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Mobile Lead Developer Resume

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Miami, FL


  • 8 years’ experience in professional IT and 4 years as iOS Developer for companies as an expert in Technology, management change, innovation of processes and IT assets.
  • I have been part of several teams which I finally led thanks to my work oriented style and analytical skills.
  • I've been part of multidisciplinary teams and I have worked with people from 4 continents, North & South America, Europe & Asia.
  • Convinced that the challenges of the IT industry are more in the field of leadership, teamwork and results.


Languages: Objective C, Swift, Xamarin, Java, .NET, C, C++, PASCAL, Q - BASIC, Delphi, GCD Multithreading, Assembly language (for Microprocessors), MAVEN, MATLAB and SONIC, JAVA and JE22

IDE: XCode, Eclipse, Netbeans and Visual Studio (multiple versions)

Web: React JS, ATG Backbone, PHP5, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, JMS, JSP, ASP, SSL Security, Restful and SOAP webservices, JQuery, Ajax, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Drupal and FIX.

Data base: SQLite, CoreData, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, JDBC & OLEDB, ADODB and Visual Fox pro

Web Servers: Apache, GlassFish and WebSphere, Single sign-on (SSO

Version Control: Git and SVN.

Operating Systems: Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/Server 2012), Unix and Mac OS X.

Testing Frameworks: J-Unit, XCTest

Memory Management: Through the usage of the best coding practices in the industry and good debuging tools.


Mobile Lead Developer

Confidential - Miami FL


  • You can have instant access to your latest business and personal accountancy facts, dates and calculators.
  • The ‘News’ are updated by Accountex so you get the very latest news, views and offers.
  • Use of CollectionViews to separate the different options of the application.The user can access News,Calculators, Receipt Manager, Charts, Free Tickets etc.
  • Standard use of the NavigationController to move between the different views of the App.
  • Implementation of Auto Layout for UI adaptation to different devices and device orientation.
  • Extensive use of UITableViews to show and access the different types of calculators that the application offers.
  • Use of TabBars in the delimitation of the different main options of the application (Home, Calculators, Website, Get in Touch).
  • GCD Multi Threading for compatibility with the latest multicore devices.
  • Communication between WKWebView(JavaScript) and native iOS(xcode).
  • Consumption of web services (News) and parsing XML and JSON data.
  • Manage and Development of Mobile systems on IOS/Android platform for the sale of all products and services offered by the company in Smartphone.
  • Development, analysis and refining processes, campaign optimization and data mining in Google Analitycs.
  • Review of systems usability.
  • Interoperability in cross platform.
  • Team management to implement projects using SCRUM methodologies and PMO.
  • Research new technologies for their implemenation. Process innovation using the latest technology.
  • The last year of the project was spent migrating the original native code into Swift code and updating the app accordingly.

iOS Architect

Confidential - New York, NY


  • Thanks to my previous knowledge in web development I was not only in charge of the development of the application but also in the actualization of the back end application in the server.
  • Part of the decisions that had to be made during the development of this application was to use the cloud or server capabilities. After some meetings we decided to implement the cloud services in the App.
  • The application has a heavy use of the camera to recognize the different employee cards, for this we use the AVFoundation framework to work with the QR codes generated in the web application.
  • Implementation of the reachability library in order for the application to know when to use data from the phone or to use the wifi connectivity. This was an important decision that i had to take as the team leader, in order for this to work properly we have to tell the user that the app could use data if a wifi connection was not available.
  • GCD Multi Threading for compatibility with the latest multicore devices.
  • Implementation of ActionSheets and AlertViews to present different options such as changing the department of an employee or checking their ‘in’ and ‘out’ times.
  • Customization of UIViews, Textfields and Buttons to improve the look and feel of the application
  • Other important part of the application is the section to punch of a Pin, if the employee does not have his card he can request a pin from his employer.
  • Core location implementation to manage the different locations of the employees and present them using the Map kit framework. It was also required to build an interface to manage the department transfer between locations.

Senior Developer



  • Management teams.
  • Web development with .NET and SQL SERVER.
  • Mobile Development for the new Point of Sale with Objective C XCODE, as well as Visual Basic for desktop Applications.
  • Requirements analysis and development thereof.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of applications and help desk. Project management.
  • Web development for uniform system.
  • Maintenance of point of sale of employee’s system at Confidential Group. Web development for CAMBACEO Administration.
  • Web development for costs store system of Elektra for Mexico and LATAM using Silverligth and WCF.
  • Web development for pre-opening account system. Mobile development for point of sale in IPAD.

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