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Web Developer Resume Profile


  • GIS technical related position for an organization to support and contribute to geospatial initiatives by bringing over 14 years of GIS experience from some of the largest companies.
  • Profile
  • Professional with a diverse GIS background in the fields of oil and gas, geology, environmental sciences, hydrology, engineering, planning and IT services who has cultivated a broad understanding of multiple GIS principles. Experienced with standards and workflows that occur within a large corporate IT environment and applying GIS principles to enable their geospatial needs.

Skills Summary

  • Enterprise GIS
  • Land Grid Systems
  • Quorum Land System QLS
  • IHS
  • TIBCO Spotfire Web
  • Player/Professional
  • Vendor Management
  • ESRI/ArcGIS ESRI Suite
  • PetroWeb
  • u JavaScript
  • u NAVTEQ
  • u Tobin
  • u Unix
  • u Windows
  • u PVCS
  • u Python
  • u Advanced Geoprocessing

Professional Experience


  • Currently consulting ExxonMobil upstream geo-science application group with the incorporation of ESRI based technologies into ongoing workflows.
  • Deployed GIS infrastucture in over 10 locations across the globe
  • Designed GIS infrastructure
  • Implemented centralized enterprise spatial database
  • Duties also included development of custom Python scripts for ArcGIS Server administration and geo-processing services for data automation web mapping integration. Interviewed and on-boarded GIS new hires.
  • Provided and led GIS presentations to senior management
  • Worked on documentation for all GIS related tasks
  • Communicated GIS technical details to senior management
  • Worked with corporate team to define GIS standards


  • Helped to establish Enterprise GIS solution using ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, and ESRI Flex Viewer
  • Worked with business groups to determine which GIS capabilities should be implemented
  • Developed GIS solutions and tools to help facilitate and expedite end users everyday tasks through Flex Viewer applications, custom widgets as well as geo-processing services
  • Integrated non spatial datasets into spatial datasets to assist business groups visualize vast amounts of data to help understand each individual need
  • Developed Python scripts for GIS administration and automation
  • Worked as a single point of contact in many acquisition projects to build GIS solutions from the ground up
  • Established ArcGIS mobile projects


  • Worked on many different projects for various companies providing GIS solutions through ArcGIS Desktop customizations, Enterprise ArcGIS Server setup and administration, PODS pipeline mapping , Python scripting, data management and conversion
  • Primary assignment consulting Houston Airport Systems as lead GIS specialist
  • Administered ArcSDE, ArcGIS Server, CAD conversion, and developed of web mapping applications using Adobe Flex Builder
  • Established custom geo-processing tools using Python scripts and Model Builder for batch processing and data automation
  • Supervision of co-workers and sub-contractors


  • Consultant on various environmental, hydrological, utility mapping and planning projects
  • Duties included hydrological modeling, spatial analysis, and statistical analysis of environmental/hydrological data using ArcGIS, ArcSDE, along with other hydrological modeling software
  • Lidar/DEM processing, 3D terrain modeling, geo-database design, geo-processing, model creation using Model Builder, Python scripting, geo-referencing, data conversion, CAD conversion, batch processing, metadata creation, digitizing, cartographing mapping and graphics/figure creation, remote sensing, GPS collection, and GPS utility mapping
  • Processed GIS data and created diagrams along with maps to assist engineers in planning efforts


  • Started as intern as recipient of the Mickey Leland Environmental Internship program, which led to fulltime employment
  • Assisted in the Water Group to help engineers and environmental scientists with GIS analysis
  • Trained individuals on new GIS technologies
  • Duties included environmental and hydrological modeling and geo-processing
  • Projects included TMDL assessments, GPS mapping, environmental and hydrological field collection, 3D drainage modeling, and time dependent aerial photography analysis for coastal erosion along barrier islands


  • Traveled to construction sites to test construction material such as soil, concrete, steel, etc.
  • Performed soil classification, density analysis, and compaction tests on foundations
  • Tests were completed and reports were written then sent to clients with recommendations on how to fix issues that were found in analysis

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