigned roles in AWS Lambda to run python scripts, and AWS Lambda using java to perform event driven processing.
  • On-premise to Azure and On-premise to AWS for different tools and DB's.
  • Worked on AWS API Gateway for custom domain and Record sets in Amazon Route53 for applications hosted in AWS Environment.
  • Building Docker images and checking in to AWS ECR for Kubernetes deployment.
  • Created a workstation/control host and installed AWS CLI and python.
  • Setup Log Analysis AWS Logs to Elastic Search and Kibana within EC2 / Elastic Load balancer, also Manage Searches, Dashboards, custom mapping and Automation of data.
  • Maintained DNS records using Route53. Give public DNS names to Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) IP's.
  • Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to backup files and archive files in Glacier.
  • Worked with S3 CLI tools and backed up S3 database instances periodically to save snapshots of data, and sync this contents with remaining S3 backups, by creating entry for AWS S3 SYNC in crontab.
  • Performed S3 buckets creation, policies and on the IAM role based polices Security Group in Public and Private Subnets in VPC and customizing the JSON template.
  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using CloudWatch.
  • Used CloudFront to deliver content from AWS edge locations to users, allowing for further reduction of load on front-end servers.
  • Creating an AWS RDS MySQL DB cluster and connected to the database through an Amazon RDS MySQL DB Instance using the Amazon RDS Console.
  • Worked on Chef Recipes and cookbooks using Ruby framework to provision the required patches, ELK stack.
  • Written Chef Cookbooks and recipes in Ruby to provision several pre-prod environments consisting of Cassandra DB installations, WebLogic domain creations and several proprietary middleware installations.
  • Implemented rapid-provisioning and lifecycle management for Ubuntu Linux using Amazon EC2, Chef, and custom Bash scripts.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the Git, Stash Repositories, views and the access. Used automated code check-outs in Git and created branches.
  • Developed API using Rails framework and Managed code with GIT and unit testing.
  • Designed the project workflows/pipelines using Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into different Web/Application Servers.
  • Configured security and system in Jenkins added multiple nodes to Jenkins and configured SSH for continuous deployments.
  • Enabled Continuous Delivery through Deployment into several environments of Test, QA, Stress and Production using Jenkins.
  • Knowledge of security best practices, Managed Information Security Compliance activities, UNIX server security administration & Monitoring system Performance.
  • Used MAVEN as a build tool on java projects for the development of build artifacts like war or ear files on the source code.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in shell for Maven builds. Created and modified build configuration files including POM.xml.
  • Refined automation components with scripting and configuration management (Ansible).
  • Implemented Ansible to manage all existing servers and automate the build/configuration of new servers. All server's types where fully defined in Ansible, so that a newly built server could be up and ready for production within 30 minutes OS installation.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of AWS nodes and Tested Playbooks on AWS instances using Python. Run Ansible Scripts to Provide Dev Servers.
  • Involved in setting up JIRA as defect tracking system and configured various workflows, customizations and plug-ins for the JIRA bug/issue tracker.
  • Created Docker images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing Docker volumes.
  • Virtualized the servers using the Docker for the test environments and dev-environments needs. Configuration and automation using Docker containers. Implemented Docker automation solution for CI / CD model.
  • Developed microservice onboarding tools leveraging Python and Jenkins allowing for easy creation and maintenance of build jobs and Kubernetes deploy and services.
  • Converted existing terraform modules that had version conflicts to utilize cloud formation during terraform deployments to enable more control or missing capabilities.
  • Experience in managing cluster of containers using Docker Swarm, and deployed spring boot applications. Worked on several Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry.
  • Design, Analyze and Implementation of test automation framework using selenium, Java, Cucumber for agile development projects.

Environment & Tools: AWS, GIT, ELB, VPC, EC2, S3, DNS, Web API, Docker, Jenkins, Maven, JIRA, Chef, Maven, shell scripting, python, Load- balancing


Build/Release Engineer


  • Designed and managed build and release methodologies.
  • Worked in cross-platform environments like Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
  • Deployed code from DEV à Staging àQA àPROD.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the Subversion Repositories and the access control strategies.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT, Python and shell.
  • Responsible for Maintaining ANT Build.xml’s and Maven Pom.xml’s as build tools.
  • Started working GIT repository implementation.
  • Defined branching strategies in GIT and implementation of best practices.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation-using Jenkins along with scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Maintained two Jenkins servers and one Bamboo server to deploy into production and non-production environments.
  • Migrated Jenkins plans from one of the Jenkins to Bamboo.
  • Integrated Eclipse with Selenium Server for doing the automated smoke testing of the application standalone URL’s related to deployed package after the build and deployment process.
  • Established coding standards and enforced them through automated tools.
  • Worked on configuration management tool chef for continuous delivery. Rewritten recipes for the new environments.
  • Implemented rapid provisioning and life cycle management for ubuntu Linux using amazon web services, chef and scripts.
  • Worked on the installation and configuration of the monitoring tool Nagios.
  • Documentation of detailed build configuration, build procedures and change hi story for releases.

Environment: Linux, Unix, Windows, ANT, Python, Shell, GIT, Chef, Jenkins and Nagios.

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