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Web Engineer Resume Profile


I'm seeking a tele-commute Web Developer position. I have extensive web programming and database experience while working remotely. Experience Star Management Services Confidential
  • Worked with remote teams worldwide on HR projects to bring databases for 15 countries to sync with a Master DB.
  • Created 16 HR web reports including Excel downloads using complex Stored Procedures, C , jQuery, KendoUI, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server Management Studio and TFS.
  • Created 10 tSQL Stored Procedure Emailers, filtered by county, as Cron triggered Jobs for daily/monthly HR emails.
  • Installed and managed Lamp servers for dev, staging and production workflow on Amazon Cloud with Ossec security, Secure Certificates, sFTP, SVN. Installing for each company.
  • Created complete front-end Drupal sites for several companies from PSD/PDF provided by design teams. Using PHP, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap, with Responsive Design.
  • Created a 30 page SharePoint sub site for AGT International as their Branding Portal. Also the AGT home page affects.
  • Managed updates and changes to all sites on a daily bases through emails, Lync and morning SCRUM meetings for Lamp, Drupal, WordPress and SharePoint platforms.
Confidential Web Developer
  • for hosted client sites, front and backend utilizing PHP, jQuery, CSS, MySQL on Rackspace cloud sites.
  • Design and programming changes through proprietary CMS and Word Press, and standard PHP5 sites.
  • In house developer for onlineofficesystem.com, migrating to new platform, implementing new CSS design changes and developing Ajax driven dashboards with filters and sorting.
  • Created Mobile Office Task and Referral system for mobile sales force.
  • USAePay dashboard module for credit card processing.
  • Google maps, geo-location and analytics.
  • Site for hosting all American products.
  • Client interfaces include registration, uploading product art, flyer creation and product hosting, click stats, shopping cart, invoices, flyer customize and forward, new lead interfaces.
  • Admin interfaces include live dashboards for client order tracking, purchasing and invoice management.
  • Sales calls tracking dash with email templates for sending, connected SendMail to mySQL for receive to db.
  • Auto posting to Twitter and Facebook integration.
  • Digital magazines for flip-book supplier catalogs.
  • New Lamp install on Ubuntu host. Ruby, Rails, PHP5, mySql, jQuery, Prototype, phpList, SendMail, SugarCRM, Mantis, osTicket.
  • PayPal API shopping cart interface.
  • Confidential
  • Subcontractor developing applications for Software Alliance Corp and Readoz.com using Groovy/Grails MCV, SpringSource Tool Suite and plugins, Tomcat, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, team software including: SVN versioning, Mantis bug tracker, Google, Zoho, winMerge.
  • Created fire inspection compliance software having custom forms creation for inspectors in each fire district.
  • Installed Lamp, mySql, phpList on Ubuntu for mass mailing.
  • Created Adobe Air widget that interacts with proprietary page flip system hosted by Readoz.com
Web Developer Confidential
  • SB-Direct is a business-to-business email company that facilitates contact between suppliers and distributors within the promotional products industry, sending out
  • 1.5 million Emails per month.
  • Rebuilt legacy ASP classic and PHP back-ends into a single Ruby on Rails web application, managing email ad creation and client access to stats.
  • Managed migration of 38 dot coms and mySQL data to new servers.
  • Integrated jQuery and Prototype.js JavaScript into ruby on rails for Ajax, uploader, auto-complete, charts and data-grid pagination.
  • Interfaced with Zrinity cold-fusion and StreamSend email servers api using XML for email statistical reports, parsing XML responses into charts and grid displays into Ruby on Rails.
  • Rewrote existing PHP email forms using SendMail to interface with mySQL.
  • Repaired jpGraph system for PHP charting.
  • Built online image mapping page for hot-linking uploaded images and storing link co-ordinances as text into the database.
  • Created php sister site supplierspecial.com tied to common db. Using PHP5, jQuery, mySQL.
  • Adapted PHP XML as RSS feeds to supplierspecial.com promotional ads interfacing with promodesktop.com Adobe Flash widget.
  • Developed a template system using smarty-tag type parsing for dynamic ad creation, enabling a 'customize and forward' feature.
  • Developing site: xpressmail.com having credit card system to interface with off-site 3rd party email system.
  • Developed accounting and billing systems for purchasing and order tracking.
  • Developed Sales Call Board integrated with all systems.
Confidential Web Developer
  • Created web applications with SQL 2005 using Visual Studio 2008 with C , asp.net, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.
  • Multi-threaded searches using data scraping for competitive quotes then reformatting data to front-end tier, stream-lining wholesale insurance web application process.
  • Utilized .ashx and Ajax to serve dynamic web pages stored in database. Also, secure login to database and forms for picture document uploading system.
  • Added AutoComplete system reading from XML file for suggested document loading into forms. Also, AutoComplete using SQL.
  • Ajax reader for recent hits XML file that randomly selects titles and links for display.
  • CSS buttons and style sheet formatting on the front end.
Confidential Web Engineer
  • Development of virtual 3D gaming systems written in LSL c based mono . Created a variety of scripted virtual products.
  • Created interfaces between LSL code in world to interact remotely using PHP/mySQL/XMLRPC/Curl/Ruby on Linux servers out world .
  • Daily database administration.
  • Provided tech support for product end users.
  • Developed help-ticket system for other tech support assistants.
  • Hosted and managed the product features and specifications website.
  • Ported PHP system to C /ASP.NET web server with msSQL 2008 using new AJAX driven product features. Wrote Speech translator for 6 languages. Created 3-D Web-Phone interface for Skype. Created Advanced animation system using parsed voice recognition commands. Created Web/Database integrated monitoring system.
  • Ported 100 artificial intelligence programs from ASP and JavaScript into LSL, PHP5, CURL, and XMLRPC and Ruby.
Confidential Web Developer
  • Consulting and custom web page design and hosting for commercial clients. Development of remote project management software. Custom CMS software for hosted websites.
  • Provided tech support for end users. Speech recognition systems for websites for clients using XP Pro.
  • ASP/VBScript/PHP/JavaScript on several remote Linux servers.
  • Developed an open access db of multi-model artificial intelligence triggers for use in concurrent and diverse online applications using voice controls. Wrote Programs by voice in classic ASP.
  • Created AddressBook to Skype by voice.
  • Search Google by voice.
President/Developer Confidential
  • Managed programmers and network administration as Internet Service Provider using dial-up/ISDN.
  • Setup network, Linux NT servers, IIS, Apache, SQL mySql. Languages used were ASP classic, PHP, and Perl. Created core code for client access management system for internet access, credit card gateway, shopping carts, and email system. Handled tech support for new clients setting up dial-up and email services. Provided platform for serving web video broadcasting and onsite ISDN installation for cameras.
  • Succeeded in establishing a new and growing company providing ISP access when internet and video broadcasting technology was first expanding to the public.

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