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Software Engineer Resume Profile


Senior Web Developer


  • I am personally responsible for the web-based offerings. Having backfilled a solo position, I took over the development and maintenance of the two active versions of the web client, improving performance, security, and fixing numerous browser-specific bugs.
  • I converted the WCF-based RESTful services into WebApi restful services and implemented a battery of unit tests. I removed browser-specific features and re-implemented them browser-agnostic using a combination of existing jquery/kendoui libraries as well as some home-grown solutions. I improved the CORS support, eliminating the need to pass authorization as cookies and thereby opening up the solution to be a truly multi-server suite.
  • I have been assisting the forward development team working on the next forms-based release by introducing modern development techniques such as IOC containers, XSD/XML storage of config data in the database, and how to use partition schemes in the database to improve log data truncation.
  • I assisted the build manager in defining a CI server which he then implemented.
  • Technical Skills: C , JQUERY, KENDOUI, MVC4 5 for next release , TFS, JSON, XML/XSD

Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead


  • I'm responsible for a line of web-based products that are used by research librarians in over 14,000 libraries around the world to manage their collections and resources. It's a .Net 3.5 application using SQL Server as the backend. I use Jquery and .Net web controls on the front and c in the middle.
  • There are JSON and XML webservices for ingest, export, and B2B solutions within and without the company. One ingest engine uses documented XSDs from Confidential
  • to harvest librarys' usage as XML and transform that XML into discrete data merged with costs for analysis and pivots on cost per use.
  • I use service broker for async communication for long-running processes and a set of .Net CLR Sprocs to execute mission-critical data processing functions so as to keep the customer facing application performant.
  • SSIS is used for an outward-facing B2B solution with a 24hour SLA that requires updates be shipped cross-country without a live connection.
  • Reporting is handled by Oracle Business Intelligence, SSRS, or a proprietary direct-to-file engine. Other functions as defined by Job description:
  • Manage daily process improvements
  • Mentor less experienced developers
  • Subject matter expert for stack of 8 core applications
  • Attend strategy and planning meetings
  • Produce technical documentation for planning/design needs.
  • Interface with Product, QA Leads, Support, and Training to ensure projects meet requirements and to ensure operational readiness.
  • Story grooming.
  • Escalation point for all customer-reported incidents.
  • Provide and proof task estimates for projects in the pipeline.
  • Application feature development and bug fixes across all tiers, including stored procedures.
  • Code reviews of other developers work.
  • Manage code repositories. Responsible for maintaining branches, tags, trunk merges.
  • Technical Skills: C , light java, JQuery, CSS, t-SQL, SSIS/SSAS, WCF, Service Broker, CLR Sprocs, OBIEE, memcached, SOLR, SVN, JSON, XML/XSLT/XSD
  • Soft skills: strong communicator with technical and non-technical personnel, SCRUM, Kanban
  • I earned Employee of the Month award for leadership in improving a mission critical application's performance bottlenecks.
  • I'm a member of the SUSHI developers group from NISO.org

Application Architect


  • I was responsible for a stack of applications that provide a complete end-to-end solution between librarian fat clients written in VB6 that do inventory and order tracking, hand-held WindowsCE devices reading and writing data in the field, and a web-based application written in C 3.5 used by the clients to schedule pickups and drop offs.
  • The backend is a SQL cluster with over 200 nodes. Service broker and replication are used to keep child nodes in sync with the two master nodes.
  • Ingestion and export processes use XML webservices defined from XSD-objects to provide a consistent format.
  • Statistical and analytical data was delivered to clients via SSAS from a datastore populated by SSIS.
  • Promoted to Technical Architect to handle a European Language localization project, and a very large customer-impacting workflow enhancement.
  • Assisted in transforming the team from a modified waterfall SDLC to a SCRUM-like SDLC.
  • Introduced, designed, coded, and implemented Microsoft Analysis Services to allow for better statistical reporting as required by our business sponsors. This included merging the output into a WCF service that outputs only XSD-defined Data Contract Objects business requirement
  • Earned Employee of the Quarter for 2010Q4 for my efforts to modernize developer tasks and for stepping up into a leadership role in the dev. center in addition to my architecture role.
  • Held design meetings with non-technical staff using PowerPoint slideshows.
  • Wrote object model and sequence diagrams using Sparx Enterprise Architect.
  • Responsible for code reviews, design, functional specification reviews, status meetings, and assist with maintaining project schedule using MS Project.
  • Re-engineered source control structure to allow for parallel development and a review step before merging code into the application trunk.
  • Re-wrote compile and installation documentation for all products in my line of business.
  • Earned Employee of the Quarter for 2010Q4 for my efforts to modernize developer tasks and for stepping up into a leadership role in the dev. center in addition to my architecture role.
  • Earned 2013 Making a World of Difference award for developing a cross-business-unit product to lower ROI and consolidate enterprise functions.
  • Technical Skills: C , t-SQL, SSAS, Service Broker, WCF, WWF, SVN
  • Soft Skills: Hold design reviews and requirements gathering session with Business sponsors, operations training and readiness reviews.

Software Engineer No senior/junior titles there


  • Assigned to a modernization effort to move some mission-critical business logic from the VB6 code to a C web-based application so as to make operations deploys easier. The fat client is installed over a 45 period twice a year to over 300 DCs across the country.
  • General development tasks including stored procedures, WCF, and asp.net.
  • Involved in 2 modernization efforts of the primary line of business application.
  • Implemented custom paging on a large history view.
  • Improved process speed of some large dataset merges using LINQ and IGrouping to decrease page load time from minutes to less than half a second.
  • Introduced and implemented LINQ to the code base.
  • Assisted in re-designing Source Control structure to allow for developer and release branching.
  • Implemented CC.net and NAnt for nightly and CI builds to streamline the build process so that developers spent less time worrying about compiling environments and more time writing code.
  • Technical skills: C , t-SQL, WCF, WWF, SVN, Nant, CC.Net

Sr. Application Developer/ Architect/Development Manager


  • I worked with a small team to develop and support an enterprise-level Hospital Information System HIS . The application is written in classic asp, with data access coming from both ADO and come COM calls to a middle-ware package. Page display and refreshes are handled using xml/xslt in many cases and AJAX using JSON in many cases. There is a light-weight web-service-like piece that handles the backend work as requested by the client-side requests, written in ASP/ADO and returning XML or JSON. Some custom DHTML controls have been written and/or modified from open-source toolkits to allow for data-driven client controls, such as combo boxes, date/time controls, and numeric spinners to assist in input validation.
  • When I left the company, my team was in the process of porting the application to a pure .Net environment. The API is written mostly in vb.net, but with some c and some c . The pages are designed using table-less css in an external file. Master pages provide the layout. Many of the legacy windows applications are being ported to pages, but a few, mainly those that deal with printing labels and reports, have been ported to windows forms apps, deployed with click-once.
  • Reports are written using SQL Server reporting services and access to these reports from the forms apps uses a custom assembly of my creation that allows an application to simply call the report using name and parameters and specify the output type options being PDF, TIFF, Doc, HTML, or printed
  • As the Senior-most developer within the organization, I was tasked with training the junior developers and assisting them with bringing up their core skill set to the point that supervision may be limited to meetings and code reviews. I had two junior developers directly working for me. One was learning HL7 interfacing and database design and the other was learning ADO, API design, and site design.
  • Also, as the Senior-most developer, I was responsible for database design and maintenance for both our internal processes as well as the model used during installation of new clients. This experience includes designing indexes, triggers, stored procedure, and ad-hoc queries. I spend time involved with our client sites to assist in creating a maintenance schedule and test load balancing.
  • A few months before I left, the tasks of system installation, client requirements, and training were passed off to a team of implementation specialists. Before that, I was responsible in assisting, consulting, or doing installations of Windows, SQL Server, and many 3rd party tools, including the base installation of our core package. While on site, I would assist or consult in the requirements gathering phases of the implementation process, creating documentation and helping to guide the project plan. I've spent a large portion of time training client staff in the use, and maintenance of our system, from nursing staff to specialty fields such as pharmacy and laboratory.
  • We used Subversion as our source control and Nant for our daily/monthly builds. Some thought went into using a CI package, but being that this is a small team with long release cycles, it was mostly unnecessary.

Web Developer


  • As the webmaster, I was responsible for developing, maintaining, and managing the Corporate Information Portal. This Portal was a database-driven website on the Corporate Intranet. Developed originally in PHP using a MySQL backend, the Portal became the central document repository for the corporation. Users were encouraged to place all documentation on the portal in a carefully designed hierarchy of department pages and sub-sections. After a brief time, I redesigned and redeployed the Portal software using Perlscript ASP with an ODBC connection to a MSSQL7 database.
  • I developed a large number of other applications to assist all parts of the corporation in their tasks, including:
  • Document Publishing Wizard This was the database front-end to the Portal Infrastructure allowing a user to upload a file to the web server, tie it to a particular section of the Portal, and set access permissions. The access permissions were defined both in the database and using local NT User groups. If the current user didn't have access permissions to view a document or a page, the link to that document or page would not be displayed. However, this doesn't stop a user from accessing the resource if the user already knows the URL, therefore, I implemented the NT User Group permissions to enhance the security at the Operating System level.
  • Case Management - I developed a set of three-tier case-management systems. One for Engineering Work Orders such as code changes, upgrades, etc. One for changes to the security firewall into the Business network. One for other Network changes such as installations to business net servers, commissioning and decommissioning servers, databases, and applications.
  • Domain User /Domain Group Administration This utility was a web-based replacement for the Microsoft User Manager for Domains. It did all the MS tool does, but also handled the database requirements.
  • Knowledge Base This tool was still in Beta at the time of the Company closure. It was to provide entry and retrieval of knowledge-base articles for usage by Tier1 Support personnel. The Articles could also be created from within the any of the Case Management Tools.
  • Global Address List This application provided web-based access into the global access list hosted by the Exchange LDAP Directory. The GAL application was searchable, sortable, and printable which made it much more popular than accessing the same directory from within exchange.


  • Agile SCRUM , Kanban
  • t-SQL from SQL2000 to SQL2008, including sprocs, service broker, CLR, SSIS/SSAS
  • UML, Sparx Enterprise Architect, MS Visio
  • WCF with XML and JSON, XSD and generated classes
  • XSLT, XPath
  • Nant, Ant, CC.Net
  • Jquery, JQGrid
  • Technical writing Specs, Design docs
  • C /VB.Net from .Net 2.0 to 3.5 some 4.0 , LINQ, lambda queries
  • End-user training, public speaking, presentations technical and non-technical
  • Bugzilla, scrumworks, Jira, Confluence
  • SOLR

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