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Principal Web Analyst Resume Profile


  • WA-ARIA, JSP, JSF, JavaScript, Java STRUTS, SWING, Vignette, TeamSite, Expressroom, Dreamweaver, MS Office, Microsoft Project, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, SQL Server, Oracle 11g,
  • Adobe Acrobat, PageMaker, Photoshop, Premier, Flash, Flex, Captivate, Evolution, AutoCAD, HiWire, NetOp, SourceSafe, JAWS, CommonLook, AccVerify, WAVE, WAT, Tiger Braille, GIS, IIS, WebSphere, Serena RTM, iRise, Basecamp, WorkLenz, Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects, SharePoint, C , Silverlight, Google Web Toolkit Sencha, Google Analytics, WebTrends, HubSpot, RightNowWeb, WordPress, ExactTarget, Salesforce, TestFlight, Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
  • Own and operate: Samsung Galaxy tablet Android
  • and the new iPad 3 iOS




  • Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Webmaster for the world's leading satellite technology solution provider Intelsat Corporation .
  • Oversee implementation strategy for all corporate and public facing Web initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain HTML, ASP, and Flash applications.
  • Redesigned and re-launched the corporate Intranet homepage within the first two weeks of hire.
  • Conducted mobile and responsive web testing for the company's redesigned WordPress site.
  • Directed the functional requirements, user experience, and screen design in the development of the company's first Android app.
  • Responsible for setting user interface standards for iPhone and satellite tracking mobile apps.
  • Report monthly Google Analytics statistics in order to track the progress of search engine optimization SEO activities and maximize return on investment ROI .
  • Directed the user experience and functional requirements planning in the development of the companies' first Android app.
  • Direct messaging for social media campaigns through Google Blogger.
  • Generate original content and graphics for dissemination to media outlets and prospective clients.
  • Manage customer accounts through the Salesforce.com customer relationship management CRM portal.
  • Coordinate with Sales, Press, and Web Marketing teams to ensure that consistent theme and brand messaging standards are adhered to.
  • Research emerging technology in the telecommunications market in order to recommend future business opportunities.
  • Provide 24 x 7 on-call support for ASP and Flash-based satellite monitoring applications.
  • Test and review all new web applications for cross-browser compatibility.
  • Undertook a W3C Mobile Web Best Practices course as part of the modernizing effort to update corporate web applications for universal access.



  • Government-appointed Section 508 Compliance Coordinator for the Passenger Systems branch of the United States Customs Service CBP .
  • Directly managed the accessibility efforts of more than 500 employees across 15 project teams.
  • Advised branch level management on enterprise architecture decisions in the development and procurement of all software, hardware, web, and telecommunications products.
  • Established and enforced a comprehensive program of Section 508 review for all web applications and official Acrobat PDF documents.
  • Lead interface designer for award-winning 2.8 million trusted traveler kiosk and biometric identification system Global Entry .
  • Established functional performance criteria in preparation for the department's first hand-held device compatible website.
  • Created Section 508 policies, procedures, and training materials for dissemination across all teams.
  • Oversaw the interaction design for Captivate online tutorials from concept to completion.
  • Acted as the technical authority for 508 compliance of all systems across the full software development life cycle.
  • Submitted requirements traceability RTM guidelines to set agency-wide standards for handicapped-accessible software and hardware.
  • Coordinated the evaluation, customization, and implementation of emerging software and hardware technologies.
  • Met with stakeholders and project managers to discuss budget goals and reduce risks during procurement and acquisitions of electronic and information technology products EI T
  • Facilitated API enhancements in the development of the first handicapped-accessible airport traveler processing client.
  • Review Panel member for GSA Section 508 Standards Refresh and WCAG Alignment 2010
  • Facilitated API enhancements in the development of the first handicapped-accessible airport traveler processing client.
  • Coordinated with the DHS Office on Accessible Systems in testing BusinessObjects reporting software for agency-wide use.
  • Worked with Oracle accessibility specialists to identify and remediate deficiencies with the Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager web administration tool.
  • Submitted a best practice approach for search engine optimization SEO of ESTA and GOES web applications.
  • Supported the Electronic System for Travel Authorization ESTA team in creating and coding the homepage banner to meet DHS branding guidelines.
  • Participated in daily scrum requirements meetings in order to integrate accessibility reviews into agile project management.
  • Produced cost-benefit and alternatives analysis reports of assistive technology AT solutions for the Global Enrollment System.
  • Conducted an independent usability study of international Global Online Registration System GOES using the JAWS screenreader and the AccVerify/AccMonitor tools suite.
  • Supported the GOES development team through the graphic re-design of their homepage and their trusted traveler registration system for 508 compliance.
  • Custom designed payment forms and language translation graphics for the GOES web application.
  • Conducted an independent review of the CBPVetting website to set Section 508 update requirements and facilitated the incorporation of advanced menu controls.
  • Participated on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative WHTI initiative requirements team and set accessibility guidelines for a new land-border web tool and a touch screen system used by Border Patrol officers.
  • Provided an improved document format for the WHTI performance reporting system.
  • Advised Traveler Primary Air Client TPAC software developers on document formatting guidelines of Crystal Reports batch reports.
  • Supported the CBP Procurement Office in developing requirements for a land-border license plate tracking program.
  • Advised software programmers on specific coding techniques for Java accessibility.
  • Authored official Section 508 test plans for use by System Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance Testing teams.
  • Performed end-to-end usability testing of finger print scanners for US-VISIT criminal identification system.
  • Collaborated with the APIS development team to create a revised layout and interactive features for UNEDIFACT reports using Microsoft Excel.
  • Collaborated with the Secure Freight Initiative team to develop fully accessible Flash training modules.
  • Worked with developers and testers to achieve 508 compliance for new web-based Decal and Transponder Online Payment System DTOPS .
  • Responded to Helpdesk and customer service requests issues through on-site support as needed.
  • Attended monthly DHS training seminars to study the latest innovations in assistive technology and universal design.
  • Coordinated with DHS Section 508 Web specialists to produce official remediation reports for two Arrival Departure Information System ADIS web sites before launch as US-VISIT applications.
  • Supported the Cargo Systems Branch in level of effort planning for the redesign of the Automated Targeting System web portal in support of the agency's ongoing TECS modernization effort .
  • Independently directed the development of accessibility features in the Watch List Service application used for security screening by CBP and the Travel Security Administration TSA .
  • Coordinated with DHS PMO to negotiate waivers for technical requirements and plan future enhancements to legacy mainframe systems.
  • Held a Secret clearance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


  • for the official U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Web site ICE.gov . Responsible for HTML, ASP, and JavaScript maintenance of the U.S. Immigrations and Naturalization Web site USCIS.gov and supporting Intranet sites. Attended daily Office of Public Affairs meetings to generate image and message enhancing ideas for ICE.
  • Reviewed content to ensure that it met all copyediting and WCAG standards. Developed multimedia galleries for distribution to press offices worldwide.
  • Introduced a round-robin help-desk system for increased responsiveness to customers. Provided senior Webmasters with statistical results and recommendations for increased site traffic using the WebTrends software program. Supported software developers and network administrators in the maintenance of subordinate web sites using DHS Online and the TeamSite content management tool. Shared honors for the American Association of Webmasters Gold Award March 2005


  • Managed over 40,000 pieces of content and five developers on the official U.S. Customs Web team. Advised more than 40 subject matter experts on information architecture decisions for CBP.gov. Oversaw systems development activities and project execution of programmers, information architects, and design team members to customize enterprise applications. Drafted business process requirements and service level agreement for agency-wide policy on content submission. Lead 508 accessibility workshops for the instruction of Information Technology Office staff and new developers.
  • Reviewed and updated all content for Section 508 compliance in the redesign of the CBP.gov public website and CBPNet intranet.
  • Authored an official Section 508 best practices document that was later vetted by the Department of Education.
  • Approved all Web applications and daily publications before launch. Responsible for developing a self-training repository and document tracking system using VBScript and ASP.
  • Created XSL templates using XML Spy and the Java-based Expressroom content management system Produced multi-media presentations and promotional brochures for international trade shows. Conducted usability surveys for the development of handicapped accessible Web applications and Web sites. Lead developer in construction of NAFTA and the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism sites. Lead ASP developer for the Electronic Rulings online submission form.
  • Provided help desk support and user feedback using the Right Now Web frequently asked questions database. Co-publisher of the CBP Today online newspaper. Recipient of three U.S. Customs letters of commendation to date 2002 and 2003 Confidential


  • Senior editor for Vignette-driven Top 100 Web site. Employed publication management skills and metadata techniques in major Web site revisions. Successfully completed the Temple University Professional Development in Editing Course. Conducted study to enhance internal communications.
  • Electric Schoolhouse September 1998 - October 1999 WEB SITE ADMINISTRATOR Oversaw the E-SchoolHouse Digital Library and 20 Web site evaluators. Organized monthly content schedules. Drew on teaching background and copywriting experience to develop interactive lessons. Performed quality assurance management of databases while supporting customer service operations.


MARKETING ASSOCIATE Published 200-page reference manual for the AdPro news ad management program. Conducted online marketing research. Created ads in the development of a new Web site using GoLive Cyberstudio.


JR. ENGINEER Assisted manufacturing engineers in design and development of laser scanners. Created assembly procedures to optimize production. Graduated from the Total Quality Management program. Proposed a more efficient inventory management system.


COMPUTER TEACHER and INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT Conducted an all-grades summer school computer course at Cameron Run Elementary School. Augmented the lead teacher through individual math and reading instruction. Taught the Geographic Information Systems software program as part of the Thomas Jefferson High School Visions mentorship program.

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