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Systems Technician Resume Profile


Seeking a position that will allow me to utilize my 13 Years of Advanced Systems Administration, as well as my expert Troubleshooting / System tuning skills in a Linux, Unix, and Microsoft heterogeneous High Availability environment.


  • 13 years experience working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Beta - Both Server and Workstations. Microsoft Windows Server 2000 2010 Windows XP, 7 and 8 based Operating Systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of Linux Kernel tuning via the /proc file system or sysctl.conf to optimize Network latency speeds, for TCP/IP v4 1GB and or Mellanox 10GB Infiniband network cards. This particular Kernel tuning is used to enhance and reduce UDP packet loss on multicast feeds from multiple financial exchanges.
  • Expert in BASH / KSH Shell scripting, as well as extensive knowledge in the PYTHON interpreted language.
  • Advanced skills that include Red Hat KICKSTART Automated installations - PUPPPET Enterprise Configuration Management As well as homegrown shell / python scripts for automation purposes.
  • Expert in LINUX clustering skills, that includes Red Hat GFS HP VERTICA Administration for high availability data analysis of BIG MARKET TICK Data stores.
  • Superior skills in communication and customer service. Able to work with end users to identify and resolve technical issues, with extensive experience providing user training and reporting to management.
  • Develop and maintain BASH / KSH shell scripts, as well as Python programs to assist in day-to-day workflow design and implementation.
  • Install and Maintain MYSQL Database servers ranging from version 4 thru 5 utilizing MYSQL administrator and MYSQL query.
  • Hands on experience with network protocols and services such as TCP, UDP, TCP/IP, SMTP, FTP, NIS, NFS, SMB, NTP, PTP GPS, DNS, SNMP, and HTTP.
  • Install / configure and maintain NAGIOS, PUPPET, CACTI and GANGLIA as well as RRDTOOL, CHECK MK server monitoring software for Linux and Windows nodes.
  • Advanced VMWARE technical skills with ESX 3.5 and VSPHERE in a working environment in multiple financial data centers including MAHWAH CARTERET SECACACUS EQUINIX - LEVEL3 and onsite office NYC datacenter.
  • Tremendous Technical Writing skills for outlining documentation and user friendly manuals. Create useful WIKI websites for end user explanations.
  • 13 years of experience as a Windows System Administrator. Worked extensively with Microsoft Windows 2000 - 2008R2, Active Directory and Exchange 2000 - 2008R2.
  • Extensive knowledge of LDAP / KEREBOS / SAMBA / PAM / Active Directory Linux authentication services.
  • Served as an escalation point on desktop user support for various applications and systems such as Red Hat Workstation 4 - 6, 2.6 Kernel and Windows 2000 - 2008 server, MS Office as well as MS Outlook.
  • Deployed DELL Open Manage Server Administrator client and server essentials for managing and reporting hardware issues on over 400 servers, ranging from 10th generation to 12 generation architectures located in various financial data centers.
  • Worked directly with ISP Communication vendors Support and ticketing systems, resolving multiple level outages in regards to networking.



Linux / Windows Systems Engineer

  • Managed in house UDP/Multicast collection system, which recorded tick data feeds from financial data centers, feeds that included. OPRA, CQS, CTA, UQDF, UTDF, NYSEIMB, PITCH BYX, PITCH BZX, DIRECTEDGE A, DIRECTEDGE X, ESPEED, GLOBEX, ACRA XDP and various others when needed. For latency reasons and potential loss of UDP packets, these custom C binaries run on custom RHEL5, 6 systems kernel tuned for network performance, they collect each tick to disk locally where the feed disseminates from. Once collected, I have setup a custom BASH / PYTHON configuration that utilizes RSYNC to get the data back to our home office in NYC, once synced the collected data was used for analytical querying via our in house C back testing historical tick printing tool, or for analysis in HP VERTICA. The result of the RSYNCED data is stored on direct attached storage in sizes up to 180 Terabytes for a closer proximity for the queries.
  • Kept all software drivers' current, and all hardware firmware current and up to date using DELL OMSA Essentials and DELL OMSA clients on both RHEL / WINDOWS systems. As well as in house REPOS for RHEL that achieve far greater speeds and reliability.
  • Setup and configured monitoring of all nodes via the NAGIOS open source monitoring suite, wrote custom NRPE plugins to achieve the needs for full lightweight system monitoring and graphing. Using NAGIOS / CHECK MK / RRD TOOL myself and management had a web portal to view all servers states that included DISK SPACE, MEM USAGE, CPU USAGE, NTP TIME, UPTIME ETC CHECK MK injunction with SAR / System Activity Reports allowed us easy access to these reports going back to any time interval, also a daily custom bash script that parses nagios.dat for a daily morning email.
  • Assisted all programmers with their personal workstations both RHEL and WINDOWS in regards to package management and tools that were required for in house development of our custom trading applications. This support also included assisting junior admins with end user / back office workstation issues.
  • Setup and tuned the SYSLOG interface on all production Linux machines to write kernel / SYSLOG messages to a central log server hitting and reporting on custom SWATCH / Regular Expressions that would trigger / notify the correct teams via email.
  • Worked directly with management in regards to hardware upgrades to achieve the latest and greatest Network speeds that ran our in house double-sided Market Making operation. Tasks included deploying latest BETA binaries into the production environment via custom scripts using SSH-Keys to achieve password less authentication and copying of binaries.
  • Deployed SUBVERSION for version control with custom email hooks when developers check in code, emails are directed to specific departments.


Senior Linux Systems Engineer

  • Maintain 400 Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS Servers residing at LEVEL3 NYC top tier ISP data center.
  • Tuned system internals such as scheduling, memory management as well as compiling custom kernels.
  • Created and maintained kickstart environment for dynamic/reproducible system images.
  • Maintain, run and configure 100 RHEL 4 AS Servers utilizing LINUX APACHE MYSQL PHP stack in a high availability BIGIP F5 load balanced environment utilizing round robin LB methods.
  • Create custom IRULES written in TKL for WAN traffic on the F5 BIGIP load balancers for custom rule sets.
  • Setup and maintain 4 Juniper ISG 1000 High End Fiber Optic firewalls using multiple policies and relying on very secure NAT translations.
  • Install, maintain and monitor NETAPP filers in both production and Disaster recovery sites using NFS as the share protocol.
  • Upgrade NETAPP firmware and DATA ONTAPP versions of software on FAS270 and 2020 NETAPP filers.
  • Implement NETAPP SNAPMIRROR software for creating data snapshots from site to site for Disaster Recovery purposes.
  • Delegate user permissions to allow access via 4 IPSEC Virtual Private Network setups restricting and securing control of internal computer systems.
  • Install, maintain and deployed VMWARE ESX clusters using VSPHERE technology for management of clustered nodes.
  • Using the SAMBA network protocol, setup local file servers running on SUSE 10 allowing over 50 Customer Service nodes running Microsoft Vista to mount the fileserver for Local Area Network Data Sharing.
  • Provided network administration and systems support in addition to instructing computer classes.
  • Setup LDAP / NIS YP Linux authentication systems to delegate user name and passwords on a multi level domain hierarchy.
  • Configure POSTFIX, SENDMAIL and DOVECOT SMTP software for multiple domains utilizing SPAMASSASIN.
  • Setup multi layered security levels using IPTABLES and SELINUX hardening techniques at the server level.


Linux Systems Engineer

  • Handled Red Hat Linux Servers utilizing NIS for 500 users across 5 sites spanning the New York City Area.
  • Installed and maintained POSTFIX, SEDMAIL mail servers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.
  • Maintain NETAPP storage systems utilizing NFS shares mounted on multiple Linux flavors including SUSE, UBUTNU and RHEL.
  • Assign Exchange 2000 administrative roles to users and groups, granting and delegating permissions to administrators, managing administrative permissions, and using system policies to manage Exchange 2000 objects.
  • Configuring Exchange mail recipients with multiple SMTP addresses, configuring protocols, including Internet Message Access Protocol version 4 IMAP4 , and Post Office Protocol version 3 POP3 .
  • Worked with MS Active Directory to determine Exchange user mailbox problems. This included creation and troubleshooting of Exchange mailboxes and the use of Windows Terminal Services to log on to various global servers for remote monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Implemented and maintained databases analyzed data and delivered reports. Supervised data entry team and provided end-user training for database system. Served as liaison to vendors.
  • Assisted in developing the internal Intranet system using Microsoft IIS technology.


Systems Technician / Windows Network Administrator

  • Provided day-to-day administration and technical support for Windows 2000 2003 Servers.
  • Prepared Active Directory forest and domain for installation of Exchange 2000.
  • Performed Active Directory Backups and Restore.
  • Carried out installation of new Windows 2000 servers.
  • Performed Windows security operations to secure network shares and permissions so that only authorized users had access to the necessary folder and files stored on central file servers.
  • Installed necessary operating system service and security patches.
  • Assisted Senior Level LINUX administrators with day-to-day administration of many LINUX servers running SENDMAIL, DOVECOT and POSTFIX.
  • Installed Patches and updates for Macintosh OS Version 9 in a highly utilized Macintosh department consisting of 60 computer systems.
  • Maintained the companies CTP or computer to plate systems for digital print plate creation.

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