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Gis Specialist Resume Profile

Work Experience:


  • Managed multiple versioned, enterprise geodatabases
  • Designed custom GIS tools for geodatabase schema management
  • Migrated versioned, enterprise geodatabases from an SDSFIE 2.6-based data model to an SDSFIE 3.0-based data model
  • Provided geographical analysis and cartographic support for projects involving airspace encroachment, land acquisition, utilities mapping, and storm surge analysis
  • Created and maintained Data ReViewer batch checks to support quality assurance for GIS data and metadata
  • Provided user support for GIS related issues in person and remotely
  • Created and maintained map documents for GIS web services
  • Validated and prepared data distribution requests
  • Provided support for the Emergency Operations Center EOC
  • Attended conferences on behalf of our client


GIS Specialist

  • Prepared maps to support plan reports, public meetings, and internal planning uses
  • Maintained an intranet site for a GIS Users group
  • Assisted in running a GIS users group
  • Assisted in the development of a GIS Cartography curriculum
  • Updated maps to support annual reports


Researcher/GIS Specialist

  • Oversaw transition from Illustrator based production to GIS based production
  • Designed geodatabases to support cartographic production
  • Designed symbology for GIS products
  • Developed product layouts for external customer use
  • Created custom products for user specific tasks



  • Reviewed existing products for cartographic and editorial errors
  • Researched cartographic changes through various electronic and traditional sources
  • Researched and assisted in the creation of educational cartographic products
  • Created GIS products for internal use as reference for non-GIS digital cartographers
  • Analyzed aerial photographs with regard to pertinent cartographic information
  • Assisted in the creation of company research guidelines
  • Trained new employees in research techniques and protocols

Computer Skills:

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop through 10.2.2 , Python scripting language, MapLogic, Microsoft Office, ArcView 3.2, AutoCAD through AutoCAD2000 , Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Lotus Notes, LizardTech GeoExpress, SketchUp

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