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Ui Developer Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • Around 6 years experience in web applications development, testing, troubleshooting, and implementing.
  • Expert in React JS for creating interactive UI with one - way data flow and virtual DOM.
  • Maintained states in stores and dispatched the actions using Redux.
  • Proficient in MEAN Stack based web applications which includes AngularJS, NodeJS, Express and Mongo DB.
  • Expert knowledge in designing Responsive web pages through Bootstrap and CSS3 Media Queries.
  • Skilled in building multi-browser compatible web application using HTML5 technologies.
  • Hands-on knowledge of CSS Preprocessors(Less & Sass) to manage extendable and maintainable CSS files and improve performance.
  • Good experience with developing service side web application with help of Node Package Management (npm).
  • Extensive knowledge in D3.js components for data visualization in graphical mode.
  • Used AngularJS MVC architecture design pattern to design and build different modules.
  • Expertise in using Node.js as a proxy to interact with restful Server and Database and exchange data with JSON.
  • Board understanding of objects, non-blocking UI Asynchronous event.
  • Excellent understanding of relational databases CRUD operates and queries in MySQL and Oracle.
  • Good experienced in Real-Time web communications by using Web Sockets.
  • Board experienced in handling Unit testing using Jest and Jasmine.
  • Strong knowledge in task runner Grunt and Gulp and version control tools SVN and GIT.
  • Good experience with multi-browser tools NProxy for Chrome, Firefox, or IE to troubleshoot problem.
  • Experience with CI/CD techniques and tools such as Maven, Jenkins.
  • Great understanding of using Design Pattern in front end developing, such as Singleton, Factory and Proxy.
  • Experience in Agile methodologies and Scrum environment.
  • Excellent team player with highly sense of responsibility and eager to learn new technologies.


Programming Language: JavaScript, Java

Web Technology: ReactJS, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(es6), LESS/SASS, NodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, JSP, D3.js

Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle

Operating System: Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac OS

Development Tools: Sublime, Eclipse, WebStorm, Notepad++

Unit Testing Tools: Jasmine, Jest, NProxy

Version Control Tools: Git, SVN

Web Server: NodeJS, RESTful, Apache Tomcate

Other Tools/Methodology: Agile, Scrum, Gulp, Grunt


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

UI Developer


  • Designed and developed application in web technologies such as ReactJS, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Used AngularJS $http and React Thunk to perform asynchronous calls for creating interactive web pages based on JSON response.
  • Supported partial updated web application with ng-router and React DOM.
  • Handled client side validations using React Form functions.
  • Involved in creating styles using SASS to minimize complexity and simplify CSS3.
  • Created Real-Time web communications by using Web Sockets.
  • Involved in creating and executing Unit test cases using Jest and Jasmine.
  • Automated built and deployed with CI/CD tools Jenkins and Maven.
  • Troubleshooting with chrome develop tools and webrtc-internals API.
  • Used Gulp and Webpack as a bundling and automation task runner.
  • Used BitBucket to maintain application version control for the full development cycle.
  • Experience with Scrum team structure and Jira in the project developing.

Environment: AngularJS, ReactJS, JavaScript(ES6), HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Ajax, NodeJS, NPM, Maven, Jenkins, Websocket, Scrum, BitBucket.

Confidential, Cranbury, NJ

Senior Front-End Developer


  • Built user-friendly interfaces and applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Designed and developed web-based application using Angular MVC framework.
  • Used AngularJS to create a Single Page Application for various modules.
  • Executed cross-domain data request from server by JSONP.
  • Created Custom Directives for reusable DOM manipulation function.
  • Integrated RESTful APIs with front-end Pages and fetching data from Oracle DB in NodeJS node-oracledb module.
  • Involved in creating styles using SASS to minimize complexity and simplify CSS3.
  • Used Bootstrap, AngularJS and custom CSS3 for Richer User Experience and Responsive Web Design.
  • Built orientation and location service with geographic features of Google Map API.
  • Created REST API using Node JS and Express and consuming in AngularJS.
  • Handled client side validations using Angular Form functions and used AJAX feature and JSON5 to achieve exchanging data with server asynchronously.
  • Involved in creating and executing Unit test cases using Mocha and following Test Driven Development.
  • Used Grunt with Gruntfile to minimize the JavaScript file in whole application.
  • Used SVN to maintain application version control for the full development cycle.
  • Made use of Scrum team structure and Agile development in the project developing.

Environment: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, JSONP, Scrum, AngularJS, Oracle11g, NodeJS, npm, RESTful Web Services, SVN, Mocha, SASS.

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Senior Web Application Developer


  • Understood and analyzed the requirements of client and converted them into User Requirement Specifications.
  • Designed and developed UI Templates Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript OOP.
  • Used AngularJS modules, controllers, directives, and filters to build MVC architecture applications and Single Pages Applications.
  • Used Bootstrap framework and custom CSS3 to develop Responsive web pages.
  • Used LESS as pre-processor to generate neat and clean CSS dynamically.
  • Created UI charts and tables reports using D3.js for Payment and Transactions History.
  • Used Gulp as the automation tool to run and manage JavaScript tasks.
  • Handled database MongoDB on performance-demanding data, using MEAN stack technologies along with Mongoose.
  • Involved in creating and executing Unit test cases using Jasmine.
  • Used SVN to maintain application version control for the full development cycle.
  • Participated in daily SCRUM meeting to keep track of project status.

Environment: AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, D3.js, Jasmine, Scrum, SVN, Gulp.

Confidential, Bridgeton, NJ

UI Developer


  • Built the user interface using HTML, CSS, JSP and JavaScript.
  • Utilized JavaScript and jQuery1.5 for client side validation validating and design of the web site to suit different browsers.
  • Utilized jQuery1.5 to navigate to different pages of the application using DOM elements, and to create AJAX pages.
  • Employed AJAX and XML to process asynchronous actions between front and back end.
  • Created an embedded video player features by JavaScript and jQuery to support user instruction.
  • Used JavaScript validation framework for Client side validations and Server side validations to build dynamic web page.
  • Created a shared library of JavaScript, which can be shared across different applications.
  • Developed Asynchronous means of retrieval of data from the Server and Database using AJAX features as well JSON.
  • Used jQuery1.5 to deployed triggers for e-mail confirmations and other automatically operations.
  • Involved in Git for version control.
  • Wrote Stored Procedures, Transactions, Triggers and SQL-Statements to access data from MySQL5.5 Database.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery1.5, MySQL5.5, Java 6, JSP, Eclipse, Notepad++, Git.

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