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Php Developer Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • 7+ years experience on building fast and scalable web application using LAMP stack.
  • Experience building RESTFful services with PHP frameworks including Laravel, Slim and CakePHP.
  • Extensive experience in PHP web application development, web based mobile application development and system administration.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and fine tuning databases including MySQL and MongoDB
  • Experience with both SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in Administering cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Google Cloud compute.
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks including AngularJS, Jquery, Jquery UI and ExtJS.
  • Expertise in designing and developing web applications with custom dashboards, user management and analytics.
  • Experience in Administering web and application servers running on Linux, UNIX and Windows.
  • Experience in testing web applications using Acunetix and Nessus for XSS attacks and SQL injections.
  • Expertise in Object - Oriented Programming.
  • Experience in developing website and e-commerce sites with content management system including Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.
  • Good knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Hands-on experience on all aspects of Web Development Projects including User Interface Design, HTML production, Server Side Scripting, Database Design, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.
  • Experience working with WYSIWYG tools like Dreamweaver CS3/CS4, Quanta Plus.
  • Ability to work with and perform CRUD operations to the LDAP server.
  • Worked extensively in application Software Analysis, Design, Development, and testing (all the phases of SDLC and Quality Assurance/Testing).
  • Excellent debugging, problem solving, optimization and testing skills.
  • Highly motivated, dedicated, quick learner and have proven ability to build and manage a team and work individually.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with results-oriented attitude.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and demonstrate initiative and adaptability and capable of handling responsibilities independently as well as a proactive team member.


Programming Languages: PHP, Python, Java

PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Slim, CakePHP

JavaScript Frameworks: Angular JS, JQuery, JQuery UI, ExtJS

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap CSS, JSON

Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, IIS, JBoss

Cloud: Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud

Database: MySQL, Mongodb, Postgresql

CMS: Wordpress, Durpal, Joomla

Security: Acunetix, Nessus, WireShark

Tools: & IDE: Vim, Eclipse, NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Quanta Plus, Zend Studio, PHPMyAdmin, Xcode

Modeling Languages: Rational Rose, Microsoft Viso

Virtual: Vmware, Vsphere Client, Virtual Machine.

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Zabbix

Mobile Development: PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, Appcelerator.

Version Management: SVN, Git, Mercurial

Graphics: Photoshop, GIMP, Flash

Operating System: Linux (Debian and Redhat),Windows Server 2003, Mac


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

PHP Developer


  • Developed API’s using Laravel Framework.
  • Integrated with API’s from ssls.com
  • Integrated MySql with Eloquent.
  • Integration with MailGun to send custom notifications.
  • Manage Amazon AWS EC2 instances.
  • Configure Elastic Load balancers to handle traffic.
  • Developed Font End using Angular JS and Bootstrap CSS
  • Developed dashboard using JQuery and High Carts.
  • Installing and configuring MultiSite Wordpress.
  • Custom PHP API's for creating Wordpress multisites, Users and Roles.
  • Developed plugin for managing users in multisite Wordpress installation.
  • PHPUnit test cases.
  • Custom analytics to track the user navigation flow.
  • Git for code respository
  • Followed Agile process for project development

Environment: RESTful, PHP5, MYSQL, Laravel, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Linux, Amazon AWS, Wordpress, Bootstrap, MailGun.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

PHP Developer


  • Designed and Developed REST API’s with Laravel PHP.
  • Contributed for the design of REST API’s.
  • Designed and Implemented MySQL Database schema.
  • Improved existing API's using Node.js and MongoDB.
  • Designed and developed front end web applications using Booststrap and AngularJS.
  • Created Web Based mobile applications using PhoenGap and JQuery UI.
  • HIPAA compliance was followed to protect sensitive information.
  • Developed web application for developer to auto build android applications.
  • Administered Apache HTTP Server and MySQL Server on Linux environment (Fedora).
  • Involved in Amazon Cloud Architecture design for the project.
  • Installed and configure Domains, DNS and SSL.
  • Configured and Deployed EC2 instances with Apache HTTP server.
  • Administered Amazon’s AWS services which include, SQS, EC2, RDS, Cloud Front,KVS and S3.
  • Developed PHP components for Amazon SQS.
  • Integrated modules with Urban Airship push notifications systems.
  • Developed news aggregations algorithms.
  • Worked on Image Recognition algorithms and provied API's for third party applications using Python Tornado framework.
  • Developed PHPUnit test cases.
  • Managed Team of six people.
  • Followed Agile methodology
  • Conducted scrum meetings and off shore meetings.

Environment: REST,Laravel,MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, PhoneGap, Python, Tornado, PHPUnit, HIPAA, LINUX, Amazon AWS, HTML, Angular JS, BootStrap, JQuery

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

PHP Developer


  • Developed customer database system in PHP to manage payments, invoices, customer contact details, customer site details.
  • Developed Control Panel for managing customer domains, customer SSL’s, message board and server information.
  • Developed Inventory management system to maintain inventory of the entire organizational assets such as workstations, servers and other assets.
  • Migrated company websites and client websites to Amazon EC2.
  • Load balanced websites using Amazon EC2 instances around the world.
  • Worked on Debian and CentOS Linux Distribution to manage CRON jobs.
  • Developed various websites for lead generations.
  • Designed Database Schema, Database creation using RDBMS in MYSQL.
  • Deployed application on Linux Server (includes tasks such as configuration of Cron Jobs, MYSQL administration).
  • Responsible for monitoring the web application and server performance using Nagios and Zabbix.
  • Debug web application issues using Wireshark and Tcpdump.
  • Testing web applications using Acunetix and Nessus for any know XSS attacks and SQL injections.
  • First in line to manage any web application and server issues.

Environment: PHP5, MYSQL, JavaScript, JQuery,, HTML, CSS, Linux, Wireshark, Tcpdump, Acunetix, Nessus, Amazon AWS

Confidential, Scottsdale, AZ

PHP/Web Developer


  • Configured and maintained various software extensions for the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Developed custom e-commerce shopping cart modules for clients.
  • Integration of PHP form with Constant Contacts API
  • Developed a lead generation platform and integrated with PipeJump CRM.
  • Developed different modules for client’s website such as contact forms and data manipulation on user data.
  • Designed different front end forms using HTML and CSS
  • Developed Ticketing System in PHP.
  • Developed internal Time clock for employees to log their work times in PHP.
  • Performed manual testing for PHP applications.
  • Performed extensive testing for mobile applications and PHP applications.
  • Used PHP Optimization techniques and Coding Standards
  • Written functions and classes using PHP for easy manage of MYSQL database operation
  • Configured Apache for better performance.
  • Managed the Linux server and configure CRON Jobs
  • Handled Servers and Domain migrations.
  • Responsible for managing web servers running on Linux.
  • Designed and execute unit test cases
  • Provided direct client support and conducted several client meetings.
  • Developed Android and Apple applications using Phoengap.
  • Developed mobile applications using Sencha touch MVC framework.

Environment: PHP5, MYSQL, JavaScript, JQuery,, HTML, CSS, Linux, Constant Contacts, PipeJump, Phoengap, Sencha Touch


Web Developer


  • Developed organizational websites using PHP MVC for internal applications.
  • Developed Drupal modules to integrate with the business application.
  • Moderator for the forums, mailing lists and IRC.
  • Team leader for several projects involving student.
  • Built High Performance Cluster based on Linux for Load Balancing and Computations.
  • Webmaster for all the organizational websites.
  • Technical Member of Drupal Hyderabad committee.
  • Developed bug tracking system using Python which submits the bugs to the centralized server.
  • Maintained websites by updating content and modifying modules.
  • Maintained Linux web servers.
  • Member of E- Confidential operating system which is based upon Linux.
  • Worked with Adobe Photoshop to design logos and banners for the website.

Environment: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Drupal, Apache web server, Web service, JQuery, Linux.


Web Developer - College Intern


  • Develop HTML websites to handle registration forms.
  • Modify existing Drupal Templates.
  • Promote about Free software in Engineering colleges.
  • Volunteer in technical workshops.

Environment: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Drupal, Linux.

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