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Front End Developer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Around 7 years of extensive experience as Front End Developer in developing highly transactional and scalable web based applications using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, XHTML, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, DOM, Node JS, Grunt, React.js and AngularJS, Angular 2/4.
  • Expert in working with CSS preprocessors like SASS/LESS/Stylus.
  • Experience in using various MVC JavaScript Frameworks and rendering the JavaScript Libraries such as jQuery Mobile, Ember, Kendo, Angular JS, Backbone.JS, React.js and Polymer.
  • Expert in implementation of web development tools such as Webpack, NPM, Twitter Bootstrap, Sublime, GitHub and Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Designed front - end UI application in React.js by creating many reusable components and modules.
  • Experience in developing Responsive web designed applications using Bootstrap.
  • Experience in Server side JavaScript implementations using Node JS, Express JS.
  • Good knowledge on Document Object Model (DOM) and their functionalities.
  • Created tables by using HTML5 and CSS3 to display consumers order information and executed JSON data parsing using AngularJS to render information on tables.
  • Implemented Redux SAGA for API call effect to collect data from any synchronous function.
  • Used AngularJS components such as modules, directives, controllers, filters, services and API’s to build Single Page Application (SPA).
  • Expert in Implementing Node JS modules like grunt, express, mongoose and bower.
  • Substantial experience in Testing, Debugging and Trouble Shooting the existing code utilizing Karma-test-runner, Jasmine for JS Unit Testing, Firebug and Chrome Inspector Tools.
  • Expertise in using AngularJS controllers, directives, factory and service resources, routing and events.
  • Proficiency in working with AJAX Control Toolkit and AJAX Extensions.
  • Composed Application level code to collaborate with backend and consume the JSON data by making AJAX calls and Updating the DOM.
  • Expert in integrating with Restful APIs for Server side Functionality.
  • Developed SOAP web-services using JAX-WS, Restful Web-services using JAX-RS, and Expert in working with React.js and React Flux Architecture.
  • Experience in working with Tomcat application server and configured WebSphere resources including JDBC providers, JDBC data sources and connection pooling.
  • Used D3.js for charting jQuery and JavaScript for creating view models.
  • Worked with React.js on Redux for the management of React application.
  • Implemented Unit test by Test-Driven Development(TDD) using the Testing tools like Grunt/Gulp to build the application with Angular 2.0 and JavaScript.
  • Familiar with debugging and troubleshooting the legacy repositories.
  • Good working experience in DOJO tool kit modules like Core, DOM manipulation, event handlers.
  • Used GIT, SVN for version controlling, error reporting and project management tools JIRA
  • Involved in the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and familiar with Agile/Scrum Methodologies.
  • Expert in working with multiple Operating Systems like Windows/XP/Vista, Unix and Linux.
  • Involved in daily SCRUM meetings to keep track of the ongoing project status and issues.
  • Good experience in performing the improvement measures on web applications to reduce the response time and subsequently upgrading the end client experience.
  • Excellent Oral and Logical abilities in code building, Code Optimizing and Capability in Design reviews.
  • Good written and Oral communication skills and strong ability to exceed expectations through joint effort with Team members.


Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, DOM, Restful

Frameworks: Angular JS, Angular 2.0, React.js, Backbone JS, Polymer JS, DOJO, Node JS,WordPress,Redux, Bootstrap, Foundation, SASS and LESS

Web Development IDE’s: Eclipse, Net Beans, Web-storm, Edit plus, Sublime, Visual studio 2015 and Brackets.

Tools: Jasmine, karma, IE Tester, Chrome Inspector, firebug, Safari web inspector, Grunt, Gulp

Version Control: SVN, CVS and GIT

Web/ App Servers: IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, http-serve

Database: SQL server 2008, MySQL, MS Access and MongoDB

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows, Mac, Unix & Linux


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Front End Developer


  • Created robust user Interface (UI) using JSP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular JS, Angular 2.0, jQuery, AJAX, JSON.
  • Illustrated the front-end applications, Client interactive (UI) web pages utilizing HTML5, XHTML and CSS3.
  • Designed and developed the login portal using Angular 2.0 Framework along with HTML5, CSS3 and Type Script.
  • Created re-usable Typescript Components and services to exhaust REST API’s by utilizing the advantages of Component based Architecture provided by Angular 2.0.
  • Familiar with Mobile Web Applications using jQuery Mobile and Twitter Bootstrap
  • Implemented Presentation layer using CSS Framework and Wire-framing.
  • Used Angular JS as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific point of view and synchronize data with server.
  • Developed REST services using Node JS and Express JS, Integrated RESTful services with Angular services and Tested using REST console.
  • Used jQuery for interaction between JavaScript and HTML.
  • Extensively used JQuery, JSON, AJAX and DOM scripting to create interactive web applications like Auto complete Form Validations.
  • Used ES6 for applications to enable client-side scripting and created standardize JavaScript.
  • Utilized SASS for building application style sheets and Node.JS for Server side validations and event handling and also wrote Angular JS custom directives for the UI screens.
  • Used D3.js and AngularJS to construct data visualization and geo-clustering for market targeting.
  • Designed responsive UI to work on cross browser and multi devices and used JSON for faster and impulsive responses.
  • Experience with GitBash/Stash, Grunt, Bower, NPM, Jenkin and used JIRA tool for tracking of project.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as user performs application tasks.
  • Used Gulp as build task runner to build and package the application.
  • Extensively worked with making calls to WEB API’s to fetch the data from back-end as JSON response and parse it on the UI for DOM/CSS manipulations.
  • Create complex JIRA workflows including project workflows, screen schemes, permission scheme.
  • Developed Angular JS unit test cases using Jasmine Test Framework with the Karma test runner.
  • Created DOJO layering files and business widgets using DOJO/MVC for mobile app.
  • Configured the http session management with IBM WebSphere Extreme Scale and configuring catalog servers and adding them to catalog services domain.
  • Involved in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design Analysis and Code advancement.
  • Worked with production team to implement UI and create enhancements to optimize user experience.
  • Involved in team meetings with corporate webmaster’s UI team for understandings the requirements in new implementation and also involved in daily team meetings and weekly SCRUM meetings.

Environment: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Angular JS, Angular 2.0, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, DOM, Angular.JS, Node.js, Bootstrap, MVC, Grunt, GitBash, NPM, ES6, D3.js, BOWER, JIRA, DOJO, XML, Karma, Jasmine.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

UI Developer


  • Responsible for developing the partner Homepages using HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript,ReactJS, NodeJS and jQuery.
  • Developedhtmlviews withHTML5,CSS3, jQuery and JSON.
  • Involved in writing dynamic functions to read JSON objects and display onHTMLpages using JavaScript.
  • Responsible for creating website based applications using JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client-side presentation and data validation with in the forms. UsedCSSPre-processors SASS and LESS.
  • Extensively used CSS and Bootstrap for styling the HTML elements.
  • Worked on developing CSS3 Media Queries to make the application compatible with tablets (Landscape and Portrait), desktops and mobile phones.
  • Built Single Page Applications (SPA), Responsive Web Design (RWD) UI, Rich Restful Service Applications, and HTML Wireframes using HTML5 Grid Structures/Layouts and Bootstrap.
  • Configured WebSphere application server on multiple platforms for both horizontal and vertical scaling and also configured application server security through custom registry and LDAP.
  • Used React.js to improve rendering performance and NodeJS for server applications.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using ReactJS and jQuery.
  • Used ES6 for applications to enable client-side scripting and created standardize JavaScript.
  • Experience in using React.js to build web components such as signup form and rule form.
  • Creating a range loop directive and components in React.js and Implemented MVC framework.
  • Created custom plugins, templates and functions for WordPress based sites.
  • Used JSP to design the user interfaces, and JSP tag libraries to define Custom Tags
  • Applied HTTP Service and REST web service to connect the Front-end React.js to Back-end NodeJS.
  • Designed a loan calculator using React.js and displayed results in a pie chart format using D3.js.
  • Developed JSX files for maintaining contents like video, images, audio and display them in flash application. Used Responsive Web Design.
  • Used TypeScript code to convert into its JavaScript equivalent for execution.
  • Worked on Proof of Concept for developing application using NodeJS and MongoDB. Used WebStorm to integrates with NodeJS allowed for running, debugging, and unit testing.
  • Implemented testing tool Jasmine and karma to make a simple API to test different components of JavaScript and to put a single expectation in an individual function to test specification.
  • Developed a core component of Analytics with BackboneJS and Implemented to create a dynamically changing website and for building User interfaces.
  • Used Backbonejs for getting the data and parsing it for showing on the web page.
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture built components library, including Tree, Slide-View and Table Grid.
  • Experience in popular build tools for JavaScript projects like Grunt/Gulp or Webpack task runners, Ant and Maven etc.
  • Strong experience retrieving SharePoint Data using Server Side and Client-Side APIs.
  • Used BackboneJS and ReactJS to create a dynamically changing website.
  • Installed Node Package Manager (NPM) to manage the modules and used it to install useful tools such as Grunt, Gulp.
  • Worked on many custom modules and widgets usingReact.js/CSS/HTMLand made those cross-browsers consistent.
  • Used Version control system GIT and webpage screens for various modules usingHTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • UsedReactJS,HTML, CSS2/3, DOM,JavaScriptto produce high performance and user-friendly Web interface.
  • Used mocha to test JavaScript code and your HTTP servers by using through Node framework.
  • Experience in all phases of SDLC like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and extensive experience with Agile and SCRUM.
  • Involved in Agile work flow. Every two weeks Sprint and Daily standup meetings to discuss the development of application to deliver in time.
  • Defined all JavaScriptfile and reused in various pages of applicationConceptualized, designed and developed the UI that are visually pleasing and highly efficient.
  • Provided effective and functional web designs to customers that met their specific business needs.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS, REST, SVN, GIT, Gulp, DOM, React.js, XML, ES6, Typescript, WebStorm, jQuery, NodeJS, JSON, Bootstrap, D3.js, SDLC, Agile & SCRUM.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

UI Developer


  • Involved in a team to create structure of management system by using latest Front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and React.js.
  • Handled browser compatibility issues working on different web browsers by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Developed responsive web pages mainly using Bootstrap and manually inserting CSS media queries code to support performance perfectly.
  • Implemented Client side interface using React.js and AJAX functionalities using jQuery, JSON and XML.
  • Developed User Interface Application by using React.js and Flux for SPA development.
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture and used React.js for implementing responsive web design in the customer pick application.
  • Involved in using React.js components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Flux concept.
  • Used Redux SAGA to view and action creators as pure functionalities and it allows to model state transitions using familiar JavaScript constructs.
  • Created Single Page Applications(SPA) using React.js, by using concept of Virtual DOM.
  • Implemented various UI screens across the whole web applications by using jQuery function for both internal application and User Interface.
  • Developed Flux pattern by using redux framework as a core dependency.
  • Used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and Redux library.
  • Used RESTful web services and JSON to manage consumers information such as updating, replacing orders for consumers.
  • Wrote the base starting point for the React.js web server that we use at work using CoffeeScript and also wrote core modules to the website for others to build form.
  • Used Karma (Jasmine) for unit testing and QTP for End to End testing.
  • Utilized MongoDB to store consumers order records, payments history, rmation, online shopping cart information.
  • Worked with Scrum, and Agile methodology of SDLC process for daily task and implemented Grunt to guarantee the quality code.
  • Used GIT as a project version control tool for developers to commit and check code.
  • Responsible for executing Unit test cases and end to end front end testing framework Jasmine with the Karma test runner.
  • Worked closely with QA team to discuss how to resolve problems and debug in project.

Environment: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, React.js, DOM, Redux, NPM, Jasmine, Karma, GIT, Agile.

Confidential - Columbus, OH.

Web Developer


  • Developed a User Interface (UI) layout and front-end web application using HTML4/5, CSS2/3, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Designed and developed dynamic webpages using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, AJAX, LESS, JSON, SASS and XML
  • Extensive used jQuery - CSS3 Selectors, DOM traversal, manipulation and event handling.
  • Used Ajax to refresh only certain section of the page and reduce the load on the web server.
  • Developed Place and Time picker using Object Oriented JavaScript extensively.
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for form validation and implemented custom validation controls using Object Oriented JavaScript.
  • Using Angular JS created custom directives for data manipulations and to display data in company standard format.
  • Developed AngularJS components such as controllers, services filters and models.
  • Used JUnit for backend test cases and KARMA for AngularJS test cases
  • Used SASS to reduce the complexity of CSS file as well as make CSS codes more readable.
  • Produced Client side validation through JavaScript and AJAX for asynchronous communication.
  • Involved in the developing functions to transport data from the APIs using AJAX to implement more efficient applications.
  • Analyze the response of JSON in order to update DOM.
  • Developed complex User Interfaces using DHTML,DOJO, CSS and JavaScript
  • Created reusable templates using Angular directives and worked with NPM package manager tools like NodeJS.
  • Worked with ExpressJS for development of RESTful web services.
  • Applied jQuery scripts for basic animation and end user screen customization purposes
  • Used Node JS, Express JS to create server-side MVC framework with MongoDB.
  • Used Jasmine as testing framework and karma as test runner to perform unit testing and it is developed entirely in Typescript and meets the ES6 specifications.
  • Mastered the GRUNT and GRUNT commands for developing and deploying the project. Used BOWER for successfully implementing the dependencies.
  • Built responsive site using Bootstrap that fits devices of different visual sizes.
  • Made enhancements to existing CSS and DIV tags using box model.
  • Managed data model using Backbone.js, which includes the user data and display that data at the server side with the same format.
  • Used Firebug and IE Developer Toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.
  • Used JIRA extensively for organizing issues, tracking the assigned work, and following team activity
  • Involved in deployment of the Web application on Azure Cloud Platform.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript 1.8.5, jQuery, Node.js, Angular JS, Bootstrap, XML, Apache Tomcat, Backbone.js MySQL, JSON, DOJO, QTP, MongoDB, Karma (jasmine),JIRA, Azure, GRUNT, BOWER.


Jr. Web Developer


  • The entire development was in Waterfall model.
  • Involved in Designing, Development, and Testing of the code.
  • Involved in detail design development of Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and high-level Activity Diagrams using Star UML.
  • Developed programs based on functional specifications which would implement the functionality, as per applicable language standards.
  • Developed HTML dynamic pages and implemented it with AJAX scripting to process server-side.
  • Designed the web Pages utilizing the Cascade Styling sheet (CSS)
  • Used JQuery to make the frontend components interact with the JavaScript functions to add dynamism to the web pages at the client side.
  • Involved in updating XML Access scripts for Portal Pages.
  • Involved in creating multiple Portlets and deploying them to WebSphere Portal Server.
  • Involved in connecting with IBM WebSphere Content Management to get the data.
  • Developed features to enable and disable portlets functionality.
  • Used Oracle as a database for storing and retrieving the application data.
  • Used JUnit for testing Java Classes.
  • Used ANT building tool to build the application.

Environment: Waterfall, JDK, HTML, CSS, XML, JQuery, AJAX, JUnit, SVN, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, Oracle, IBM RAD, ANT, Star UML, Linux, and Windows.


Web Developer


  • Design development of presentation layers using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Used JavaScript and JQuery for validating the input given to the user interface.
  • Developed Mock-up designs as per the requirements of Business.
  • Developed the complete HTML, CSS and JavaScript of the pages with emphasis on performance, accessibility (AA) and SEO standards.
  • Implemented Performance Tuning to make the pages load fast and in an effective way.
  • Implemented AJAX to speed up web application.
  • Used JQuery extensively for event handling, DOM manipulation and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Performed extensive unit testing (end-to-end) and prepared detailed test scripts as part of it.

Environment: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JQuery, XML, JSP, Windows.

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