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Visual Information Designer Resume Profile

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Profile Overview

  • HFI certified, hands-on, strategic, proactive, and analytic user experience architect / designer with broad set of user experience expertise spanning research, analysis, architecture, design, and evaluation. Expert in optimizing the user experience of user-centered web applications and task-based websites for desktop PC, mobile device and print media. Proficient at transforming complex data sets, business requirements and user requirements into remarkably clear, simple, intuitive and contextual web experiences. Able to effectively forge and apply best user-centered design practices, standards and processes to streamline and optimize the UX design process.
  • Certified Usability Analyst, Human Factors International
  • Ten years experience in User Experience, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, and Usability
  • Data Visualization and Information Design: data representation and presentation graphs, dashboards, reports
  • Cognitive Psychology: perception, attention, learning, memory, trust, habituation, conversion, and adoption
  • Experienced conceptual and prototype design for desktop PC web browsers, mobile devices and print media
  • Strategies: Research-driven, user-centric, iterative, mobile-first, responsive, adaptive
  • Products: Rich Web applications, sites, portals, wizards, dashboards, reports, forms, graphs, and tables
  • User Research and Usability Evaluation qualitative and quantitative : contextual interviews, surveys, personas, scenarios, usability testing, task analysis, heuristic review, card sorting, etc.
  • Background in finance, healthcare, telecommunications, education, information and tech sectors
  • UX team, process and standards leadership /definition capability Contractor supervision experience
  • Knowledge of capabilities and limitations of Ajax: HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Advanced, interdisciplinary education in Communications, Technology and Education.
  • Core Competencies
  • Information Architecture User-Centered Design Information Design Data Visualization Interaction Design User Research and Analysis Usability Evaluation and Testing Cognitive and Behavioral Human Factors Professional and Technical Writing Curriculum and Instructional Design Desktop Publishing
  • Deliverables: wireframes, interactive prototypes, task flow diagrams, site maps, UI design standards and process definition docs, functional specs user requirements, proposal planning docs, usability testing plans, journey models, taxonomies, personas, scenarios, surveys, presentations, icons, widgets . . .
  • Applications: Adobe CS6, Axure, Visio, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, GoogleDocs, Morae,
  • Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, Flash, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Outlook . . .

Professional Experience


User Experience Architect, Consultant

  • Providing strategic and tactical user experience architecture expertise for desktop, tablet and mobile web applications using Axure.
  • Designed Android tablet application task flows, wireframes and interactive prototype to enable supervisors in the field to easily manage worker time and activities.
  • Designed a wizard application task flows, wireframes and interactive that enables users to easily create survey evaluations.
  • Created wireframes and task flow diagrams for a VSP insurance mobile application to enable users to register and access their insurance benefit information.
  • Created wireframes and interactive prototype for an event management application.
  • Wrote marketing copy to effectively promote Prokarma UX services.


User Experience Architect, Consultant

Providing strategic and tactical user experience architectural expertise for mobile banking applications.

Designed the IA, interaction, and page layouts for a white-branded mobile banking app using Axure prototyping tool.

Conducted usability review for a TIAA-Direct iPad banking app and made usability recommendations to improve the user experience.


User Experience Designer / Information Architect, Consultant

  • Provided comprehensive web application user experience expertise.
  • Researched users and developed role-based user personas to guide the design of a customer care web application.
  • Defined visual, functional and usability specifications and standards to guide consistent application development with professional results.
  • Streamlined the wireframing and prototyping processes by developing Axure widget and icon libraries.
  • Proficiently created design wireframe concepts and complex, data-intensive web application prototypes using Axure.
  • Performed task analysis and task flow diagramming to determine optimal navigation and task flow.
  • Developed a comprehensive usability testing plan and schedule.
  • I hired Ron as a UX Designer to assist with several rich internet applications to do wireframe design, usability testing, and establish UI Design Standards for the company. He was very personable and completed all of his assignments on time or ahead of schedule. Additionally, he was able to get ramped up on our UX process Agile , design patterns, design tools Axure , and usability tools Morae quickly. I would hire him again in an instant -Michael Bartucca, Manager, User Experience, Iron Mountain


Data Visualization Designer / Information Architect, Consultant

  • Provided data visualization design and information architecture concepts and prototypes for the Quintiles' Infosario portal, enabling the effective and efficient analysis of clinical research study data.
  • Analyzed business requirements, designed and authored data visualizations using Spotfire Pro to enable clients to effectively and efficiently analyze and monitor their clinical trial studies
  • Collaborated with other designers on information architecture of the Infosario portal
  • Established visual and interaction and navigation standards for Infosario data visualizations.


Information Architect/UX, Web Strategy, Institutional Assets, Consultant

  • Provided strategic user experience discovery and vision for various financial advisor and institutional asset manager web sites and applications. Gave a presentation to a finance audience on data visualization How to Visualize Your Data , Marcus Evans, London, UK, June, 2011.
  • Designed next generation Web experience strategic vision for financial advisor web site
  • Designed the information architecture and user interaction for a Google Labs mobile pilot project
  • Designed the strategic user experience vision for global ETF transactional web portal application
  • Designed strategic vision for Relationship Manager's Book of Business to manage their clients, and to perceive and act on new opportunities
  • Designed wireframe screens, dashboards, data visualizations, site maps, and strategic design document.
  • Skillfully interviewed stakeholders and target end users to elicit user requirements and develop user persona
  • Observed end users to develop task flow diagrams and scenarios of use.


User Interface Architect, Consultant

  • Led user interface design, information architecture/design and usability initiative to redesign an inconsistent set of web application interfaces into a single, unified, user-centric interface and information architecture with high usability.
  • Successfully designed an interactive prototype for a physician practice and patient management web application that enables physicians to easily navigate to/from patient and practice contexts with a single click
  • Streamlined the process of creating custom lab reports through the strategic redesign of a report-creation wizard that enables average and advanced physicians to create custom reports in different ways appropriately
  • Effectively redesigned a Lab Panel Analyzer application and data graphs that improved analysis of lab test results
  • Significantly increased the usability of existing web applications by performing thorough and systematic heuristic evaluations and making expert usability recommendations
  • Streamlined the design process by successfully facilitating the adoption of Axure
  • Strategically planned and designed an effective usability test plan with metrics, methods and instruments.


Customer Experience Architect, Consultant

Standardized and enhanced user interface design to guarantee consistent user experience across rigid business lines.

Contributed chat design standards for a consistent chat user experience across business lines

Enhanced the design of information architecture site map diagrams, screen layout wireframes and interactive functional requirements for Chase Credit Card Web sites

Conducted effective heuristic evaluations of credit card web sites and made expert usability recommendations.

Iteratively gathered and refined requirements and acquired stakeholder feedback.


User Interface Architect
  • Designed eCommerce websites for Armstrong Flooring partners and Collette Vacations.
  • Designed user-centric information architecture site map diagrams, screen wireframes, prototypes, and functional requirements for eCommerce and commercial Web sites using Axure
  • Increased communication effectiveness between designers and clients and streamlined the design process by establishing Axure prototyping application into the design workflow
  • Forged a highly effective, user-centric design, review and approval process with clients, and maximized efficiency in the design process by integrating the Axure prototyping application into the website design workflow.
  • Ensured effective, user-centric interface designs by iteratively meeting with users and clients
  • Thoroughly researched and tested prototyping and diagramming tools, leading to the successful adoption of Axure
  • Documented various user research methods for appropriate application for the given research objective
  • Conducted thorough competitive site research to benchmark designs.


Visual Information Designer

  • Significantly improved technical communication through effective visual communication and improved productivity through functional information architecture.
  • Facilitated corporate adoption of proposed technology solutions by significantly improving the design of proof of concepts through systematic heuristic evaluation
  • Significantly improved communication between technical and business groups by designing highly effective conceptual visualizations and technical diagrams.
  • Significantly increased the productivity of the Technology division personnel by designing a highly usable, functionally-organized intranet website information architecture.
  • Contributed to the Technology Research division intelligence by researching data visualization solutions.


Senior Interface Designer / Business Analyst

  • Effectively transformed a disparate set of technology-oriented sales web application user interfaces into a cohesive, user-centric, revenue-generating web portal that enables sales personnel to easily learn and use all sales applications desktop, Blackberry, and cell phone platforms by learning a single application.
  • Designed sales portal to retain navigation, enabling users to adapt to the new design in their time
  • Designed a common user interface model template and prototype to apply consistently to all sales applications.
  • Performed in-depth task analysis and created task flows to ensure usability of design
  • Designed highly intuitive wireframe screens and defined functional specifications
  • Met with stakeholders and supervised 3 developers to ensure requirements were achieved.
  • Ron is the consummate professional in all his undertakings. His approach is thorough, consistent and beneficial for whichever project he was assigned when I worked with him at Sprint. We worked on several projects including the Sales Portal upgrade, and his management of the user interface component was excellent, helping to build the requirements from the ground up. His understanding of the how to translate real human needs and requirements into an effective tool elevated the sales portal from just a website to a revenue generating application I value my time with Ron and would recommend him to anyone looking to greatly enhance their organization.
  • Jim Barker, Manager, Nextel Sales Portal


Web Design/Usability, Consultant

  • Spearheaded several revenue-generating projects with full responsibility while consulting as Information Architect, User Interface Designer and Usability Engineer.
  • Strategically designed an efficient and effective multimedia course authoring web application interface that enables course authors to dynamically switch to/from authoring and instructional modes
  • Gathered, thoroughly analyzed and documented business and user requirements for effective design
  • Significantly improved existing web application usability by thoroughly and systematically analyzing application user interfaces for usability problems, documented and facilitated recommended solutions
  • Created an effective usability test plan by defining testing strategies, methods, instruments and metrics.
  • Objectively tested Web application user interfaces using pre-defined heuristic and contextual inquiries.

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