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Software Developer Resume Profile


Business Analyst and GIS Software Developer with 27 years of experience in geographic information systems GIS integration, and consulting services at multiple US Electric and Gas utility companies. Knowing the electric utility industry's distribution and sub-transmission business processes, from asset management to outage management, is Ms. Christopher's key strength. She has extensive analysis and development experience in not only extending the functionality of older versions of GE Smallworld spatial technologies, but also implementing entirely new GE Smallworld Enterprise Applications. She is comfortable supporting the VMDS data stores and understands the risks involved when merging data model upgrades to the thousands of GE Smallworld client alternatives. She has built strong, sustainable relationships with her utility IT team members and end-clients during her career.

  • Core Strengths
  • Easily Interacts with differing levels of Stakeholders Project Design, Scope Management
  • Collect, Document Manage GIS Requirements Knowledgeable in all phases of the SDLC
  • Manage Quantify Change Requests Ability to Adapt Learn
  • Support GIS Business Testing Training
  • GIS Platforms
  • GE Smallworld Core 2.2.1 - 4.1 , SIAS 4.1 Bentley Microstation Expert Designer V8i
  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 9.x 10 Safe Software's FME Desktop FME Server
  • Languages Databases
  • Magik GE Smallworld VMDS
  • C .Net 4.0, C .Net 3.5, C .Net 2.0 ArcSDE 9.x, ArcGIS Server 9.x
  • Microsoft SQL Server, PL/SQL Oracle 8i,9i,10g and Oracle Spatial
  • PostgreSQL Postgres
  • XML, HTML, PHP Microsoft Access and Excel

Related Experience


Senior GIS Specialist

  • Assist the PSNH GIS Mapping Department by manually validating and correcting GE Smallworld VMDS land and electric object data delivered by RamTech the conversion vendor. Once completed, began the process of manually creating Direct Buried and Street Light map layouts using a Ubisense customized Magik application integrated with GE Smallworld 4.1.1.
  • Developer Hi-Lite: Service Validation and Testing
  • Discovered the client requirements given to Ubisense were incomplete. Tool only handled underground primary and did not allow for underground secondary or street-lighting.
  • Communicate new requirement to Ubisense and interactively with Ubisense developer change the Magik code.


Senior Magik Developer

Performed tasks in the Discovery, Construction, Final V V, and Closeout phases of the SDLC during the implementation of defect fixes and requested enhancements for Northeast Utility Systems' GE Smallworld 4.1.1 environments. To get some of the requested enhancements to work properly, it was necessary to work with GE Smallworld Support and integrate TSB packages into NU's patch environment.


  • Update the Comupter Aid application called Tracer which manages tasks performed during the different phases of SDLC. Time entry is tied to each task in an SDLC phase and is considered closed when client and engagement manager approve the task deliverable. For the Discovery phase, business requirements must be documented, perceived changes to client process flows must be diagramed, impacts to existing code methods affected must be listed, perceived new methods must be listed and data model changes must be documented.
  • Develop regression test cases.
  • Develop test cases for the new functionality.


Software Developer

Using C .Net 4.0 and ArcObjects v9.3.1. and v10 , develop ArcMap tools for Sanborn's internal Mapping Department to make the draping and flattening of hydrographic data from a 3D LiDAR source more efficient and consistent.


Agile methodology was used to incrementally identify different hydrographic data and incrementally update code components. Requirements were only documented in the code. Each code update was pushed to a test machine and a couple of mapping specialists would perform regression tests and new functionality tests on that test machine. Mapping specialists managed the test case documentation. Production builds were made available asap and the mapping technicians were expected to manage those appropriately.


  • GE Smallworld Integrator
  • Performed tasks in all phases of the SDLC during the implementation of 3 integration projects:
  • GE MapFrame Mobile into Duke Energy's Enterprise 4.1 Smallworld GIS
  • Oracle NMS Smallworld Adapter into Duke Energy's Enterprise 4.1 Smallworld GIS
  • Bentley Electric Gas Expert Designer V8i and Duke Energy's Enterprise 4.1 Smallworld GIS
  • GE MapFrame Mobile
  • Using .bat, .ini, .xml and comma separated files and Magik code, build a batch environment that integrates GE MapFrame Mobile into Duke Energy's Enterprise 4.1 Smallworld GIS. One batch process was built to fully extract electric, gas and landbase objects once per week, and another batch process was built that nightly extracted the daily deltas for objects in each partition.
  • Oracle NMS Smallworld Adapter
  • Similarly, integrate Oracle NMS Smallworld Adapter into Duke Energy's Enterprise 4.1 Smallworld GIS tricky in that it required 8 batch queues running in parallel with 7 of the batch queues highly dependent on the processing completed by the first queue.
  • Bentley Electric Gas Expert Designer V8i
  • Configure interactive ETL between Bentley Electric Gas Expert Designer V8i and Duke Energy's Enterprise 4.1 Smallworld GIS via Smallworld Automation.

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