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Software Engineer Resume Profile


Leading and/or managing IT and software development projects where my software engineering, product development, solution architect and project management skills could make difference.

Skills and Experience Highlights

  • Technical lead and project management across the whole cycle of product development.
  • Working within complex IT environment, implement the new, improve the old, or deploy the third party products in order to meet the business/customer data and function requirements.
  • Managing and participating all aspects of IT software R D, including product architect and specification, project management, system design and documentation, firmware/software development, system verification and performance, product release and defect solution.
  • Multi-site and oversea team lead management for development, QA and product delivery.
  • Customer interface, product support, problems resolution and customer relationship.
  • Software Language: C /C / C, .NET, SQL, XAML, XML, HTML, CGI, Assembly etc.
  • SW R D Process: Waterfall, Spiral, Agile, Scrum.
  • Operating System: Microsoft windows, Cisco IOS, VxWorks, Unix, etc.
  • SW Methodology: Client and server, Web Service, WPF, WCF, SOA/SOAP, and OO.
  • Software tools: MS Project, Visual Studio, Team system, Windriver IDE, ROSE, Clearcase, CVS, Triactive, Wildpacket, sniffer, LAN analyzer, etc.
  • Hardware Processor: HW SW interfaces, Motorola and Intel processors, device drivers, etc.
  • Security related: Encryption, Authentication, Crypto and FIPS certification, etc.
  • Standard/protocol: ANSI X12 278/837/835, HL-7, LAN, WLAN, SONET, etc.

Working History

Architect and Team Lead


  • .NET, C , SQL development, Web services and site administration and maintenance.
  • Long term care state pre-cert service portal,
  • Acute patient discharge web site and web services,
  • County case management and budget approval systems.

Architect Solution Engineer Contract


  • Medical Records data flow, System integration and verification, Epic, Diamond and Xcelys.
  • Medical Claim data warehouse and data store analysis and system design.
  • Medical insurance membership and contract data flow and system integration.
  • HL7, X12 835, 837, 275 and KP standards en- and de-coder tool design and development.
  • WPF, Win Forms, C , SQL, Web Service, and SharePoint, etc.

Software Engineer Contract


  • Web services, C , SQL, etc.
  • Clearcase.

Team Lead Software Engineer


  • Being the first software engineer in US MDG, I made significant contribution to building the R D and QA team, establishing and managing software development process, transferring and home-growing knowledge, coordinating multi-sites, developing software and driving the company products to their future generations.
  • Software development and integration for MDG ServeRx, a medical dispensing system.
  • HL7, C , C , Delphi7, MS Visual Studio 2008, MS SQL 2005, WCF, WPF, MSMQ.
  • Product definition and system requirement.
  • Team lead, overseeing development, outsourcing, QA and beta test.
  • Project management, scheduling, field installation and customer support.

Project leader and Owner


  • Research and development project of wall-plug unit for local communication over low voltage power line in residential houses and commercial buildings.
  • Software prototype and simulation software in C , C , .NET and MS Visual Studio 2008.
  • Market research, documentation, presentation, plan and project management.
  • Architecting and designing the local communication network over the low-voltage power line, which provides the full house/building connection, measurement and control.



  • R D projects development and product marketing on software tools for IEEE802.11 network site survey and optimization
  • Computation engine for web-based software suite using C , SQL, Visual Studio 2008.
  • Market analysis, product planning, and marketing strategy study.

Software Engineer


  • During more than eight years of working at Cisco, I had worked on all the Cisco IEEE802.11a/b/g/n access point and controller products. I was also exposed to the implementation for the other Cisco products, such as switches, routers and AAA servers. I had been one of the main contributors to the development of boot loader, device driver, accounting, authentication, security, various 802.3 and 802.11 protocols. The 802.11 client location solution I designed and implemented helped Cisco's winning of multi-million dollar contracts and my work was also awarded US patent. The FIPS certification project I pioneered had secured countless federal government purchases and being used on many other Cisco products.
  • Pioneer development of FIPS server guaranteed the FIPS certification for every release of every Cisco wireless product, thus helped the product sales to the federal government. My original work on the FIPS server also set up the framework for other Cisco products' FIPS certification.
  • Dot11 mesh network was designed for wider area of wireless connections. As an architect and main developer on the network security, client authentication, and database management, I made significant contribution to the delivery and success of Cisco's first mesh products.
  • The device location service was an urgent and purchase-pending call from Cisco's bank customers. I was the sole Cisco engineer responsible for analyzing the customer requirements, planning and designing the software, to provide the complete solution.
  • Worked on user interface implementation, including command line and WEB interface.
  • Initiated and led the setup and maintenance of the software test network, which consisted of over 300 nodes of switches, routers, servers, controllers, APs, PCs and laptops.
  • Worked on the design and implementation of BSP and low level firmware C, C , vxWorks, IOS for board bring-up, radio, Ethernet and other device driver code. They laid the foundation for all the higher level feature and protocol development.
  • Implemented and fixed major bug C, C , IOS, vxWorks in protocols related to TCP/IP, DHCP, PCI, Ethernet, dot11b/g/a, dot1x authentication accounting, mesh network.

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