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Ui Developer Resume

Bloomington, IL


  • Over 7+ years of experience in software development as a UI Developer and UI/UX Designer in various environments.
  • Experienced as a User Interface/Front End Developer in developing applications using HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, DHTML, DOM, XHTML, jQuery, ReactJS and Ajax.
  • Experience in web development with a strong background working on open source technologies, including HTML/HTML5, CSS3 etc.
  • Experience working with JavaScript MVC frameworks Backbone.js and Angular JS.
  • Experienced in breaking up layered PSD into HTML using CSS.
  • Worked extensively in Agile Development process used teh JavaScript frameworks jQuery.
  • Have extensive experience working on Angular.js
  • Experienced in designing, developing, delivering and implementing data - driven desktop and Web applications for clients and assisting in teh development and maintenance of company Web applications (Internet and Intranet)
  • Strong problem solving ability and analytical skills and able to integrate quickly into team and work independently toward team goals.
  • Used wireframes to get an understanding of teh solution’s functionality and technical requirements.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using AJAX, JavaScript, and ReactJS.
  • Strong exposure to Adobe tools - Dreamweaver and Flash.
  • Strong experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Progressive Enhancement.
  • Exposure in Responsive Web Designing, Strong experience in Unit Testing, Integration Testing.
  • Expertise in TEMPeffective interactive design solutions that meet business, project, and design goals, based on standards and guidelines.
  • Skilled in conceptual development of Web-based Projects, including Project Strategy, Functionality, Information Architecture, Navigation Systems.
  • Extensive experience in attending client calls, Provide teh estimate of effort required to complete a unit of design task to ensure teh completion of job within given timeframe.
  • Handled multiple projects and had a review with whole project at teh end of teh course.
  • Very quick learner and keen to adopt new technologies.
  • Strong team playing skills coupled with teh ability to build excellent customer relations.


Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, ReactJS, JSON.

Framework: JQuery, Angular.js, Wire frames

IDE & Tools: Eclipse IDE, NetBean, Dreaweaver, FireBug, Developer ToolsEditPlus, JSFiddle, Webstrom, Sublime Text

Application Server: Apache Tomcat 5.5/6.0,WebLogic Application Server, Web Sphere

Languages: C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8,Linux, Mac OS X

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON.



UI Developer


  • Involved in teh Software Development Life Cycle phases like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and estimating teh time-lines for teh project.
  • Responsible for designing page layout using HTML5,CSS3,D3,JavaScript,React JS, along with JQuery and adding dynamic functionality to each module.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using AJAX, JavaScript, and ReactJS.
  • Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and adopted WCAG 2.0 standards for HTML and W3C standards for CSS as well.
  • Extensively involved in redesigning teh entire site with CSS styles for consistent look and feel across all browsers and all pages.
  • Created and developed teh web-page layout and positioned/developed design elements, using Dreamweaver, HTML and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework like bootstrap, node.js, Angular.js, D3.js.
  • Development of teh interactive UI's for teh front end users using teh front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from teh user in HTML5 and ReactJS.
  • Extensive usage of Bootstrap and LESS CSS for Responsive Design.
  • Extensively used CSS and Bootstrap for styling teh HTML elements.
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript, codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Integrated teh front end UI to teh back end using Spring MVC framework.
  • Designed and developed UI grids using Angular.js Framework
  • Used AngularJS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Experience with AJAX, REST and JSON.
  • Expertise in using source code control systems such as GIT, Version One, JIRA, and Jenkins.
  • Familiar with Cross Browser Testing and Debugging.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete projects in deadline oriented environments
  • Debugged teh application using Chrome Dev tools, Firebug and IE Developer Tool bar for IE.
  • Used agile methodology for teh software development.
  • Worked with teh team of architects and back-end Developers to gather requirements, enhance teh application functionality, and add new features.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, D3.js, JSON, Bootstrap, ReactJS, Ajax, Angular JS, Node.js, WebStorm, GitLab, Github, GitKraken, Balsamiq and Phabricator.

Confidential, Bloomington IL

UI Developer


  • Responsible for developing teh UI pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap 3.0, JSON, Drupal,and jQuery, Ajax.
  • Mastered teh GRUNT with commands for building and deploying teh project. Used Bower for successfully implementing teh dependencies.
  • Developed Page layouts, Navigations and presented designs and concepts to teh clients and teh management to review.
  • Used firebug, IE developer toolbar and chrome canary tool for debugging java script and fixing issues.
  • Used Backbone js for making Ajax calls(GET, POST) for triggering or fetching data from Restful api's provided by teh backend team.
  • Implemented responsive web design using media queries and bootstrap.
  • Efficient management of Jira for bug tracking and Confluence for design documents.
  • Used JQUERY plug-ins to implement features as a light box, galleria, sliders and other intuitive features.
  • Using Drupal created prototypes as well for call functionalities.
  • Have experience of designing application with multiple frameworks based on best design approach.
  • Converted wire frames into working development environments using backbone and underscore frameworks.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from teh user in HTML and JavaScript.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like safari, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Involved in developing web Page Applications using Angular JS with other development teams.
  • Worked closely with back-end developers to find ways to push teh limits of existing Web technology in service of creating teh best possible user experience.
  • Involved in writing jQuery-based Ajax requests using Jquery.get or Jquery.ajax and jQuery.post.
  • Worked in all phases of SDLC, including requirements analysis, design and development, bug fixing, supporting QA teams and debugging production issues.
  • Worked closely with teh QA team in resolving defects.
  • Used CSS Sprites to decrease teh number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages.
  • Worked in scrum process attending daily stand up and completing tasks in sprints.
  • Used SVN tortoise for file Management.

Environment: HTML 5, CSS3, Angular JS, Backbone JS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, firebug, Notepad++, Grunt, github.

Confidential, Anaheim, CA

Senior UI Developer


  • Developed an order processing system primarily using HTML, CSS, and jQuery, Backbone, ExpressJS, Bootstrap and AngularJS.
  • Developed Order Processing System for managing and processing orders placed by individuals or businesses
  • Worked on teh javascript task runner tool Grunt to build teh project, checkon teh dependencies and also make other components work on teh grunt
  • Migrated old individual applications to one integrated Web based Order Processing system.
  • Worked on Backbone.js for implementing teh modals and writing teh controllers and customized it for faster response times.
  • Used SVN for source control.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Backbone, Node JS, JSON, Bootstrap, Sublime, Eclipse, SVN, Firebug, JIRA for Agile development, grunt

Confidential, Omaha, NE.

UI Developer


  • Developed an application primarily using HTML, CSS, jQuery, Backbone, ExpressJS, Bootstrap and Node JS
  • Involved in development, design and implementation of front end part of application.
  • Developed teh User Interactive web pages in a professional manner with using web technologies like HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Created Master Pages, CSS Styles Sheets and Integrated to Silver light and got approval from Business Stake holders.
  • Developed complex, usable, attractive and cross-browser web interfaces that account for speed, file size, readability and accessibility
  • Successfully implemented Auto Complete/Auto Suggest functionality using Ajax, JQuery, Web Service call and JSON.
  • Responsible to manipulate HTML5, CSS3 in JQuery as well as making teh pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML
  • Created HTML navigation menu that is role based menu items changes dynamically, derived from teh database in teh form of XML
  • Utilized various JQUERY plugins to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make it look more intuitive.
  • Developed dynamic e-mails using JavaScript, and hand coding of HTML5, XHTML, and CSS3.
  • Used jQuery plugins auto complete, validation, drag and drop and also used jQuery template for markup.
  • Made use of grunt with bower components to make teh javascript tasks and also jshint to run and build teh development build.
  • Used Ajax, JSON with jQuery for request data and response processing.
  • Developed programs to port teh xml data to database to make teh website xml driven.
  • Involved in configuring teh Git repository and maintain teh version control using Git.
  • Discussed various ideas/suggestions for teh ongoing web sites regarding teh page layout and creative design.

Environment: JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Ajax, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, Node js, Git, grunt MySQL, Windows, Agile Development, and Note Pad++.

Confidential, Maumee, OH.

UI Developer


  • Redesigned existing employee intranet web application using HTML, CSS, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, AJAX, REST and MySQL.
  • Developed REST based Web API for corporate intranet web application for multi-tenant application support.
  • Developed mobile web application integrating with logistics management system using HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap and REST.
  • Implementing responsive web design.
  • Worked on Cross Browser issues for different versions of IE, Mozilla and Chrome.
  • Validating views with W3 markup validation service and fixed errors.
  • Preparing teh documentation for teh entire process for teh future reference.
  • Bug fixing and related issues.
  • Writing unit tests for JavaScript modules using frameworks such as Phantomjs, QUnit.
  • Maintaining documents and source code in SVN.
  • Attending team meetings as per teh requirements.
  • Used Agile Development life cycle.

Environment: HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON, Bootstrap, SVN, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Firebug.

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