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Web Developer Resume

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  • Agile, Result Oriented, frontend, backend, UI
  • Familiar with basic computer architecture, data structure and standard programming practice complemented with strong aptitude for learning new technologies.
  • Technically strong in UI development with backend skills.
  • Good exposure in development with HTML, Bootstrap, Scala, MySQL.
  • Ability to write technical user stories, plan iteration and develop and test.
  • Relevant development experience in content management systems: WordPress and Drupal.
  • Strong team player and problem solver.
  • Keen to learn and extend my skill set in Big Data domain.


UI: HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, Angular JS, JSP

Backend: Scala 2.10, Java 8, C++, C, PHP 4.x/5.x

Database: MySQL 5.x, 4.x, DB2, Oracle

Web Server: Apache Tomcat8, Apache Web Server

OS: Mac, Linux, z/OS, Windows

Build: Ant, Maven

Testing Automation: Selenium Testing, Selenium WebDriver

Content Management: Drupal

Version Control: Git, Subversion, GitHub

Virtualization: Vmware, Virtual Box

IDE: Eclipse 4.x Kepler/Juno/Scala, Visual Studio 2013



Web Developer


  • As a developer responsible for customizing, designing and developing Drupal based content management systems and various open source tools.
  • Developed and customized web application for various NGO’s like SRISTI, Vikalpa, Gyanshala, Darpana.

Technology: HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Apache


Web Developer


  • participated in the team to build user interface which interacts with Java servlet controller to do basic CRUD operations with backend MySql database using JDBC connectivity.
  • Also, wrote an ant build script to package and deploy web application to tomcat server.

Technology: Java MVC, JSP, HTML, Bootstrap CSS, JDBC, MySQL, Tomcat8, Ant


C++ developer


  • build a complete Confidential using a test driven development.
  • The DBMS allows the user to type in DDL statements and build a system catalog.

Technology: C++, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, z/OS, DB2


Web Developer


  • Designed and developed an interpreter by using Scala.
  • It consists of Confidential data types, hash maps as an environment, closure which defines an environment and expressions which consists of Confidential syntax.
  • Confidential environment are linked lists of Environment instances.
  • I have created a singleton console, parser and exception classes.

Technology: Scala

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