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Ui Developer Resume

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Hartford, CT


  • Having 6+ years of extensive Experience in designing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML 4.0/5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS2/CSS3, DOM, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, XML and PHP.
  • Extensive experience in developing Internet Applications and developing various UI widgets using JavaScript libraries like jQuery.
  • Extensive knowledge in developing applications in a single page (SPAs) using various JavaScript frameworks like Angular Js, Backbone.js,Handlebar.js,Dust.js and Bootstrap.
  • Expert knowledge of XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap - hand-coded, cross browser (no tables for non-tabular data)
  • Expertise in developing and updating a web page quickly and effectively using, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery with the webpage cross browser compatibility.
  • Worked with cross browser compatibility issues and did testing on the browsers like safari, IE-8, 9, 10, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Converted wireframes and Photoshop documents into functional CSS2, CSS3, HTML4, HTML5 and JavaScript code.
  • Good Understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions.
  • Expertise in Client Side designing and validations using HTML, DHTML and Java Script.
  • Application development experience in both LAMP and WAMP platform.
  • Worked with teams where requirements are constantly being implemented, tested and improved.
  • Expertise in coding optimized SQL queries on databases like MySQL.
  • Designed the table less web applications using CSS (2.1/3) and with the help of tags as per W3C standards.
  • Involvement in using various IDE’s, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, eclipse, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Highly Curious about new front-end development technologies and adept at promptly and thoroughly mastering them with a keen awareness of new industry developments and the evolution of programming solutions.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Development, Documentation, Testing, Deployment, Version Control and production support.
  • Good experience in Spring MVC frameworks.
  • Experience in working with CASCADE and Web CRMA Content Management Systems.
  • Adapted Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks for developing web applications.
  • A result-oriented professional with good communication, leadership, team management, analytical and co-ordination skills.
  • Expertise in implementing the business rules in different layers like UI, services and backend database
  • Experience in all stages of testing namely Functional testing, Performance testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and User Acceptance testing.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Java.

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, MS DOS, Unix

Databases: MySQL, Oracle 10g/9i, Postgresql, MS Access, MS SQL.

Scripting Languages: HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, XML, JSON, jsp,Angular.js,Backbone.js,Handlebars.js,Dust.js

Content Management System: Cascade, Web Crma.

IntegratedDevelopment Environment: NetBeans IDE 7.4,Eclipse 3.7, NaviCat, Visio 2010, Visual Studio 2008, Dreamweaver CS3

Others: MS Office, Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe Firework CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS5, DOM manipulations.

Debugging Tools: Firebug,FirebugLite, Google Chrome Web Debugger, IE developer Tools.


Confidential, HartFord, CT

UI Developer


  • Followed Agile Software Development Methodology in the progress of the project.
  • Involved in design of Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Event Diagrams as part of Documentation.
  • Used Oracle as a database to create deals and related data for the application.
  • Designed and developed the application to be responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets using Twitter Bootstrap (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript).
  • Used SQL developer for retrieving the deal data and to modify the data in database.
  • Extensively used WebStorm for development in the front end and used Subversion as version control system and Tortoise client for SVN.
  • Developing application design guidance and consultation, utilizing a thorough understanding of applicable technology, tools and existing designs.
  • Used AngularJs and Handlebars.js framework where data from backend is stored in model and populated it to UI.
  • Created AngularJs Controller which Isolate scopes perform operations in UI.
  • Using AngularJs created custom directives for data manipulations and to display data in company standard format in UI.
  • Converted the pages from XM I(XML Metadata Interchange) to AngularJs and in this process had to deal with converting the XMI request and response in the front end to JSON(Java Script Object Notation).
  • Wrote the controller in Spring MVC which delegates the request from front end to the delegator layer and to make calls with backend systems
  • Deployed the application to JBoss server and tested the front end using Jasmine.
  • Ran the standalone front end application in Grunt Server. Used Google Chrome for debugging the application.
  • Managed source control and version control using SVN
  • Project status tracking using JIRA
  • Deployed the project using jBoss application server.

Environment: Java 1.7, Web storm, AngularJs 1.3, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, XMI, Maven 2, Eclipse Kepler, Eclipse Juno, XML, Silk SVN, Tortoise SVN, SQL Developer, JBOSS 6.0.1, Spring MVC, Oracle DB, EMF Framework, Grunt, Jasmine.

Confidential, San Francisco,CA

Web/UI Developer


  • Used advanced level of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and pure CSS layouts (table less layout).
  • Defined and developed the application’s presentation layer using HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript,jQuery and Backbone.js with Dust.js templating.
  • Implemented Web services (SOAP) for transmission of large blocks of JSON data over HTTP.
  • Developed client’s interface in PHP in MVC modeling using code igniter framework.
  • Developed user interface using Asynchronous validation for the fast and user friendly access using AJAX.
  • Redesigned pages to improve application design and UI to attract the customers by taking inputs from senior management.
  • Managed source control and version control using GIT.
  • Designed Templates and Flow of future pages using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Enforced SQL injection techniques to avoid unauthorized breaks to the data access.
  • Construct the client-side script to function correctly across all the majority of web browsers.
  • Generated project reports and estimated the cost of resources being utilizing in the project.
  • Involved in unit testing and integration testing of each and every module.

Environment: AJAX, UML Modeling, PHP, Dojo, Oracle 10g, IE 7,8, Firefox, Chrome, Wamp Server, HTML 5, AJAX, CSS 3,JSP, BackBone.js, Dust.js Photo editors: Photoshop, Fireworks, MD 5 algorithm, JavaScript, jQuery.


Web/UI Developer


  • Working with business analysts and Graphics designers to determine and understand UI/UX requirements for new functionalities and updating the application with new change requests.
  • Customizing application presentation layer (UI) with creating multiple CSS templates for different clients.
  • Designing applications User Interface and Widgets using GWT code as per the business requirement.
  • Designing mockups using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and JSP for the User Interface (UI) layouts.
  • Used jQuery for Ajax handling of Forms and creating application widgets.
  • Build cross browser compatible UI interfaces and taking care of the look and feel of the UI to be a richer, smoother and flawless user experience on the User Interface.
  • Used JSON as an server responses to UI layer.
  • Writing Velocity template macros for some of the presentation templates and email templates.

Environment: HTML4, JSP, CSS2.1/3, Java Script, jQuery, jQuery Plugins, AJAX, XML, JSP, Usability Testing, Agile methodology, Eclipse.


Web Application Developer


  • Involved in discussions with the System Analysts to identify the technical requirements.
  • Developed Page layouts, Navigations and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review.
  • Developed web presentation layer using HTML and CSS according to internal standards and guidelines.
  • Development the whole application module using technologies such as JavaScript,jQuery and more.
  • Wrote a combination of jQuery plugins, as well as completely customJavaScript to build a bleeding-edge, AJAX-driven user interface.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using, AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Designed and developed intranet web applications using JSP, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Responsible for the design of web applications right from the conceptualization stage to its implementation and maintenance.
  • Worked with back-end developers to enhance the functionality of web applications asynchronously (AJAX) using REST services.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like safari, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Designed the table less web applications using CSS and with the help of and tags as per W3C standards.
  • Worked with teams where requirements are constantly being implemented, tested and improved.
  • Worked closely with SQA team in fixing the reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.


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