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Websphere Administrator Resume

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  • 6+ years of experience as a WebSphere Administrator, JBOSS administrator and integrating it with other enterprise softwares like IBM HTTP Server, tomcat, Oracle iplanet server, WebSphere MQ, Sun one LDAP, and Production Support of various systems/software on Sun Solaris, Linux (RedHat) environments.
  • Extensive experience in installation, configuration, and administration of WebSphere Application Server, JBOSS, iplanet Web Server, tomcat, Glassfish Application Server, WebSphere MQ on Solaris, Linux and automation.
  • Installed fix packs, IFixes, and cumulative fixes to the existing infrastructure and automated it.
  • Wrote WSADMIN - JACL, Jython scripts to automate various WAS administration and deployment tasks such as JVM and resource configurations, J2EE application deployment, ear/war/jar installation, backups, JVM export/import etc.
  • Highly experienced in performance tuning and monitoring using Wily Introscope and custom written UNIX shell scripts.
  • Experienced in configuring Wily Introscope Manager/Agent/clustering, in order to monitor WAS.
  • Responsible for installation, configuration and maintenance of WebSphere Application Server (Base and ND), JBOSS, WebSphere MQ, Glassfish Application Server, iplanet Web Server in a distributed environment.
  • Creating message flow application in message broker toolkit using the ESQL, creating BAR file and deploy the BAR file onto broker.
  • Creating execution group, maintaining message flows in all the environments, troubleshooting and fixing the issues related to message flow/message delivery.\
  • Clear understanding of SSL & mSSL communication between the applications & the application servers.
  • Architected the environment using Horizontal and Vertical clusters for a fault-tolerant, scalable, and highly available WebSphere environment for around 50 applications.
  • Highly experienced working with generation / manual updating / propagation of plug-in both in the internal and external DMZ HTTP/Web server.
  • Experienced in installing and configuring ODM on WebSphere v8.5
  • Experience in configuring SSL security for the HTTP/Web servers and the plugin
  • Highly skilled in updating plugin and config file for troubleshooting and improving performance.
  • Worked with IBM on problem determination, troubleshooting, and resolution -- PMRs, running and submitting must gather scripts and output, turning on trace, verbose-gc, taking thread and heap dumps.
  • Performed root-cause analysis for Production outages using IBM Support Assistant tool and provided management with analysis reports.
  • Experienced in Thread dump & Heap dump analysis to find out the root cause of the application related issues.
  • Configured global security for WebSphere Application Server using Sun One Server as LDAP user registry and configured SSL for LDAP communication.
  • Configured Queue Connections Factories, Queue Definitions, Listener Ports, & Activation Specs in order to provide connectivity to Enterprise MQ infrastructure and also worked on Service Integration Bus (SIB) configuration in V6.x.
  • Expertise in supporting enterprise based distributed applications over a wide range of operating environments on a 24/7 rotation basis for high volume, secure transactions and Web services.
  • Well versed in creating resources, modifying properties, view runtime attributes, commit modifications and securing administrative server using Authentication, Authorization, s, Credentials, Permissions, WebSphere Resources (Servlets, JSP files, HTML files).
  • Experience in UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Experience in ITIL processes like incident management, problem management & change management.


Programming Languages and Scripts: Java, C, C++, HTML, JACL, Jython, UNIX Shell Scripts, Python.

Networking & Communication Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, RMI/IIOP, Putty

Database: Oracle10g/11g

Web/Application Servers: WebSphere Application Server V6.1/V7.x, Oracle Glassfish Application Server V3.1, Oracle Iplanet Server V6.1/V7.x, IBM HTTP Server.

Platforms/Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 10, RedHat Linux 6, Windows.

Messaging Services: WebSphere MQ, MQ-Broker.



WebSphere Administrator


  • Installing, configuring & administering WebSphere Application Server and setting up environment for new applications.
  • Created multiple Profiles on WebSphere Application server 6.1and 7.0
  • InstalledEARs, WARs, configured application specific JVM settings, JVM custom properties and Web container parameters, configured JDBC providers, data sources, Queue Connection factory, Queue definition, Activation Specifications using the Admin Console and “wsadmin” commands by using Jacl and Jython scripts in WAS 6.1/7.0.
  • Experienced in implementing and managing serverclustering, maintenanceofconnection poolsandEJBs
  • Iplanet web server, IBM HTTP Server installation and configuration, Plug-in installation and configuration.
  • Managing and Monitoring theapplication Performance. Worked on performance tuning of the application by adding/modifying JVM parameters, custom properties, connection pool properties, session management, and class loading policies.
  • Installed Fix packs, Ifixes to address the application server known bugs.
  • Configuration of JDBC Providers, Data Source, Queue connection factories, activation Specifications Virtual Host, Global Security, SSL, and SSO(Single Sign On).
  • Analyzing Activity log files, FFDC log files to diagnose Application Server problems. troubleshooting the problems related with Web Server/App Server configuration issues and performance issues and address them.
  • Working on WebSphere MQ tasks. Like checking the queue depth, browse the top message from the queues; browse a particular message from the queue, creating new MQ local/remote/alias queues, configuring channels, MQ clusters, troubleshooting the MQ related issues.
  • Configuring the WebSphere application server JVMs with wily Introscope to report the JVM metrics, connection pool usage, thread pool usage and other WebSphere PMI metrics on introscope console.
  • Analyzing thread dumps, heap dumps, GC logs using IBM ISA tool to find out the root cause of application related issues.


Onsite Coordinator and Middleware Lead


  • Installation and configuration of Glassfish Application Server and administration of the environments built on Glassfish Application Server.
  • Preparing middleware design/architecture as per the application functionality to provide the efficient middleware solution for the project and document them.
  • Configuring security on Glassfish Application Server against LDAP. Working on the SSL & mSSL configuration at the application level on Glassfish application server.
  • Developed UNIX based tool using shell script and “asadmin” utility to automate the environment creation (creating Domain Manager, creating nodes, configuring clusters, adding JVM arguments, configuring JDBC connection pool & data source, configuring MQ connection pool and QCF, defining JNDI definition of the MQ queues and deploying application) process on Glassfish Application Server.
  • Installation, configuration of the “R” (analytical software) and created the program to perform the validation of the “R” components.
  • Installation and configuration of oracle iplanet Web Server v7.x, configuring glassfish load balancer plugin to establish the communication between the web server & the application server
  • Created shell script to automate the regular maintenance activities like: File System cleanup, JVM restart, heap dump analyze, capturing the thread pool, JDBC connection usage for a JVM etc.
  • Designing, creating and maintaining the WebSphere MQ objects like, queue managers, listeners, local queues, alias queues, remote queues, SVRCONN channel, sender/receiver channel, MQ clusters, MQ binding files etc.
  • Creating message flow application in message broker toolkit using the ESQL, creating BAR file and deploy the BAR file onto broker.
  • Creating execution group, maintaining message flows in all the environments, troubleshooting and fixing the issues related to message flow/message delivery.
  • Created a script using jython to automate the environment creation process in WebSphere(Creating clusters, JVMs, add custom properties, create virtual hosts, create JDBC providers, data source, Queue connection factory, Queues, listeners etc.)
  • Troubleshooting the issues in production and lower environments, opening the service request with Oracle in case of unknown issues and lead them until the issue is resolved.
  • Maintaining the whole middleware architecture, working on issues, co-ordinate with offshore team and the client, planning and applying the new fix packs for the application server/web server and resource adapter.
  • Guiding and leading a team of 4 members, helping them to identify and resolve the issues.

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