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Front End Developer Resume

Raleigh, NC


  • Front End Web Developer around 4 years of professional experience.
  • Experience in developing Web User Interface (UI) using Object Oriented JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular5/6/7/8, ReactJS, jQuery, Responsive Web Development, Node.js, Media Queries, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks.
  • Professional experience with ReactJS with Redux.
  • Professional experience with Angular 5/6/7/8 with Angular Material.
  • Experience in developing Single Page Applications, Mobile - Friendly websites, Progressive web applications.
  • Experience in component-based development on the client-side.
  • Exposure to tools like SVN, Eclipse, Bit Bucket, Git Hub, Git Lab, Jira.
  • Experience in constructing responsive design webpages, solving cross browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations.
  • Experience as a part of Agile / Scrum development team.
  • Good understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM functions.
  • Knowledge in utilizing Jasmine and Karma to build and test applications.
  • Good understanding of database concepts.
  • Expertise in debugging skills on Developer Tools of the browser.
  • Well-versed understanding of AJAX and JavaScript DOM manipulation techniques.
  • Experience in publishing and consuming services using REST API.
  • Covering to different versions of Angular as needed and understanding the difference between them.
  • Using the latest ES6 concepts in Angular and ReactJS.
  • Worked with the React Native and GraphQL.
  • Deploying the code through Jenkins.
  • Well understanding of the workflow between graphic designer, the HTML coder and also with the back-end team.
  • Experience in working closely with Architects, Project Managers, UX Designers and researches, marketing and engineering teams.
  • Extensive experience in creating style guides, best practices and setting UI standards for consumer applications.
  • Experience working on UNIX and Windows Environments.
  • Quick learner and proficient in solving the technical issues in the project.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills with the capability to handle new technologies.


Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux Saga, Angular, TypeScript, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Node.js

Server-Side Languages: C, Java, Node.js

Debugging tools: Firebug, Chrome Developer Tools

Version Control: Git, SVN

Other Tools: JIRA/Bitbucket, Agile workflow and Kanban Methodology

Database: MySQL, PL/SQL, MongoDB

Operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Testing: Jasmine, Protractor and Karma

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Kanban

IDE’s: Visual Studio Code, Eclipse IDE, Sublime


Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Front End Developer


  • Developed the front end of the application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular 6/7, Angular Material technologies delivering cutting-edge user interfaces and components.
  • Created interactive websites using Reactive Extensions and observables / RXJS / Behavior Subjects.
  • Used Angular 6/7 and Node.js for single page web applications.
  • Involved in the development of programming user interface design and front-end for the web application using HTML, TypeScript and CSS upon the client requirements.
  • Followed Agile & Scrum methodology in product development.
  • Used the Angular Material to optimize in-browser use and to load the module and to improve speed.
  • Wrote page level code using JavaScript with Angular 6/7 framework with jQuery and other JavaScript libraries.
  • Integrated applications with REST API’s.
  • Written modular code including experience using ES6 with Angular.
  • Responsible for developing design and creation of visualizations of new high-impact visual applications to make data actionable.
  • Implemented plug-ins to extend application functionality.
  • Implementing autantication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens.
  • Deploying the applications to GitHub / Gitlab Building real-time application
  • Animating DOM elements using Angular animations.
  • Used Jasmine and Karma as end to end testing tools for debugging and software quality insurance.
  • Involved in documentation for the project and part of the presentation team.

Confidential, NYC, NY

UI Developer


  • Integrated React with advanced browser features and different API's.
  • Responsible for implementing UI mockups, integrating third partyreactlibraries like React strap, Redux-Form,React-Scroll,React-Reveal and Validate JS.
  • Autantication and authorization of React Application.
  • Worked on ReactJS - Virtual Dom and React views, rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Building UI's through composition of components.
  • Involved in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations, and Redux concept implementation.
  • Used GraphQL with React.
  • Extensively used SASS (Syntactically awesome style sheets) while styling with CSS3.
  • Used Redux for state management.
  • Participating in code reviews to understand the functional design and business process flow of the system.
  • Developed components to fetch the data from the backend using Services.
  • Responsible for the data driven development (D3), Deploy and development of the web applications
  • Used GIT version control for software development and regularly pushed the code to GitHub.
  • Followed Version One AGILE Life cycle management software.
  • Maintained high level of unit test coverage through test-driven development
  • Participated in everyday SCRUM meetings to discuss the ongoing project and related issues.


UI Developer


  • Built Web pages dat are more user-interactive using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and ReactJS.
  • Worked on an Agile (Scrum) Development Team to deliver regular updates to business team and project managers.
  • Involved designing in web pages using HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, ReactJS, Redux, Flex, Mongo DB.
  • Responsible for Style, look and feel of the web page with SASS dat extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variable, mixing, operations and functions.
  • Working withReactRouter for developing Single Page Applications SPAs.
  • Worked on ReactJS Virtual Dom, React views and rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Implemented various screens for the front end using React.js and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Worked using ReactJS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations, and Flux concept.
  • Responsible for React UI and architecture also building components library, Tree, Slide-View and Table Grid.
  • Implemented stable React components and stand-alone functions to project.
  • Used React JS for faster compilation and developing reusable components.
  • Used React-Autocomplete for creating google location search on the webpage.
  • Configured Web pack to execute linters, magnifiers, pre/post-processors, tests, transpires, etc. based on build target.
  • Utilized React for its efficient data flow architecture to create and render efficient web app dat searched projects via GitHub API through keywords.
  • Implemented React container and presentational components (as Stateless and Functional components when applicable).
  • Added Excel-Builder to download the Tabular data in Excel format using React.
  • Implemented flux pattern by using the redux framework as core dependency.
  • Worked with JASMINE unit test framework to write unit tests for JavaScript.


JavaScript Developer


  • Used Angular 2 for single page web applications.
  • Involved in the development of programming user interface design and front-end for the web application using
  • HTML, Typescript and CSS upon the client requirements.
  • Used Bootstrap and Angular Material to make the styling and implementing custom functionality
  • Made the application Responsive to make it work in Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
  • Made the application browser compatible to make it work in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.
  • Worked on API’s and service calls, component communication, creating a custom component and unit testing.
  • Using Angular to develop templates, modules, routings, lazy loading and TypeScript.
  • Worked on to new add on features as suggested by the client.
  • Met the tight schedule with the quality code to meet the expectations.
  • Had full understanding regarding the concept of E-Commerce domain.
  • Created compatible web pages for all devices and the latest browsers using Bootstrap and RWD.
  • Followed best practices to implement the functionalities and the design depending on frameworks.
  • Worked on testing applications to make the product accessible in all browsers.
  • Involved in configuring the GIT repository and used GIT for version control.
  • Used Angular Material made the site Responsive.
  • Evaluate the request for analyzing and enhancements of high priority bugs.
  • Handled duties ranging from creative design to code implementation.
  • Fixed bugs and provided support services for the application.

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