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Software Engineer Resume Profile

Experience Summary

  • Over 15 years of information technology and cyber security experience
  • Five years of management and leadership experience
  • Experience in managing projects from inception to delivery
  • Managed teams of different sizes and skill sets
  • Understanding Windows, Linux, and Apple system architecture.
  • Knowledge of system, application, and network security.
  • Experience in computer and mobile device forensics analysis.
  • Understanding of malware and how to detect.
  • Host and Network anomaly detection.
  • Developed and implemented full life cycle application development in private and public sector.
  • Knowledge of database design, data modeling, and methodology.
  • TS/SCI Full scope Poly.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages:

PHP, C , Python, C , VB, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Flex 3, JAVA, ColdFusion, ASP Actions Script 3, JQuery, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL, T-SQL HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT, XHTML

Operating System:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 2008 server
  • Apple OS X, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS Backtrack 5


  • Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Notepad
  • Abobe Suite, GIMP, Top Style, XMLSpy
  • SQL Server, MySQL, DreamCoder, Oracle, toad
  • VISIO, MS Project, Erwin, MS Office, Visual Source Safe, TortoiseSVN, VisualSVN
  • NMAP, OllyDbg, XACT, WireShark, VMWare, HxD Hex Editor

Work Experience

Software Engineer/Mobile Forensic Examiner


  • Managed and lead team of researchers
  • Set and nurtured the direction of team and resources to created rapid solutions based on client requirements
  • Lead meetings to help customers develop requirements for applications
  • Met with customers to determine research requirements and provide updates on projects status
  • Perform data extractions of Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices using Cellebrite and XRY
  • Conduct deep analysis on forensic data extractions
  • Monitor network traffic from mobile devices using Wire Shark
  • Perform file system analysis on mSME Forensic Analystobile devices
  • Reverse engineered mobile applications using APK Tool and OllyDbg
  • Gave presentations to customers on research analysis
  • Technical Environments: Apple, Android, Blackberry, Linux, and Windows
  • Technical Environment: Windows, Linux, Mac, coding, scripting, and forensic analysis

Software Engineer

  • Used PHP and MySQL to prototype web-based applications for collection and tracking of ingested data
  • Developed security tracking application using C and MS SQL Server.
  • Created custom tools to perform the following tasks:
  • File abnormality detection
  • Data encryption/decryption
  • Registry manipulation
  • File signature/magic bit validation
  • Monitored application and system logs
  • Designed data storage solutions using MySQL and MS SQL Server
  • Used Unity 3d and C to create geospatial applications

Technical Environments: PHP, XML, CSS, C , Java, C , C, and Python

Web Developer


  • Updated and created websites for intranet.
  • Created application using PHP.
  • Used and administered MySQL.
  • Developed in a Windows and Linux environment.
  • Created data base in Oracle 11g to inventory and transactional data.
  • Responsible for Interface design and layout.
  • Technical Environment: ColdFusion, PHP, XML and CSS.

Lead Software Engineer


  • Lead team of nine software developers and database administrators
  • Created Web based applications with Flex 3, JAVA, and Action Script 3.
  • Worked with engineers and government customer to develop requirements and process flow.
  • Met with TTO lead to provide status updates on team's progress and set future direction
  • Directed tasking for development staff and mentored junior developers.
  • Responsible for UI design and application architecture.
  • Used ESRI and flex 1.4 API for geospatial development.
  • Technical Environment: Flex 3, Oracle, XML, Java and CSS.

Web Administrator


  • Creates and maintains Web site standards, including maintaining and administering organization's internet and intranet.
  • Website development, including database-driven web-based applications and collection and maintenance of multimedia for internal and external use content management and packaging replying to technical inquiries supporting internal staff and external partners in the dissemination of email alerts and providing statistics on Internet activities.
  • Manages Server 2003 and Exchange 2003.
  • SQL Server management and administration for 2000 and 2005.
  • Lead strategic technological planning to achieve business goals by prioritizing technology initiatives and coordinating the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future technologies and products.
  • Reviews our current practices for the selected web framework and reestablish the architecture for the application as needed.
  • Supports the marketing process by providing implementation of technical requirements for Internet marketing, search engine optimization and analytics.

Technical Environment: ColdFusion, SQL, CSS, ASP.NET.

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