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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • A self - motivated professional wif 8 years of experience in building large scale web applications, specialized in Core Java, HTML5, Object Oriented JavaScript, AngularJS 2.0/1.x, jQuery and CSS2/CSS3.
  • Working efficiently and accurately wif in a large team of designers, developers, architects and managers utilizing GIT to manage code and to assist in the agile software development methodology.
  • Strong knowledge of web 2.0 best practices for UI development, SEO, cross browser implementations, AJAX and web applications security.
  • In-depth understanding and working experience on various design patterns like MVC, MVVM, Facade.
  • Experience in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle including Requirements analysis, Applications Design, Development, Integration, Installation, Implementation, Maintenance, Testing, Debugging of various client/server web applications.
  • Experience in designing User Interfaces (UI) for websites and web applications using HTML5, XHTML, CSS3/2, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, AngularJS 2.0/1.x .
  • Experience in developing single page applications using Angular JS, using various angular modules like UI-router.
  • Extensive knowledge in responsive web developing (RWD) wif a proven ability to develop responsive web pages wif or wifout using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.
  • Experience working wif CSS compilers like SASS/SCSS and LESS.
  • Good experience in AngularJS 2.0 features like Components, Directives, Dependency Injection and Form Validations.
  • Excellent experience in developing web pages that are compliant to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG).
  • Experience in Graphic and User Experience Design and Transforming Web/Graphic Designers static prototypes into hand-coded HTML, specifically emphasizing accuracy, efficiency & amp; adhering to W3Cestablished web standards wif respect to maintaining cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility and delivering final page templates, including optimized images.
  • Strong Experience in dealing wif CSS Animations, CSS Box Model and CSS3 Media queries.
  • Experienced implementing Web Services using Apache SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, RESTful API and UDDI.
  • Expertise in using XML/JSON and AJAX to link wif back-end applications and working knowledge of Web protocols and standards (HTTP HTML/XHTML/XHTML- MP, web forms).
  • Familiar in writing Custom Directives in Angular JS, making use of Modules and Filters objectsaccording to the application requirement.
  • Expertise in UI designing like wireframe concepts, Mockup designs using Adobe Fireworks, Mockingbird and Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop).
  • Using Soap UI, can testSOAPand REST web services, JMS, AMF, as well as make any HTTP(S) and JDBC calls
  • Experience in Version Control tools including GIT, SVN and TORTOISE.
  • Experience in working wif several J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets, XML, SOAP, WSDL, Multithreading, Generics, Serialization, Externalization, Spring and Struts.
  • Testing application using Jasmine Test Framework and running test cases using Grunt.
  • In depth understanding of the Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions along wif experience in Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Object Oriented JavaScript and implementation.
  • Highly Exposed to various databases like My SQL and SQL Server.
  • Good Knowledge in using Dojo Components and integrating back-end applications wif AJAX driven web 2.0 front-end using OO JavaScript framework.
  • Knowledge on web debugging tools (Firebug, Fiddler debugging tool) and used integration frameworks and libraries like Jasmine, Mocha and Karma for Angular JS and Node JS. Created unit test cases for Angular applications using Jasmine to test individual functions/modules using test runner Karma.
  • Has extensive technical writing experience in areas of web development including skills of creating, editing and developing business process documentation.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to the emerging new technologies. Excellent interpersonal abilities, communication skills.
  • Extensive experience working in Agile, Spiral, Prototypal, Waterfall (SDLC Methodologies) environments, Test Driven Development (TDD) toDeliver high quality solutions.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking and issue tracking.


Sr. UI Developer

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Responsible to design and develop web pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS 2.0.
  • Responsible in implementation of the presentation layer for the application using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS 2.0.
  • Designed responsive sites featuring flat, functional designs and CSS3 media queries.
  • Developed call back functions to parse and handle JSON data returned from the server.
  • Writing Custom Directives in AngularJS 2.0, making use of Modules and Filters objects according to the application requirement.
  • Developed reusable components using Custom Directives in AngularJS 2.0.
  • Developed single page applications (SPAs) using AngularJS 2.0 to improve page performance and consumed REST web services.
  • Utilized JavaScript, AJAX for form validation and other interactive features.
  • Used Express which provides a robust set of features for web andmobileapplications.
  • Used AngularJS 2.0 two-way data binding and $http services to make calls to the web services and exchange the data between the front-end and back-end.
  • Used AJAX, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the websites.
  • Successfully handled JSON/XML data and carried out JSON/XML parsing for form submissions and DOM manipulation.Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact wif APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Involved in running the Bower and Grunt components.
  • Worked on Redux to perform a view for data render on the front end.
  • Experienced in using NPM module Bower for managing UI dependency.
  • Developed certain features of the application functionality me.e. CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) features using Backbone.js, Require.js and Responsive Design.
  • Used Node.js file API to access the under-lying file system of the computer on which the application is installed.
  • Implemented LESS CSS to improve the functionality of the webpage.
  • Using complex Object-Oriented concepts in improving the performance of the websites.
  • Utilized Grunt and LESS for building the process and JavaScript architecture.
  • Worked on Redux to perform a view for data render on the front end.
  • Used Angular 2 Boilerplate Arrow Functions to make many code constructs easier to read.
  • Used Typescript to develop applications wif AngularJS 2.0, Node.js
  • Used Redux store enhancer for storing the Router state and provided API's from Redux Router.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Active participation throughout the entire software development lifecycle from project inception, to code development and elaborate testing of the various modules.
  • Performed application testing in the front-end part using the Jasmine framework.
  • Used Grunt.js to perform tasks like compiling LESS to CSS, run tests and perform minification of the software code artifacts.
  • Establishing streamlined source control, version control and build mechanisms using GIT, Grunt.js.
  • Used CSS3 Sprites to decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages.
  • Worked wif Agile Programming Methodologies, Waterfall methodologies, Scrum and TDD.
  • Used GIT sever for project development
  • Produced semantically appropriate, standards compliant markup, and produced Rich User Interfaces.
  • Used all the advanced Photoshop features to create appealing visual web interfaces.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS 2.0, Redux, Grunt, AJAX, Bootstrap 3, NPM, REST, Typescript, GIT.

UI Developer

Confidential, Akron, OH


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis, Code development and estimating the time-line for the project.
  • Constructed web pages for application in custom created framework extensively using JavaScript MVC, Node.js and wrote code that is modular and reusable.
  • Involved in the development of Presentation layer using HTML5, Node.js, Bootstrap 2, SASS, DHTML, CSS.
  • Used CSS preprocessor SASS/SCSS and Web essentials for converting SASS/SCSS to CSS file while deployment.
  • Developed various screens for the front end using ReactJS/Redux and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager).
  • Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and W3C standards for CSS as well.
  • Client and Server side validations are done by AJAX calls using $http and JSON parse.
  • Used Python for scripting and worked on Python libraries.Used ReactJS for building User interfaces.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Developed certain features of the application functionality me.e. CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) features using AngularJS and Responsive Design.
  • Developed Web API using Node.js and hosted on multiple load balanced API instances.
  • Used GULP as tool for all build activities.
  • Worked wif ES 6 features. Used Babel, Web Pack wif ES2015, React JSX presets.
  • Implemented custom JavaScript date time picker (from Bootstrap) to pick to and from date calendar which gives a string to the input field
  • Followed the approach of Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration.
  • Used Bootstrap 2 Grid System and CSS3 Media Queries to develop single responsive application wif good user experience in all platforms.
  • Used AJAX frameworks like jQuery, JSON to develop rich GUIs and also involved in performance tuning the website. Involved in DOM manipulation using JavaScript.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data.
  • Provided regular AWS support and framework updates.
  • Collaborated wif team members wif help of version control tool GIT.
  • Performed Verification and validation process for the code written by making use of Mocha JavaScript testing framework by testing across various scenarios of the Angular JS applications.
  • Utilized Agile Methodologies (Scrum) to manage full life-cycle development of the project.
  • Closely worked wif business system analyst to understand the requirements to ensure that right set of UI modules been built.

Environment: AngularJS, RWD, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Node.js, NPM, Gulp, oops, Bootstrap, Web storm, Web services, Mocha, Unit Test, GIT, Agile.

Front End UI Developer

Confidential, Nucla, CO


  • Committed to the web UI designing/web development activities and produced navigation flows, site maps, storyboards and wireframes.
  • Management of a Portal application wif the use of AngularJS 1.5/1.4.2 and backbone.js.
  • Used binding expression to bind HTML controls using AngularJS.
  • Played an active role in all stages of application development- requirements gathering, analysis and design, development, testing and debugging.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology of software development theirby satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • Thrived to develop the initial screen designs (layout, code structure, visual cues (icons, graphics, messages, etc.), working wif visual designers to provide the finished interface.
  • Constructed and designed web pages and templates, including layout and navigation for the complete web application using HTML, XHTML, XML and XSLT.
  • Developed web user interfaces and Graphical User Interfaces utilizing JavaScript, Ajax etc to provide real time control in a separate program.
  • Fabricated stylesheets to manage the look-and- feel of the complete site using CSS, CSS3, bootstrap, XML and XSL.
  • Created several webpages using Node.js.
  • Build the application using TDD (Test Driven Development) approach.
  • Developed the client side validations using JavaScript form validations.
  • Developed pages that support advanced client side technologies, such as JavaScript, Flash and ActionScript.
  • Validated the client side applications using jQuery Validation Plugin.
  • Has worked on Jasmine that is especially used for testing Java scripts.
  • Called REST services from client side using JQUERY. Integrated UI changes in JSP files.
  • Used Ajax to call the Java functions from the webpage via JavaScript.
  • Created data entry and data drill-down applications wif wizards.
  • Involved in development, maintenance and enhancements to the application.
  • Validated the code using W3C MarkUp validation and also checked for the cross-browser compatibility using Cloud Testing and Virtual Developer Labs.

Environment: HTML, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, CSS3, XML, JSON, DTD, XSL, XSLT, XQuery, XPath, XML DOM, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, JSP, Servlets.

UI Developer

Confidential, Long Beach, CA


  • Involved in developing the UI pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Angular 1.2 and Ajax.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology for the software development.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions using Firefox and IE Developer Tool bar for IE.
  • Developed standalone applications and value-add using Angular JS which are helpful in day-to-day activities.
  • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI.
  • Developed the User Interface using JSTL, Custom Tag libraries, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Responsible for creating the screens wif table-less designs meeting W3C standards.
  • Used AJAX, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the website.
  • Designed and Developed Java Script frame work which is wrapper on top of AJAX based UI frame work for UI Configuration widgets.
  • Used Angular JS to implement data binding, Module loading.
  • Involved in developing HTML and JavaScript for client side presentation and, data validation on the client side wif in the forms.
  • Involved in styling pages wif CSS and developed Angular JS for user interfaces.
  • Developed Page layouts, Navigation and presented designs and concepts to the clients and the management to review.
  • Developed web presentation layer using HTML and CSS according to internal standards and guidelines.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact wif APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like safari, Internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • Used SVN for version controlling.
  • Designed the table less web applications using CSS and wif the help of and tags as per W3C standards.

Environment: HTML 4.x, CSS2.x, JavaScript, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, XML, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server, TOMCAT APACHE.

Web Developer

Confidential, New York City, NY


  • Interacted wif the Business/Technical Architect to obtain the specific system requirements and in understanding the functional flow.
  • Developed various class diagrams, sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Developed UI code on spring framework using MVC pattern, JSP, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Developed the presentation layer using JSP and Servlets wif Eclipse IDE.
  • Developed user interface using front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Developed Servlets, which support the GUI for retrieving and updating the form elements of Stock Purchase and Restricted Stock products.
  • Used design pattern DAO. Used JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Worked in development of the presentation tier as JSPs and created Java APIs.
  • Provided direction and guidance to the team for implementing change requests / enhancements.
  • Responsible for creating views, triggers and tables.
  • Wrote the SQL/PL SQL scripts to make the database calls.
  • Created XML schemas, XML files (as a mechanism for storing configuration information).
  • Involved in converting parts of the existing application to use Spring framework.
  • Designed and developed Microservices business components using Spring Boot. Consumed REST based Microservices wif Rest template based on RESTful APIs.
  • Created database tables in Oracle and Teradata created required SQL queries, stored procedures and used JDBC to perform database operations.
  • Developed the different components of the application such as JSPs, Servlets, DAOs and used Sub Version (SVN) for version control.
  • Involved in writing Test cases and Performance testing documents.
  • Involved in defect tracking, fixing and enhancements and deployment in Web Sphere servers.
  • Automated test cases using the built-in framework in Selenium Web Driver.
  • Participated in the technical code reviews, detailed time estimation, traceability matrix, and impact analysis and code review documents Technical.

Environment: Eclipse, Java, JSP, Spring, jQuery, AJAX, Oracle, XML, VSS, Servlet, JSF, DHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Selenium.

Web Developer

Matrix Laboratories


  • Participated in requirements gathering, analysis, Conceptual Design and Details.
  • Involved in development and finalization of initial design of the application and worked wif content managers, copywriters and designers to resolve the issues.
  • Implemented all UI modules for the product using JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery.
  • Implemented the editor component wif spell-check using AJAX, JSON.
  • Integrated jQuery Grid View for all Data View for the product.
  • Used jQuery and JSF framework for front end validations.
  • Used jQuery CSS selectors, toggles and hover functionality, ToolTip, Ajax Forms.
  • Created cross browser UI components using various jQuery.
  • Involved in design and development of server side layer using XML, JSP, JDBC, EJB and DAO patterns using Eclipse IDE.
  • Configured Struts, Hibernate framework wif Spring MVC.Developed the different components of application such as JSPs, Servlets.
  • Implemented the presentation layer wif HTML, DHTML, jQuery, Ajax, and CSS.
  • Used Spring MVC architecture and Hibernate for object relational mapping.
  • Extensively used jQuery plug-ins like Image Light box, Ajax Queue, Auto Populating select-box, Search plugin, calendar plug-in, AJAX-queue plug-in, and Auto populating multiple select-boxes.
  • Hibernate was used for Object Relational mapping wif MS SQL database.
  • Written and implemented JavaScript, CSS throughout the site, both as in-line and imported files.
  • Developed Tabbed pages using AJAX wif jQuery and JSON for quick view of related content, providing both functionality and ease of access to the user.
  • Created and implemented SQL Queries, Stored procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers in SQL Server.
  • Used CSS Sprites to decrease the number of HTTP requests and load time of web pages.
  • Written and executed stored-procedures on SQL SERVER back-end through JDBC API.
  • Monitor site for any UI inconsistencies and fix all the UI bugs reported in the test track.
  • Thoroughly worked wif Functional Specification documents, UI documents checked all UI requirements and gatheird all PSD’S according to the functional requirement document.
  • Used Visual Source Safe (VSS) for source code maintenance.

Environment: JavaScript, jQuery, Core Java, CSS, AJAX, JSON, HTML, DHTML, XML, DOM, Photoshop, MS SQL and Eclipse IDE, JSP, spring, Hibernate, DOM, Windows.


Programming Languages/Web: HTML 5/4, CSS 3/2, JavaScript, AngularJS 2.0/1.x, jQuery, Node.js, SaaS, Core Java, JSP, PHP, C, C++, Java, C#.

Testing Frameworks: Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, Protractor, Selenium.

Testing Automation Tools: Unified functional Testing (UFT), QTP.

IDE & Editors: Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Developer Tools, Eclipse IDE, NetBeans, Stash, Hibernate.

Application Server: Apache Tomcat, IBM Web Sphere, JBuilder, BEA Web Logic, IIS.

Databases: MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

Version Control: CVS, GIT, SVN, PVCS, Accurev, TFS.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MAC OS X.

Others: MS Office, Rational Rose, Photoshop, Chrome Developer Tools, Adobe Test & Target, Adobe Omniture Suite.

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