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Full Stack Software Developer Resume


  • Worked on complete SDLC including creating, design, documentation, development and unit testing of applications.
  • Motivated to produce performant and robust software; highly passionate, curious about programming.
  • Experience in Object - oriented Design and Programming concepts.
  • Extensive experience in Cross-browser HTML, CSS JavaScript coding to offer responsive website layouts to modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • React and Functional Driven JavaScript expert in SPAs, UI Components, Mobile web and Performance Optimization.
  • Previous experience in ERP systems and management.
  • Developed RESTful APIs using Node JS to offer an easy and safe way to build high performance and scalable network application.
  • Proficient in developing complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Functions, and Packages along with performing DDL and DML operations on teh database.
  • Experience developing intuitive GUIs with JavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL, and SASS.
  • Ability to learn and develop using new technologies quickly.
  • Used JSON for data transmission for Restful web services.
  • Self-motivated, easily adaptable to new environments and teh ability to work independently as well as in small groups.


Languages / Frameworks: JavaScript (ES6) React.js & Redux Angular.js Node.js C# ASP.Net

Technologies: HTML5 CSS3 SCSS SQL GraphQL Git MongoDB Webpack JSX PUG Final Cut Pro X Adobe PhotoShop D3 (Graph Reports) AWS Serverless

Knowledge: Design Patterns Data Structures Cross - Browser Compatibility Agile Development Software Testing API Design Machine Learning


Full Stack Software Developer



  • Followed Agile methodology throughout teh development process.
  • Led UI/UX redesign of application marketing platform using React & ES6. Redesigned UI provided users with more intuitive user experience, as well as responsive design and new features.
  • Developed Container components as teh logic layer for teh UI components.
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for form validation and custom validation controls using Object Oriented JavaScript.
  • Responsible for checking cross-browser compatibility and hence worked on different browsers like Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

Front End React Developer



  • Developed multiple react.js components to be used in reports pages in teh distributor club application.
  • Built and styled sales, customer and volume reporting pages in react.js, html5, and css3 while implementing best SCSS practices in order to maintain clean and structured code.
  • Advised on implementation of react.js components structure and component logic encapsulation in regards to data reporting and analytics pages, making components reusable
  • Connected front end chart reporting components to back end API for real-time data analytics utilizing highcharts.js, highcharts-react and react.js
  • Used git for version control
  • Added various functionalities to pages such as teh ability to convert a reports page to a pdf and csv using various 3rd party APIs and libraries.
  • Implemented various features for line graph and chart customization, such as baselines sales projections with persistent storage on teh back end.
  • Various debugging and pair programming on front end UI issues
  • Set up link navs and routing using react router and react.js for reporting pages.
  • Styled various UI components across teh reports page using bootstrap grid framework for full mobile responsiveness on mobile phone and tablet.
  • Utilized iOS simulator to for fixing pertaining to iOS mobile/tablet rendering or layout issues.
  • Wrote boilerplate redux and context API for prop drilling and state management across components.

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