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Aws Devops Engineer Resume

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New York, NY


  • 7+ years of IT experience working on DevOps and Amazon Web Services with a major focus on Cloud Computing, Automation, Continuous Integration, Software Configuration, and Build/Release Management.
  • Experience in AWS cloud administration provisioning and managed services like: EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB (Load Balancers), VPC, AMI, SNS, SWF, RDS, IAM, ROUTE 53, Auto Scaling, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, Ops Works and Security Groups.
  • Experience in Designing architectures leveraging Windows Azure and Windows Workflow Foundation.
  • Experience in DevOps environment with expertise in using Configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef and puppet, CI/CD.
  • Developed Web pages using Struts view component jQuery to create the user interface views Migration 3rd party application
  • Handled the day - to-day Operations, install software, apply patches, manage file systems, monitoring performance and troubleshoot alerts. installation of patches and packages using RPM and YUM in Red hat Linux
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, scrum, and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Extensively worked with version control tools like, CVS, SVN, Perforce and expertise in DevOps using tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Gradle, Serena Products, Clear Case, and Build Forge.
  • Created Continuous Build Process using Cruise Control and Hudson
  • Used Docker images and containers for redirection of ports and Volumes and packaged the application into a standardized unit for software development.
  • Experience with Urban Code products (Anthill Pro, UBuild, uDeploy) and automation configurations within the products.
  • Managing and Architecting of virtual servers. Monitoring of Application and Servers through Nagios, Zabbix, App Dynamics and Splunk. Web/Application Servers Administration on Apache, Nginx, JBoss, Tomcat, C#.
  • Involved in IIS Servers Administration like troubleshooting & deployment of IIS application, website troubleshooting
  • Administered, monitored and fine-tuned WebLogic Server and applications in all the environments Development, Stage and production environment.
  • Installation and Configuration of Web Sphere software development environment (SDE) to automate build processes
  • Developed and maintaining Clear Case/UCM triggers to support the SCM process.
  • Building post install scripts using Perl scripting, Shell scripting.
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (Bash), Python and PowerShell for automating tasks.
  • Extensively used Ruby scripting for creating playbooks comprising all resources, databases, templates, attributes.
  • Extensively worked with build tools like MAVEN and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts from source code.
  • Developed Puppet Modules for installation & Auto healing of various tools like MSSQL, SonarQube.
  • Experience in Administration/Maintenance of Source code management with TFS and Git and repositories GitHub and Artifactory.
  • Extensive experience in SCM concepts: Branching, Merging, Check-in/out, Labeling, Tagging, Packaging, Baselines and Releases.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented Full Stack Developer, OOAD, Selenium, and JavaScript Framework like AngularJS, Node.JS, Backbone.js, Require.js and Ext.js
  • Worked on system configurations in SALT-STACK environment.
  • Migrate IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS instances between public and private clouds in LAMP, Apache, SQL, MySQL, and Unix.
  • Administered tasks like taking backups, expanding file system disk space, creating NFS mounts.
  • Used bug tracking like Remedy, Bugzilla, and Jira for changes in change management and for tracking defects.
  • Developed strategy to move test cases Cucumber for existing and new test cases.
  • Wide knowledge on mirror settings in settings.xml to configure Maven to have Nexus as a repository
  • Experienced in working with Apache Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Kafka, Spark, RabbitMQ and Logstash.
  • Managed environments like DEV, QA and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies.
  • Worked with .Net Server Controls, Web User Controls, Data Grid View and Validation Controls using ASP.Net
  • Used GRADLE to build the project into WAR and JAR files and SVN for version controlling.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML file that contains declarations and other dependent objects declaration


Programming / Scripting Skills: C# .Net, C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, SQL, Linux Shell Scripting, Python, VBScript, JavaScript, CMD, PowerShell V5.0

DevOps Technology: CI/CD, IaC, AWS, Azure, Docker, Node.js, Puppet, Maven, Gradle, MSBuild, NuGet, Jenkins, VSTS, Vagrant, Git/GitHub, SVN, Bit Bucket

Servers Knowledge: Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, JBoss AS, IIS 7.0, Exchange server,, SVN, Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, Streaming Media Server, Ubuntu, RHEL

Application / Simulation Tools: NS2, Install Shield, Microsoft Project, Visio, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio Test Professional, Visual Studio Team System, Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management, NetBeans, Eclipse, Apache Ant, Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012, Visual SourceSafe, PowerShell Studio 2014, vRealize Orchestrator, Work Flows, Microsoft Office Suite 2010

Database Knowledge: Oracle 11g, MS Access, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, FoxPro, Shibboleth SP/IDP, eVault Archiving

Documentation Experience: Use Cases, Test Cases, Project Management Documents, System Design Documents, System Requirements Specification, Test Plans, User Manuals, NUnit Unit Testing, Technical Architecture Document

IDE: MicrosoftVisual Studio 2015,Eclipse, Primal Script, Brackets, Sublime Text 2/3, PowerShell Studio

Networking Tools and Knowledge: Martis DXX Manager Network Management System, Cisco IOS Internet Information Server (IIS 5.0), Windows 2000 Server, TCP/IP, SNMP, LAN, MAN/WAN, Firewall, FTP, Telnet, AD, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Ethernet, PPP, HDLC, Frame Relay


AWS DevOps Engineer

Confidential - New York, NY


  • Worked on AWS ECS service and Setup clusters and deployed different tomcat-based applications on ECS and configured with Auto Scaling Groups and Load balancer to get high availability.
  • Migrated java base applications and java web based applications and migrated ETL based applications, Server less ETL based application setup on top of cloud AWS.
  • Designed & implemented VPC service for extension of customer's on-premises datacenter with AWS Cloud using AWS VPC and VPN& Direct connect services in designing AWS cloud models for Infrastructure-as- a-Service (IAAS), Platform-as- a-Service (PAAS) and Software-as- a-Service (SAAS)
  • Worked with Ansible tower. Integrated Ansible tower with Jenkins to deploy code to different servers
  • Utilized Ansible to automate the creation of log aggregation pipeline with Elastic Search, Log stash, Kibana stack (ELK stack) to send all our team's logs coming into cloud watch, to process them and send them off to Elastic Search
  • Created inventory in Ansible for automating the continuous deployment and wrote playbooks using YAML script
  • Established Chef Best practices approaches to systems deployment with tools such as vagrant, berk shelf and test-kitchen and the treatment of each Chef cookbook as a unit of software deployment, independently version controlled.
  • Used Chef for server provisioning and automating infrastructure and version control of Chef Cookbooks, testing of Cookbooks using Food critic and NG.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks, Recipes in Ruby scripts and Resources, run lists, managing Chef Client nodes, and uploading cookbooks to chef-server
  • Prepared Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with Python and Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Automated setting up server infrastructure for the DevOps services, using python scripts
  • Wrote python script using boto to query all Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) in the AWS account, grab the associated SSL cert from the associated listeners and report on the time remaining until the cert expires
  • Hands on experience on installation and configuration of multiple versions of Ruby using Ruby version manager (RVM), gemsets and bundler
  • Developed and tested many features for dashboard using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, CSS JavaScript, and RSpec.
  • Performed all the build and release management activities for this project by administrating and integrating Source Code control systems like Subversion and Perforce into build system
  • Extremely used Perforce as a Configuration Management tool to manage source code
  • Used Perforce for the purpose of Software Configuration management and maintaining the versions of the Symantec's Website Code.
  • Hands on experience on JIRA for creating bug tickets, storyboarding, pulling reports from dashboard.
  • Created issues/queries both in JIRA and ALM, the set of queries are for Epic, Story, and bug issue types.
  • Developed and Enhanced Master Pages, User Controls, Custom Controls, User Interface by using HTML, CSS, Asp.Net Controls, Telerik .NET UI Controls.
  • Developed Applications using VB.NET, C# with SQL Server, Oracle and Microsoft Access as databases using ADO.Net and LINQ Components.
  • Developed Application forms in ASP.NET using C# as the code-behind language and LINQ as the SQL database
  • Developed web forms in MVC using C# as the code-behind language and the SQL consumer.
  • Involved in migration of Artifactory from Docker registry. Developed a python script that allows access tokens of Artifactory to send images from Docker registry and also from ECS clusters.
  • Installed and configured latest version of Docker Datacenter including universal control plane (UCP) and Docker trusted registry (DTR) on a cluster of hosts
  • Created cloud infrastructure like EBS (Elastic beanstalk Application), ECS using Terraform for the deployment of Dockerized application
  • Worked on Capacity planning and license evolution for Enterprise Splunk Instance.
  • Developed Splunk infrastructure and related solutions as per automation tool sets.
  • Developed JSP pages and Servlets for customer maintenance and use AngularJS.
  • Writing the front end look and appearance for the screens using Java1.7, Core Java, Swing, NO SQL, MongoDB, AWS, Bootstrap, Ext JS, JavaScript, AJAX, Groovy Grails, AngularJS and JQuery
  • Built Rich Prototypes and Applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, AngularJS and Bootstrap with MySQL database
  • Integrated TestNG with Selenium using Eclipse to generate test execution result.
  • Expertise in Selenium automation using Selenium WebDriver, Java, JUnit, NUnit, Robot Framework & Maven.
  • Updated legacy Ant build infrastructure to new Gradle based build system, enabling more robust test, build and release procedures.
  • Created and presented materials for Groovy, Unit Testing, the Gradle build framework and others.

DevOps Engineer

Confidential -Chicago, IL


  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML file that contains declarations and other dependent objects declaration
  • Modified existing software allowing it to adapt to the new hardware with improved performance and writing puppet manifests based on the requirements
  • Wrote puppet modules as part of PCI compliance both Linux and windows environments and wrote RSpec for all those modules
  • Deployed and configured Puppet Server, Puppet DB for configuration management to existing Linux (RHEL) infrastructure.
  • Wrote puppet modules for Master data management (IBM) deploy framework as part of automation.
  • Created and deployed VMs on the Microsoft cloud service Azure, managed the virtual networks, Azure AD and SQL
  • Implement deploy and configure Azure websites, configure diagnostics, monitoring and analytics on Azure stack (Including Compute, Web & Mobile, Blobs, Resource Groups, Azure SQL, Cloud Services, and ARM), focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling
  • Deploying and managing applications in Datacenter, Virtual environment and Azure platform as well.
  • Applied PowerShell automation routinely to many parts of the projects in order to reduce errors, improve consistency, improve quality and deliver features faster.
  • Created several PowerShell scripts to assist in migrations and deployments and daily operational procedures. Developed an administration tool in PowerShell to replace an application in our domain
  • Used C# to create custom objects to handle functions difficult to implement with PowerShell.
  • Experienced in developing the UNIX Shell Scripts and PERL Scripts to execute the scripts and manipulate files and directory.
  • Managed batch jobs in UNIX for data automated import and export of data using Perl Scripts.
  • Created trigger events using UNIX and Perl to send email to project managers on high severity issues.
  • Installed MS Project server and integrated it with existing TFS and SharePoint environment and Worked on SharePoint & SSRS Integration
  • Worked with MS SQL Server to create new databases and backup/ Restore of existing TFS databases.
  • Involved in setting up the ALM Environment in Team Foundation Server TFS
  • Installed JIRA, and customization of JIRA for workflow, look & feel, fields, user & group management
  • Compiled and analyze development and operational bug reports. Support JIRA Project Administration involving custom.
  • Implemented Validation controls to perform both Client-side using Java Script and Server side validation using ASP.NET Validation Controls.
  • Developed and Enhanced Master Pages, User Controls, Custom Controls, User Interface by using HTML, CSS, Asp.Net Controls, Telerik .NET UI Controls.
  • Created Continuous delivery pipeline setup using Groovy scripting and Cloud Bees Jenkins
  • Wrote CI/CD pipeline in Groovy scripts to enable end to end setup of build & deployment using Cloud Bees Jenkins.
  • Installed and configured continuous integration and continuous delivery application JENKINS and Bamboo.
  • Administered, configured, tuned and Troubleshot WebSphere in a clustered environment on Aix.
  • WebSphere Portal Administration and maintaining the Portal Stack and responsible for installing, maintaining and Management Systems running on Operating Systems
  • Used WebSphere Admin Console and wsadmin scripting to install enterprise EAR, WAR files for hot deployment
  • Working on debugging IIS issues using debugging tools such as log parser.
  • Involved in IIS Servers Administration like troubleshooting & deployment of IIS application, website troubleshooting etc.
  • Maintained multiple Internal/External websites on IIS with multiple server environments using various techniques (Multiple IPs, Ports, and Host headers).
  • Used PHP functions, java script functions, used common MySQL query's for both front and back end
  • Developed web applications and websites primarily in PHP/MYSQL, utilizing my skillset of HTML, JavaScript, etc.
  • Worked Extensively on Spring IOC, Spring DAO framework, Spring Web services and integrated spring with Struts framework
  • Implemented Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) using Spring Framework.
  • Monitoring, Analyzing defects, share valid observations and supporting documents with testers and co-developers in the Spring Core and SQL.
  • Experience in developing various web based applications using Core and Advance Java technologies.
  • Coded, implemented and integrated complex software programs using technologies such as Java, JDBC, and spring.
  • Developed the Action Classes, Action Form Classes, created JSPs using Struts tag libraries and configured in Struts-config.xml, Web.xml files.
  • Created XSL style sheets to generate complicated output reports based on user requirements from XML data.
  • Involved in writing all client side validations using Java Script, JSON.
  • Performed functional testing to identify various critical points in the application and automated it by using Selenium web driver.
  • Developed new Automation test cases using selenium WebDriver and TestNG.

Configuration Manager

Confidential - Dublin, OH


  • Created Bash scripts to monitor processes and making sure process startup when operating system restart using chkconfig and RC startup levels.
  • Strong understanding in writing the automation of processes using the shell script with bash
  • Worked on automation of processes using Crontab and shell scripting using Bash.
  • Involved in developing custom scripts using Shell scripts to automate jobs.
  • Created shell scripts for automating the daily maintenance and update processes in the production environment.
  • Created a legacy SVN repository from pure script dependency and no representation of releases to clear direction regarding where code resides and the difference between releases.
  • Provided end-user for all Subversion (SVN) users to effectively use the tool. Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into Tortoise SVN
  • Involved in editing the existing ANT files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.
  • Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between projects.
  • Integrated Maven and Subversion for releases, creating and modifying the pom.xml files for maven projects.
  • Used ANT, MAVEN as a build tools on java&.net application for the development of build artifacts on source code.
  • Installed and configured continuous integration and continuous delivery application JENKINS.
  • Worked on setting up Jenkins Master - Slave configuration on AWS servers.
  • Created Continuous Build Process using Cruise Control and Hudson
  • Implemented continuous integration using the Hudson, which tracks the source code changes
  • Worked on Continuous Integration and build automation using Hudson CI and Sonar
  • Expertise building and monitoring software projects continuously with a CI tool, Bamboo, Hudson, Cruise Control, Build Forge, Visual Build Professional.
  • Assisted customers in implementing various strategies using Build forge as the automation engine
  • Installed Build Forge and performed troubleshooting during installation.
  • Valuated code review tool Fortify and successfully installed. Fortify is currently being used for reviewing codes to validate security related loopholes in code. Integrated Fortify with Bamboo.
  • Utilizing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment through Agile Methodology to deliver weekly software deployments through Bamboo.
  • Worked on AnthillPro by creating and scheduling jobs and Builds and deployments using the same.
  • Automated manual build and deployment processes with Jenkins and AnthillPro for various applications, deploying to development, QA.
  • Used bean shell scripting in AnthillPro and shell scripts and JACL scripts with the wsadmin interface to deploy applications.
  • Administered, monitored and fine-tuned WebLogic Server and applications in all the environments Development, Stage and production environment.
  • Used WLST to get run-time parameters. Generated and analyzed Heap dump and Thread dump. Monitored WebLogic performance using Wily Introscope.
  • Configured and administered JDBC Connection pools/multi pools/ data sources on WebLogic Sever.
  • Worked on Automation of Build Process for WebLogic and JBOSS to show significant cost saving and better utilization of team time and resources.
  • Worked on Manual configuration and creation of Jboss Template for deploying onto multiple servers.
  • Worked on JBOSS EAP Shared environment setup from begin to end to setup Dev, Test and Prod tiers.
  • (SCRUM) Method, Waterfall, Rapid Application Development (RAD), and Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  • Involved in all phases of Software development life cycle (SDLC) using Agile Scrum methodology.
  • Used Waterfall, Agile(SCRUM)&combination of the two Methodology on the projects
  • Utilized Agile Scrum practices to help the team increase their velocity by 55% within the first year of Agile adoption.
  • Created POMs to automate the build process for the new projects and integrated them with third party tools like SonarQube, Nexus.
  • Implemented SonarQube for analysis of software quality and code standardization
  • Performed parameterization of the automated test scripts in Selenium to check how the application performs against multiple sets of data
  • Developed and maintained automated regression test cases in Selenium WebDriver using Java programming language.
  • Involved in writing the test Cases using Cucumber Framework in Selenium Scripts.
  • Implemented automation framework in Selenium WebDriver using Behavior-Driven (BDD) approach in cucumber framework.

Build and Release Engineer

Confidential, New York City, NY


  • Utilized Jenkins for enterprise scale infrastructure configuration and application deployments - checking out code from Git and used version control tools to build war/jar artifacts.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the GIT Repositories and the access control strategies.
  • Implemented & Maintained the Branching and Build/Release strategies utilizing GIT source code management
  • Good understanding of builds tools such as Maven and Ant, MSBuild and NANT
  • Insisted & migrated projects from Cruise Control to the Jenkins CI tool and NAnt to Maven
  • Installed and Configured version and Build Services (MSBuild), and created Build Controllers, Build Agents.
  • Installed MSBuild extension pack to send build completion alert emails using MSBuild Extension Pack Communication Email Task.
  • Installed & Configured Jenkins to support various Java builds. Also, installed & configured various Jenkins plug-in to automate Continuous build & deployments.
  • Writing shell scripts to handle server processing Migrating applications from .Net to Python Monitoring applications/servers performance with Splunk, Jenkins, etc.
  • Worked on Jenkins and AnthillPro by creating and scheduling jobs and Builds and deployments using the same.
  • Designed and setup continuous integration for automated builds using Hudson.
  • Maintained and configured tools like Hudson in order to maintain easier build and continuous Integration
  • Setup and configuring jobs in continuous integration tools Cruise Control, Hudson for project builds.
  • Integrated with Build Forge using scripting and Wrote adapters under Build Forge for statistic collection
  • Develop policy and scripts for automation of build based on Perl, ant, Visual Build Pro under Build Forge
  • Expertise building and monitoring software projects continuously with a CI tool, Cruise Control, Build Forge, Visual Build Professional.
  • Assisted customers in implementing various strategies using Build forge as the automation engine
  • Automate process of build deployment and promotion using mix of technologies like and Octopus Deploy, and Bamboo.
  • Mainly responsible for Stash, Bamboo, Source tree, Git, SVN, VSS, and Team site and implementing automation across department.
  • Extensive experience in using build automation/continuous integration tools using Jenkins, Cruise Control and AnthillPro.
  • Worked on AnthillPro by creating and scheduling jobs and Builds and deployments using the same.
  • Implemented SonarQube to measure code coverage, code standard compliance, code duplication, and unit test results
  • Developed Puppet Modules for installation & Auto healing of various tools like Jenkins, Nolio agents, MSSQL, SonarQube, Nexus.
  • Managed SonarQube to Setup the rules in SonarQube, establishment of ways of working with SonarQube.
  • Designed and coded automated testing for software using selenium web driver, TestNG, and cucumber.
  • Wrote cucumber tests and pair programmed for the backend RESTful services.

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