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Web And App Developer Resume

Kansas City, KansaS


  • Experienced with a variety of Enterprise Software and Applications including Healthcare, mobile, Government, military, Aerospace, Finance, Engineering and data management.
  • Very versed with Data Modeling, Data Sourcing, Data Transformation, and Collection rules, Systems and OLAP, NoSQL databases.
  • Have strong programming development skills in Object Oriented Concepts.
  • Excellent DBA skills ranging from traditional RDBMS to NoSQL.
  • Experience in ETL and Reports
  • Experience Data modeler
  • Experienced in writing PL/SQL and T - SQL complex queries
  • Developing application in Asp.net C#, VB.Net
  • Used Bootstrap and JQuery for rapid web development
  • Experience creating applications with AngularJS and Knockout
  • Experience migrating programming languages to newer technologies.
  • Designed rich application in Windows(WPF) C#
  • Created Universal Windows Apps
  • Created hybrid HTML5 and WPF application with OWIN and Awesomium
  • Designed multi-threaded process for high performance application
  • Created Winform applications with VB, VB.Net, C#, Delphi, C++ and C.
  • Created WCF application
  • Used JQuery mobile and HTML5 to write
  • Developed Android applications with Android Studio
  • Developed native Windows Phone applications
  • Developed Xamarin applications
  • Knowledge in Oracle Mobile and


Programming Languages: VB, VB.NET, C#, C++, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Assembly, Java, Perl, C, Javascript, Cobol, SAS

Database Architecture: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, MYSQL, Pervasive, MS Access. NoSQL(MongoDB)

Database Tools: Oracle Designer/Developer 2000, OLE, ODBC, Workbench, Transact-SQL, ERWIN, Toad, Big Brother, Oracle Case tools, Focus, Visio

Web: ASP.NET, Android, JavaScript, SOAP, HTML5Design PatternsMVVM (MVVM Lite, Caliburn Micro), MVC (Razor, Magellan), Visitor Pattern, Singleton, Factory Pattern, Proxy Design Pattern, Facade Pattern and more


Confidential, Kansas City, Kansas

Web and App Developer


  • Currently studying how to implement the SQL Server 2016/Azure SQL Database NoSQL hybrid approach into the current GoRydz business model to accommodate overlapping application using various various sources.
  • Using SQL Server, VB.Net and WPF to write customized application for pest management.
  • Wrote CTE and used Vendor specific SQL languages over general SQL.
  • Wrote business logic and rules into a object relational model that overlaid vendor database.
  • Rewriting Android application to Xamarin to port over to other platforms
  • Writing Universal App for desktop application and Windows Phone with WPF and Caliburn Micro
  • Wrote ETL Scripts and integrated SSRS reports into an external websites.
  • Helped write GoRydz mobile application in Android and .Net
  • Developed .Net classes and Xamarin to model Android interface.
  • Using VS 2013, .Net framework 4.5, LINQ, Entity Framework and C# on front end.
  • Used NUGET and Team Foundation to share and manage code.
  • Used Android SDK and Studio to develop application.
  • Worked on MVC model of web Application with AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Wrote responsive websites with AngularJS, Bootstrap and HTML5 for both mobile and web.
  • Use SQL Server, Node.js, WCF, MongoDB and MySQL for back end
  • Project went from wireframing to workflow to implementation for both mobile and PC.

Technologies: C#, Android, MVC, WCF, MVVM, Web API, JSON, Java, WPF, SQL Server, MySQL, Angular, Bootstrap, Javascript, Linux


Sr. Windows Developer


  • Create customized CCL scripts for customer enhancements and improvements.
  • Learn the medical field billing and payment systems.
  • Retrieve data from the data warehouse for reports
  • Create efficient PL/SQL scripts for performance
  • Scheduled batch jobs and executed mainframe scripts to populate BI data warehouse
  • Integrated PL/SQL Script with CCL into batch files to provide solutions for healthcare billing and administrative costs that followed established business logic and guidelines.
  • Recommended and implemented the frameworks using SQL, SQL Server and MySQL database to help track and pinpoint fraud claims by medical providers.
  • Reengineered MySql scripts and database structure to a more efficient model.
  • Involved in requirements gathering and proposals for a data mining applications.
  • Wrote ETL applications in C# to supports insurance vendors data to government databases.
  • Used data structures such as CTE and tools like SQL Statistics to properly optimize queries.
  • Designed customize reports in SSRS for to pinpoint irregular activities.
  • Defined the business logic in the database by creating constraints and triggers and stored procs to help define how the data will be interpreted from any source that retrieves it.
  • Designed Windows WPF application for user interface
  • Made usage of SQL design patterns to create more efficient processing.
  • Executed mainframe scripts to populate BI data warehouse
  • Created and Implemented SSIS packages to merge vendor insurance claims detail into data warehouse to trace and detect abnormalities in billing in case of medicaid fraud.

Technologies: C#, ETL, Oracle, CCL, BI, Agile, Scrum MySQL, C#, WPF, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server, T SQL

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

Sr. WPF Developer


  • Directed the implementation of a legacy client server application to a more modern design.
  • Converted VB6 code to C#, WPF LINQ, Entity Framework and Oracle.
  • Converted some code to MVC and then to MVVM model.
  • Create SQL structures (Pipeline function, OOD classes) and objects in Oracle
  • Used Oracle dynamic object's type to simplify code and make it easier to manage and employ changes without major changes to application.
  • Used SQL design pattern for PL/SQL to create more efficient code.

Confidential, Wichita. KS

On going - Architect


  • Directed the team on technical design and application solution to meet business needs.
  • Converted some VB6 code and 2.0 .Net applications to 3.5 and 4.0 standards using C#.
  • Modified Oracle Apex scripts for updated business rules in application.
  • Updated Javascript and HTML scripts to implement a part and supply application.
  • Worked with Oracle SOA suite (OSB) to support interchange among legacy systems.
  • Created efficient T-SQL, PL/SQL queries, CTE’s and packages for heavy populated tables
  • Created customized SSRS reports for various departments
  • Wrote Unix scripts and Pro*C applications to run batch jobs that would populate data sources.
  • Wrote SSIS packages to upload from the AS400 into SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Used Oracle Olap to create dimensional cubes and OBI to query for results.

Confidential, Olathe. KS

Senior Programmer Analyst (SQL Server and ASP.Net)


  • Designed, developed new forms and modified existing forms using VB and used C# to build DLL libraries to be used to interfaced the mainframe data to the accounting software.
  • Modified all existing forms to integrate vendor API calls to the Mannitron SDK with customized ASP.Net controls.
  • Designed and implemented the SQL objects to enforce business rules and logic in the database structures to connect with the AS400.
  • Wrote complex SQL Server scripts to speed line the process of calculating taxes from multiple municipalities and ensure applied business logic and regulations.
  • Used SSIS to migrate data from the AS400’s Cobol and RPG files to SQL Server and created batch files to manage file transfer and scheduling jobs.
  • Integrate all changes done by other developers and performed all unit testing before deploying it to QA.
  • Attended team meetings on weekly basis along with manually quantifying results from development code against paper reports.
  • Main designer on enhancing new screens and reports in SSRS from the mainframe.
  • Implemented SQL Server CTE types to reduced complexity of SQL code and make application more manageable.
  • Wrote customized reports in SSRS for various departments.


Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Re-tuned MySQL scripts for increasing performance from hours to minutes.
  • Normalized database to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency.
  • Created ETL scripts for for file transfer to Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server 2012 using SSIS.
  • Created .Net scripts to managed improperly formatted files.
  • Provided suggestion to help maintain database and system issues.
  • Created reports in Excel and SSRS
  • Laid out architect to implement a data warehouse
  • Redesigned the payroll system application in C, C++ and UNIX to C#, SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Designed web pages and writing business guidelines to conform to HIPAA regulations.
  • Maintained backups, tuned scripts and scheduled DBA tasks using SQL Server, SQL profiler and SSIS.
  • Was assigned project lead in converting MySQL application to Oracle and Apex development
  • Used legacy Cobol scripts and reports from AS400 to a SQL Server database to work seamlessly with hospital systems.
  • Architect the design methodology on the interface from the Oracle Database to UI.
  • Coordinated the team with instruction how to produce the most efficient and fastest processing of data from each established point.
  • Implemented a standard protocol of of interfacing with packages instead of scripts.
  • Worked with various department heads to gather information and feedback on application solutions.
  • Writing code for HR under Oracle 11i application and Spatial for GPS applications.
  • Used the ANALYZE FUNCTION and DMBS Stats to analyze performance on indexes
  • Used trcsess utility, DBMS Monitor and Quest query analyzer to identify and create performance plans to tune SQL Code and N-tier applications.
  • Used Oracle Olap to create a data warehouse for processing data and data mining.

Confidential, Topeka, KS

Developer/Modeler (Consultant)


  • Prepared project specification and scope document
  • Modeled the design of the customer billings database to be applied to SQL Server and DB2 by integrating the mainframe reports, customer requirements and project plans.
  • Identified critical dependencies in project life cycle and risks
  • Created VB.net and C# applications and class libraries to enhance current applications and provide better performance and extensibility from COBOL script.
  • Reviewed the project status with the customer and implemented feedback suggestions.
  • Modified the Cobol, JCL and CICS script on the AS400 to work with transferring over changes in the new files from the old.
  • Wrote batch script in conjunction with mainframe to populate the database.
  • Wrote SQL language statement to the DB2 access service through a SQL Server RPC.

Confidential, Lawrence, KS

Sr. SQL Developer DBA


  • Maintained the database and did general DBA duties, designed the data structures and loading strategy for various business components.
  • Gathered business requirements to analyze huge amounts of customer data on mainframe.
  • Worked as a SQL Server Development DBA with the Confidential Government Services division on the senior citizen pharmaceutical and medical division.
  • Secondary responsibility was to write VB scripts and ASP.Net pages that interfaced with the database.
  • Wrote new reports to interact with .Net applications against the mainframe using SSRS.

Confidential, Long Beach, CA

Developer DBA (Consultant)


  • Major responsibility was to configure the customized application for the pre-sales team to integrate with the client database for customer evaluation. Also deployed resource strategies with sales team, for key subscribers and other customers that utilizes their feedback and inputs to adjust sales strategies.
  • Responsible for loading customer tables into presales database by using SQL Loader and other ETL procedures from Cobol and RPG data files.
  • Development team that did the full SDLC to a proprietary enterprise web based .Net application.
  • Responsible for programming software user interface updates using the following tools: VB6, Delphi, VB.Net, Oracle HTML DB,, C#, C, Pro*C, C++ and MFC, Java and SAS.
  • Databases supported Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2.
  • Created data warehouse using Oracle to support data mining.

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Oracle Consultant


  • Worked with the Oracle consulting group in conversion of business rule to data transformations, and document processing using Perl, Pro*C and UNIX scripts.
  • Used Visio to define the process, BRIO for the workflow and data analysis, ERWIN to structure the extraction tables along with Oracle DW Builder 9.2.
  • Converted the EPINS (Electronic Parts and Inventory system) from an third party supported system to an in house application and later directed the architect to be encompassed in the Oracle Parts and Supply Chain module.
  • Constructed the interface for all internet/intranet applications that interfaced with the module in HTML, XML, Oracle Developer and .Net (VB.Net, ASP.NET and C#).
  • Provided guidelines for based in interfaces on accessing the data by outside sources
  • Wrote SAS scripts using PROC SQL to export data to Pervasive Database and Oracle

Confidential, CA

Web developer/Application Architect


  • Worked on the government C17 project designing for engineers front end applications and web pages using Java, JavaScript, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, VB, Crystal Reports and VBScript.
  • Used Erwin, SQL Server, IIS and Oracle to create the database for the web pages.
  • Wrote SAS script store large dataset to be analyzed and extrapolated to Oracle.
  • Wrote user interface in Oracle HTML DB,
  • Oracle DBA/Developer with the secured government defense division.
  • Major duties were addressing, documenting and correction of Oracle software bugs by filing TARs, administration of table space and extent allocations on a non-secured environment. Also did backup and recovery, normalized the database structure to 3rd degree and provide performance tuning.
  • Installed and configured gateways (Oracle Transparent Gateways) and protocols
  • Used EXPLAIN PLAN, TRACE and TKPROF to create more efficient SQL scripts.
  • Other responsibilities was to design Oracle Reports and forms (6i), using PRO*C, C++, Oracle Web server for reports and debug complex PL/SQL code for efficient coding.

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