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Web Developer Resume Profile

Strengths Skills

  • Currently taking course work in ArcGIS Server version 10 including querying data in Access, and Excel. Creating spatial and non-spatial tables to be used in ArcGIS. Working with SQL and Oracle database management. Gathering integrating and converting spatial and non-spatial data from different sources into ArcGIS. Coursework in digitizing and creating new data in both Google Earth and ArcMap. Regular work with creating and updating metadata including using metadata templates and documentation. Currently creating both thematic, and physical maps in class.
  • Strong knowledge of cartographic design principles and symbology.
  • Experience with Business Analyst and Spatial Analytics. 7 years experience with Automation Tools, Data Modeling and Data Structures. Full Life Cycle of Projects.
  • HFC and telecommunication knowledge.
  • ArcGIS Explorer experience.
  • Proficient in statistical methods and analysis including correlation and regression.
  • Generated thematic maps in ArcGIS desktop.
  • Strong experience in ESRI's ArcGIS Suite of Software.
  • Compiled, updated and maintained geographic databases.
  • Advanced experience with ArcMap and ArcCatalog.
  • Created and revised geo-database datasets with corresponding database files.
  • Google Analytics and Adwords experience.
  • Mapinfo experience.
  • Advanced Geo-processing, Spatial Analysis Mapping and Visualization.
  • SalesForce experience.
  • Geocoding experience.
  • Network Analysis, Mobile GIS and Linear Referencing.
  • Experience with land record and real estate information.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access.
  • Feature interpretation from aerial photography. Ability to chart presentations of data and reports. Experience with Microsoft SQL server.
  • AutoDesk AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map experience. Experience writing queries and manipulating data with logical expressions and formulas.
  • Solid understanding of joins and relates using multiple tables. Model Builder experience. StreetMap experience. CartoDB experience.
  • Proficient in database management including creating, editing, updating, appending and querying data from spatial and non-spatial databases including MS SQL Server.
  • Performed extract, transform, and load tasks ETL .
  • ESRI, ArcSDE, ArcGIS10 and extensions.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills.
  • PostgreSQL experience.
  • Microsoft Visio experience.
  • Experience performing data translation GIS to CAD, and Esri's Data Interoperability extension or FME Workbench.

Professional History


  • Providing GIS consultation across the enterprise group.
  • Knowledge sharing and expertise for GIS, ESRI, Access, and Oracle.
  • Organizing and presenting GIS foundations to meet-up groups and novice users.


  • Performed complex spatial analysis related to geographical mapping applications.
  • Created accurate maps, developed presentations and reports pertaining to specific projects.
  • Analysis Experience working with using Census data and StreetMap programs.
  • Created, and manipulated spatial data in order to develop, present, and communicate information to senior leadership.
  • Performed analysis on spatial data, interpreted and mapped results, developed custom applications, and provided user support.
  • Conducted all aspects of assigned GIS projects, generally involving spatial analysis as well as the design, maintenance, and production of geographic data, maps, and applications through an ESRI ArcGIS environment.
  • Developed data sets and maps.
  • Maintained and modified existing GIS databases.
  • Produced, utilized, and interpreted cartographic and other geographic reference materials, such as maps and related data.
  • Use ArcGIS software to present map-based information.
  • Displayed results from the production of such geospatial content such as overlays of imagery, topography, infrastructure, and land use.
  • Provided spatial analysis, modeling, and map production for supporting emergency planning projects.
  • Built, maintained, modified and used geographic information systems GIS to support business processes and to meet client driven requirements.
  • Entered data into GIS databases using techniques such as coordinate geometry, keyboard entry of tabular data, manual digitizing of maps, scanning and geo-referencing of images, automatic conversion to vectors and conversion of other sources of digital data.
  • Project coordination experience.
  • Experience writing queries and manipulating data in the queries with logical and mathematical expressions and formulas.
  • Used ArcGIS software to present map-based information.

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