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Gis Lead Analyst Resume Profile

Objective I wish to utilize my GIS skills and knowledge of information systems and database design, to become an integral part of a GIS department and aggressively grow company revenue utilizing GIS, while focusing on client needs and management objectives. GIS Software E.S.R.I.'s ArcSDE / ArcServer, ArcIMS, ArcPad ArcInfo, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geodatabase design modeling APDM and PODS, MapInfo, Small world, AutoCAD 2004, GPS Trimble , Pathfinder Office, DOQQ integration, Geocoding, aerial photos interpretations, MS Access SQL Server 2008, Google Earth, Google Sketch up. Computer Skills:

  • Software: Microsoft Office products, MS SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Manager , Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator CS4, MS Visual Studio,
  • Systems: Windows 2000/NT/XP, Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS,
  • Languages: Html, SQL, JavaScript, and VBA
  • Experience: Hardware installation and configurations, software implementation, new system setup, general networking implementation, software training, troubleshooting and systems analysis.
Special Skills:
  • Certified by E.S.R.I. for ArcGIS 8.x-10 ArcView 3.x software
  • Experienced with creating and modifying tools for GIS applications
  • Ability to Train individuals in the use of ESRI products.
  • Ability to conduct and perform duties in an unsupervised work environment
  • Exceptional organization skills both on and off the computer
  • Able manager of projects and personnel on small and large projects.
  • Ability to apply analysis and research skills to a wide variety of projects
  • Employment History:
  • Map distribution line assets as per work sketches.
  • Update and QC distribution lines as per request from field.
  • Perform mapping functions as requested by direct supervisor
  • Create pipeline and facility feasibility maps.
  • Create pipeline route maps.
  • Create 3D Google Earth Models for facilities.
  • Create well location maps
  • Create property sketch maps
  • Create workflows specific to each project.
Confidential GIS Lead Analyst / GIS Manager.
  • Manage all GIS related projects and personnel.
  • Create workflows specific to each project.
  • Compile project specific data using the APDM Model.
  • Create project feature classes in compliance with clients needs.
  • Desktop study of proposed routes utilizing innovative methods.
  • Acquisition of satellite imagery for desktop studies.
  • Manage Project Portal and Management of Change.
  • Create and supervise map production, from Preliminary maps to Alignment Sheets.
  • Facilitate the transfer of data between the Mapping and GIS departments.
Confidential Consultant
  • Collect field data for private and public sector.
  • Convert spatial data types to customer specifications.
  • Produce maps using Arc View 3.3 8.3
  • Online mapping
  • Custom Arc Explorer Applications
Confidential GIS Analyst SDE
  • Maintained SDE database and provided weekly tuning and updates
  • Compiled and maintained data for multiple parish agencies
  • Created datasets loaded data, based on users needs and requirements
  • Managed privileges for 24 users 9 editors/ 15 viewers
  • Helped establish procedures for adding new users and setting permissions/privileges
  • Provided support training for ArcFM extension, specifically for electric networks
  • IMS
  • Provided weekly updates and maintenance for all IMS services
  • Provided training and demonstrations for IMS users
  • Responsible for ensuring highly reliable IMS services and limiting downtime to a minimum
  • Provided customizations modifications for more printing options and tools
  • ArcInfo
  • Project management and data maintenance for multiple agencies
  • Digital photography analysis and feature extraction
  • Project analysis and workflow improvements
  • Rating analysis for Fire Protection District No.1
  • Emergency map book production and parish road map design
  • GPS
  • Provided GPS training for city parish employees
  • Facilitated data collection with collection planning and data post processing
  • Highly experienced with Trimble GeoXT, ProXR with laser offset unit GeoExplorer3
  • Worked with the local Trimble representative to resolve GPS problems questions

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