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Software Engineer Resume Profile


  • A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Software Engineer who can produce reliable results.
  • Strong in design and integration problem solving skills.
  • Experienced in Java, C , C , .NET, and SQL with database analysis and design in most platforms and Operating Systems including UNIX, LINUX and WINDOWS.
  • Skilled in developing test plans, requirements specifications, and user documentation.
  • Strong written and verbal communications.
  • Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development environment.
  • My work experience and expertise, as well as my demonstrated ability to independently recognize, isolate, and resolve complex technical problems will contribute to the development and release of world class software products.
  • Quickly learn new applications and communicate technical knowledge to end users at all levels.
  • Fluent in Spanish 100 .


  • Software Development: Visual Studio 2010-2013, Eclipse, GitHub, Python, ClearQuest, SVN, WebServices WCF, Restful, SOAP , XCode, JIRA, SOAP UI, Postman, Websphere, WebLogic, JBoss.
  • Databases: MS SQL 2008-2012, DB2 v 9.x, Oracle 10g-11g, My SQL 5.x.
  • SDK's: Java J2EE, C , Android SDK, IOS SDK, Windows Phone SDK.
  • Cloud Computing: Cloudfoundry, Amazon Web Services.
  • Operating Systems: HPUX, AIX, Linux, Windows.
  • Virtualization: VMWare Server, VMWare Workstation, VMWare ESX, Hyper-V.
  • Networking: TCP IP, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Wireless CDMA and GSM.
  • Security: Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Ethical Hacker Certification in progress .



  • Responsible for assisting in the installation of FileNet P8 5.1 components such as Content Engine CE , Process Engine PE , Workplace XT WP XT , ICN as well as imaging products such as IBM Datacap 8.1 and IBM Data Capture in Windows 2008 servers.
  • Responsible for deploying the code base to various FileNet P8 infrastructures and maintain mission critical Criminal History Review Application. CHRS application interfaces with many other states and federal agencies.
  • In-charge of coordinating and executing all FileNet P8 server related activities.
  • Develop an Enterprise FileNet P8 Code migration plan.
  • Analyze system performance data and create plans for all FileNet P8 related applications upgrades and maintenance.
  • Analyze, troubleshoot and identify any network issues related to FileNet P8 related issues.
  • Assist staff with any technical problems with FTP Services, Windows Operating System.
  • Provide level 3 operational support 24/7 for the FileNet P8 production environment that includes weekends.
  • Implement and document security procedures to ensure agencies applications and data are compliant and secure.
  • Configure Email Notifications for SMTP Server Authentication
  • Using Eclipse and Rational Application Developer responsibilities include the maintenance of Java code to create FileNet artifacts.


  • UI design of mobile software applications using tools such as balsamiq, Dojo, IPhone mockup and others.
  • Using industry standard technologies such as Java, Eclipse, Xcode and others, responsibilities include the architecture and development of applications for multiple mobile platforms such as Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Testing and Integration of applications.
  • Debugging and maintenance of application library.
  • Software: Eclipse, Java, Android SDK 4.x, IOS SDK 4.x 7.x, Swift, Objective C, Xcode.


  • Provided Tier II customer support via cisco webex, via email, and by phone regarding the installation, configuration, integration and deployment of our portfolio products.
  • Using Java Enterprise J2EE , the Eclipse IDE, software versioning and revision control systems such as SVN, collaborated in the development of new product releases, product updates and bug fixes.
  • Using IDE's such as Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate for .NET development and Eclipse for Java development collaborated in the front end development of installation wizards, database configuration wizards.
  • Collaborated in the creation and testing of WCF web services, SOAP services and Java restful web services which are part of the product's core architecture.
  • Bug fix development included front end wizards and third party software compatibility issues.
  • Also, collaborated in fix pack release development that included product enhancements as well as fixes to known issues.
  • Performed installation, configuration and integration of portfolio products on all supported platforms such as Linux RedHat, Windows 7, Unix AIX to reproduce issues reported by customers.
  • Using open source tools such as JIRA and SOAP UI, collaborated in the reporting, tracking and verification of bugs.


  • As Software Engineer in QA, collaborated in the development and modification of test automation scripts using JavaScript, Java SDK 1.6 libraries, EJB, XLS and XML files.
  • Under the supervision of Sr Software Engineers assisted in the development of the Content Engine configuration manager GUI as well as the command line silent installers using Java SDK 1.6 and the Eclipse IDE for Unix platforms and using C under the .NET framework for Windows platforms.
  • Was responsible/Lead for the creation of FileNet P8 environments for all the supported platforms AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Linux Redhat, Linux Suse, zLinux, windows used by both QA Teams and Development Teams.
  • Helped Senior Engineers reproducing and troubleshooting technical issues related to custom configurations and deployments of FileNet P8 products in multi-cluster and multi-platform installations.
  • Responsible for Lead for the installation, configuration and deployment of FileNet P8 multi-domain environments using LDAP servers such as Active Directory and Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Using testing tools such as IBM Rational Software was responsible/Lead for the CE API test automation for the UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms for both single domain and multi-domain environments running on top of application servers such as Websphere, WebLogic now Oracle WebLogic Server and JBoss.
  • Using test tools such as IBM Rational Software, JavaScript, XML and J2EE, collaborated in the smoke, regression, performance and integration testing of FileNet P8 core products such as CE, PE and AE.
  • Using Software Development Lifecycle tools such as IBM Rational ClearQuest, collaborated in the reporting, tracking and verification of bugs.
  • Responsibilities included the analysis of test results as well as the creation of reports using XML and CSS.
  • Was responsible/Lead for the creation of UNIX, Linux, and Windows server images used by other team members for FileNet P8 installations, testing and development.
  • Helped converting VMware images from Windows VMware Server due to end of support to VMware ESXi server.
  • Software: Java, .NET, SQL, JavaScript, XML, Oracle, DB2, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, TCP/IP, Active Directory, eDirectory, Oracle Internet Directory 11g, Eclipse, Rational Software, VMWare Server, VMWare ESX, Hyper-V.
  • Hardware: IBM, HP, DELL, SUN, CISCO

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