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Enterprise Integration Hub Resume



  • Over 13+ years of US IT experience in enterprise application design, development, testing, deployment, integration, migration, documentation implementing cutting edge technologies for Mortgage, Equities, Federal, State, Health, Travel, Hospitality, Energy and Auto domain projects
  • Extensive development experience in n - tier applications for JEE platform using Java, JSP,Servlets, EJB, Struts, Spring MVC,Spring Boot, Hibernate, AWS, EC2, S3, Web Services, Docker, JNDI, JMS, XML, XSLT
  • Experience in deploying web, enterprise applications and integration servers on WebLogic 11g, Oracle Service Bus11g, JBoss 4.2.3, Web Sphere, MQ Series and Tomcat6/7
  • Adaptable with Agile Scrum, XP, RUP and TDD software development methodologies
  • Expert in programming, OOAD designing and debugging with strong in database skills
  • Hands on SOAP and rest web services development using JAX-WS, SOAP, Axis, WS-Security, WSSJ, JSON, XML/XSL/XSLT, OSB, and SOAUI
  • Expertise on adopting JEE best practices and design patterns such as Factory, Singleton, ServiceLocator, Front Controller, MVC, Session Façade, IOC, DAO and DTO
  • Performed lead and supportive roles with high interpersonal skills in team-tasks
  • Strong analytical with high trouble-shooting and tenacious problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills, quick learner, highly motivated, work independently and in team


Operating Systems: UNIX and Window 8

Languages: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Anywhere and T-SQL

Databases: Oracle 11g, Sybase15, SQL Server2000 and DB2

Java/JEE: JAX-WS, SOAP, AXIS, JAXB, EJB/JPA, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, JTA, Servlets/JSPJava Beans, Struts, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernate and MQ Series

App Servers: Weblogic12c, WebSphere7, JBoss4 and Tomcat7

Cloud: AWS

Integration Server: OSB and WebMethods

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ8, NetBeans6, MyEclipse8, Rapid SQL, TOAD and RAD

Methodology: Agile Scrum, XP, TDD and RUP

Scripting: JavaScript and VBScript, ExtJS, DOJO, DWR, DHTMLX and JSON


Source Control: GIT, SVN, CVS, Clear Case, VSS and PVCS

Tools: XML Spy, Oxygen, Beyond Compares, Fiddler, Maven, Ant and SOAtest


Confidential, VA

Enterprise Integration Hub


  • Setting up Kafka multi-broker cluster instances
  • Configured Kafka connector for import and export to external system
  • Build real-time app using client Kafka Stream for microservices
  • Developed and deployed RESTful CCTS web application with CSS, AJAX and JavaScript artifacts
  • Configured CAIM for enterprise application access management
  • Configured Oracle Service Bus proxy and business services
  • Created multi-threaded application using concurrent programming for Executor Framework
  • Supported deployment of OSB proxies and webservers
  • Created Asynchronous JMS queues on Weblogic Server 12c
  • Integrated and supported troubleshooting of SOA applications and OSB using xml/xsd/xpath
  • Coordinated with cross teams for integration of BPEL Process
  • Implemented aggregate repositories using Spring Data
  • Created Spring Rest interface for domain micro services
  • Configured Spring Boot micro service application for Spring Data and Spring MVC for views
  • Implemented persistence layer using Hibernate with JTA enabled
  • Configured Pub/Sub AWS Events of Redis for clients implementation
  • Configured Amazon EC2 security groups on apps deployment
  • Create custom AMI for launching Amazon EC2 on Elastic Beanstalk
  • Configured Amazon S3 for code and logs on Elastic Beanstalk
  • Configured Elastic Beanstalk Dockerfile for image
  • Partitioned data horizontally on AWS Elasticache Redis cluster of 6 nodes shard
  • Converted Hive/SQL queries into Spark transformations using Spark SQL, Python and Scala
  • Implemented data source transformations in spark using Scala
  • DevelopedSPARK Jobs in Scala for large sets of structured, semi-structured on HDFS
  • Converted RDD case classes to schema RDD using SparkSQL for Scala
  • Performed text analytics and process using Spark in-memory computing using Scala

Environment: Agile, Oracle Service Bus, Weblogic Server 11g, GIT, Spring Boot, Microservices, DevOps, Java, Scala, Spark, AWS, Asynchronous JMS, XMLXSL, JIRA, Oracle and SQL Server

Confidential, VA

IT service management


  • Created and modified autosys jobs
  • Loaded XML source oracle database using Oracle XMLDB
  • Modified and executed shell script
  • Involved in development of Ab initio graphs for data transformation
  • Created multi-threaded application using concurrent programming for Executor Framework
  • Developed PL/SQL Jobs
  • Developed and configured POC with WS-Security WSSJ using AXIS Rampart
  • Created and configured Certificate using OpenSSL in POC
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures
  • Supported modification of perl script
  • Configured Amazon EC2 security groups on apps deployment
  • Configured JMS Client interface for IBM MQ

Environment: Solaris 11, IBM WebSphere MQ, Spring MVC, Java, JEE, Weblogic10.3 and Oracle

Confidential, VA


  • Injected spring dependency
  • Externalized LDAP properties
  • Configured asynchronous JMS Queues for IBM MQ
  • Used SOAPUI for validating the web-service to be published.
  • Involved in API changes to interact with backend and other host systems
  • Involved in fixing bugs and enhancement of modules
  • Configured and executed Application build on Weblogic10.3
  • Implemented persistence layer using JTA enabled

Environment: Oracle Solaris 11, SOA, ClearCase, IBM Websphere MQ, Spring MVC,Agile Scrum, Java, JEE, JUnit, JavaScript, Struts MVC, JSON, XML, LightStremear, dojo, intern, Jenkins, Weblogic10.3, JIRA and Oracle

Confidential, Columbia, MD


  • Developed Custom Action classes and auto wired SOA Web services
  • Developed and Modified Trading screen using dojo
  • Used log4j for logging purposes into the application.
  • Developed Restful API for Grid users
  • Configured trading queue on IBM MQ series
  • Used JUnit for unit testing
  • Designed and declared spring JTA transaction annotations for bean transactions

Environment: UNIX, SOA, ClearCase, Spring MVC, UML, Agile Scrum, Java, JEE, JUnit, JavaScript, Servlet/JSP, Dojo, JSON, SVN, ClearCase, Websphere application server and Oracle

Confidential, VA


  • Configured java components using spring framework for data base access and persistence.
  • Configured and executed Application build on Tomcat Application Server6
  • Modified view and stored procedures
  • Created UCM streams and baselines for code delivery
  • Supported application production deployment

Environment: Solaris 10, ClearCase, IBM WebSphere, Spring MVC, Agile Scrum, Java, JEE, JavaScript, Servlet/JSP, JSON, CVS, Eclipse and Sybase

Confidential, MD


  • Developed UI screens using Spring MVC, Spring JS and Dojo
  • Configured Spring bean for injecting in service layer
  • Developed Spring Action classes and auto wired Spring services
  • Configured Spring interceptor for security
  • Configured JSON tag library
  • Worked on JUnit and SOAP UI for testing the written java classes

Environment: Dojo1.6, Spring MVC, RESTful, XML, iBATIS, JSON, CVS, Eclipse and Oracle11g

Confidential, MD


  • Implemented Web Services using JAX-WS, XML/XSLT,XSD, XPath, JAXB and SOAP
  • Developed and configured persistence beans to Oracle using EJB3/JPA2
  • Configured declarative JTA for Container managed transactions

Environment: Struts2, Dojo, Java, JAX-WS, XML/XSL/XSLT/XSD, JMS, JPA2, spring and Oracle

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