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Web Developer,resume Profile


Result oriented Software Architect with broad industry experience and proven abilities in Full Stack i.e. n-tier Software Development who enjoys his work. Skills Summary

1. Web development:

1.1. JavaScript, CSS HTML

1.2. Single Page Application with Angularjs, jQuery, knockout, Backbone, Bootstrap, FontAwesome

2. Mobile web

3. Big Data and Big Data Analytics, db3, R, Mongodb

4. Server development n-tier : WebAPI, REST, Business DDD ,

5. Data ORM: Entity Framework, nHibernate, MicroOrm: Dapper

6. Database: SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL

My passion is the user experience regardless of the device being used. Whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone Apple, Android, Window 8, etc. the application must maintain a continuum of utility ex Boilerplate, Bootstrap, etc. . The industry is moving requirements towards the browser and centering on HTML 5 , JavaScript ECMA 5, 6 CSS 3 requiring retooling ex AMD, AngularJS, Backbone, Durandal, knockout, underscore, requirejs, TypeScript . I have excellent full stack experience both academically and, work experience to address today's development needs and tomorrows.

I have successfully led three large scale SPA system development effort utilizing Angularjs jQuery, full ntier stack utilizing AGILE techniques. I can get you started, get you back on track, lead your development effort or be a individual contributor that requires no hand holding..

With over thirty plus years of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC experience I apply sound development practices to every project. I treat every project with a eye towards quality and extensibility. Total cost of ownership is my mantra.

I have a passion for developing world class Enterprise systems quickly and efficiently with minimum resources.

Industry Experience: Government: DoD, State, NSA. Commercial: Aerospace, Financial, Banking,

Tools Technology Experience

Tools Technology Experience


Software/Systems Development Experience


Architecture: OOA, OOD, DDD, TDD, SOA, Enterprise Fowler, Microsoft , Structured Analysis Modeling with Realtime Extensions, Patterns GoF , Enterprise Integration MSMQ, WSDL, BPEL, WF, XLANG , Data, Object Relational Mapping, Design By Contract. IoC/DI, AOP


Visual Studio: 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2003: C , VB, ADO, ASP, Framework 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 2.0, Window Forms, WebServices ASMX , ASP.NET, ASP.NET .MVC 1, 3, 4 , MVP, MVVM, WPF, WCF, WF, Entity Framework 4.X, 5.0, SignalR

WebStorm 8 with MEAN Stack


Secondary Skills: Eclipse IntelliJ: Java, Maven, Spring, Spring MVC

2 1

Security: Active Directory, Membership, Role Based Access and Windows Identity Foundation facilitating Claims Based, SSO and Federated security. Some OASIS.


General Programming: C , Visual Basic, C, C , Macro, PDP-11


Relational Databases, DDL, DML since 1989, SQL Server 1995, To 2011: SQL 2008 , MySQL, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g,


Big Data: NoSQL, Document stores and Graph Database. Analytics, REST, OData. MongoDb.


Databases: Data Modeling i.e. Erwin, UML 2.0 , ADO, AD.NET, nHibernate, Entity Framework 4, 4.3, 5,0 ObjectContext, dBContext distributed, LINQ to SQL, OData


Software Development Life Cycle: Requirements thru Manufacture incl. Software Quality, TFS ALM, Subversion


Windows Forms GUI Development, Human Factors, Information Architecture


Web Development: UI, MVP, MVC 1, 3, 4, 5 , RSS Feed, JavaScript Patterns Principles, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery, UI Plugns, jQuery Mobile, bootstrap, Single Page Application: SPA: AMD, backbone, durandal, knockout, Sammy, underscore, Breeze, requirejs, AngularJS, TypeScript , REST, Webservices, nodejs, npm, yo grunt, bower


Mobile: Mobile Web: jQuery Mobile


Note: Year listed overlap and are not contiguous

Professional Experience


Lead UI Consultant/Architect/Single Page Architect using angular:

Brought on board to help define the companies angular approach. Began the assignment by evaluating their current effort. After advising them that their existing approach had a high risk of failure, management decided to proceed with development against my recommendation. I then took it upon myself to assist them in their current approach by writing a new software configuration hoping that it would alleviate stress on existing development. They were in a fix one break two Q/A cycle. Unfortunately management decided to terminate the existing development effort in December and accept my suggested approach which came with a fully developed framework, I wrote, solving the following major development issues:

1. Script tag hell. I wrote a ui-router lazy load system using requirejs. Solved the issues of nested routes, abstract views and, nested views.

2. Unit test framework using jasmine

3. Development pattern application:

a. Software Configuration Management Plan

b. Agile Principles: Single Responsibility, Separation of Concern, Open Close Principles

c. Mobile first styling

This greatly improved the teams sprint velocity making it easier to develop stories that produced responsive views. Built quality into their development process, through simplified unit testing, simple code simple tests.

They the wrote a system that took four months to write in three weeks with 0 bugs.


Consultant Engineer:

o Assisted client, as their angular expert, with their new product release.

o Built various front end UI components.


Lead Consultant Architect:

o Brought on board to assist and advise an ongoing development effort.

o Replaced their Presentation layer with a base framework implementing a Single Page Application Architecture using bootstrap, fontawesome, jQuery, angularjs, angularjs-ui and underscore Homepage, Search Screens and, CRUD screens for one complete USE Case .

o Taught the team how to implement JavaScript Patterns showed them the require.js to eliminated script tag issues and centered their styling on Bootstrap and FontAwesome.

o Organized the presentation code along functional lines because SPA development produces a lot of JavaScript modules.

o Developed a coding standard which clarified who does what reducing maintenance cycle times.

o The team, using Agile Development, was attempting to replace their existing Grower Business system written in VB5, using ASP.NET MVC 4.0.

o The solution developed, was a single tier architecture suffering from performance and high bug counts due to poor JavaScript programming practice and proliferation of jQuery selectors.

o Within 3 weeks I converted the existing system into an n-tier architecture system: Presentation, Business and Data.

o This implemented the Separation of Concern pattern eliminating anomaly propagation.

o Rewrote all their service contracts utilizing the IRespository pattern to their backend Entity Framework ORM.

o Wrote all necessary support software required when dealing with detached object graphs This stopped service contract proliferation and greatly simplified client server impedance.

o Held classes to acquaint the staff with the changes wrote their coding standard and deployed their first release.


Lead Architect: Architected developed and delivered the following:

o Enterprise Business Plan, presented to senior staff for approval

o Software Requirements Specification IEEE format

o Modeled their complete Enterprise, UML, using Enterprise Architect

o Created their Data model

o Wrote their UI: Single Page Application, JavaScript Principles Practice, Frameworks

o Wrote the Data layer Entity Framework 5.0, dBContext

o Wrote the Business layer Domain Driven Design .

o Organized and setup their System configuration utilizing Inversion of Control/ Dependency Injection, Castle Windsor. System can be configured to inject mock layers for complete BDD Integrations testing. Mock layers also facilitating parallel development.

o Developed the complete system contract between layers using the IRepository pattern which optimized message payload.

o Developed the n-tier change tracking facility to further optimize queries and, in addition, inhibit duplicate records caused by root graph adds trickling down to navigational and complex types that only needed either updates or no change status.

o Developed and implemented Interface based design along with dependency Injection to facilitate TDD style development

o Developed the presentation layer utilizing Razor, templating, Javascript advance design techniques, Kendo UI, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML5 and CSS3 and, rewrote the jQuery Org Plugin allowing drag drop from Kendo Grids to Org

o Lead the group using Agile/SCRUM, TeamPulse.

o Setup a Continuous Integration using TFS 2010.

o Setup a Claims Based, Federated, SSO security system. Security is an Aspect of the enterprise system.

o Held development tech talks


MVC Consultant/Development Engineer

Presentation Layer Consultant/Developer: ASP.Net MVC 3, 4 UI development Engineer. Developed complex user interface for new product delivery using: Razor, HTML, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, knockout and Telerik MVC.


Cloud Computing Multi-Tenancy

SQL database column level encryption. For multi-tenancy data segmentation. Using Entity Framework Database First. Enhanced the existing EDMX ORM by layering dBContext, self tracking entities and DTOs for service interfacing. Utilized AutoMapping for data transformation. Wrote a new SQL data provider, added Tracing, and Level II Caching support using nCache via a provider pattern. Extensibility managed using T4 Templating.

Mobile Web Architect developed a Mobile Web App for the purpose of displaying Agent required services based on public domain data. This is three tiered system: Presentation Layer: ASP.NET MVC 4, razor, jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML5, CSS3, Mobile: 51Degrees, jQuery Mobile, Business Layer: Domain Driven Design, Data: Entity Framework 4.2, Services: WCF: Services, Data Service REST, OData , SOA: Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection using Castle Windsor, Interfaces, Testing: TDD, O/O Principles Single Responsibility, Liskov, Open/Close , nUnit, Rhino Mocks


Consultant Engineer brought in to assist with ASMX to SOA Architecture WCF service architecture including IoC/DI with Unity.


Lead Engineer rebuilt an existing web Success At The Core, successatthecore.com site for national presentation. Convert site to ASP.NET format, refactor existing JQuery Ajax to support web service, add database and presentation layer, developed and improved existing stored procedures, added Administrative Console.


Lead Engineer rebuilt a department containing Team Lead, three development engineers, Business Analyst. Re-staffed, developed Management Plan, organized the team, daily SCRUMS, setup development standards. Team is now functioning autonomously and getting great reviews from senior management. Currently functioning as the Business Analyst, writing Business Requirements and follow on Software Requirements. Product is a J2EE Customer Relation System managing Claims.

.NET Services Engineer. Wrote Software Specification for Credit Card and Replacement Cost services


Lead Engineer Delivered Interactive Voice Recognition IVR service for a CRM. Input to the system was from IVR and sales leads organizations. Software was written using TDD, IoC/DI, Microsoft C , WCF, open source automap and autoverify.


Solve a critical issue keeping the System Under Development from release to the Marine Corp. Statement Of Work: Develop durable messaging between the client and the gateway located in the Pentagon by applying: SOA Asynchronous Queuing Pattern. Messaging was set to One-Way, client would receive only soap messages, the traditional WCF MSMQ binding lacked security requirements, the Html ServiceBus Bridge had been attempted with no success and, I could not impact on going development. I had till January 15 to develop a solution and deliver for V V. Developed the solution, along with unit tests, integration documents and, delivered it COB January 12, 2010, 3 days ahead of schedule. Extended to assist in other areas. All work accomplished on time.


Developed a product that addressed MBS failures i.e. TARP and more, for example: real estate is local brokers will be selected from where the property is located document management, reporting according to GAAP i.e. XBRL services i.e. Professional, Government , Property Management and Facilities Control. This is a comprehensive solution putting the user in the driver seat. In addition Management can get real time information from a dash board housing graphs driven by VisiFire, a Silverlight product or they can get their up to the moment information using their Mobile device.

To accomplish this task the following key technologies were employed: ASP.NET MVC with Mobile extensions, Domain Driven Design, Contract, Test Driven Development, ORM Fluent/nHibernate to support: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle databases, Windows Workflows WF to add BPEL, Windows Communication Foundation WCF for Services and Web Service i.e. SOA . To facilitate product evolution I employed Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices and Castle Windsor for Inversion Of Control/Dependency Injection, For the user interface I employed, ajax, jQuery, UI, jQuery Plugin's, jQuery Theme Framework, jQuery Validation, With nHibernate as the ORM the product is database agnostic: For security I used Microsoft Membership and currently reviewing WCF's Federated Security for SSO.

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