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Php Developer Resume

Bartlett, IllinoiS


I am very experienced with Object - oriented PHP and MVC Frameworks. I can normalize and optimize MySQL relational databases as well. Also, I have Linux and Apache skills that provide the infrastructure for OO PHP and MySQL.


Skills: RESTful design OO PHP 7 MVC CodeIgniter, Laravel CMS Wordpress. OO Programming and design patterns. MySQL Normalizing tables Views, triggers, stored procedures / functions. EXPLAINing, INDEXing -- reduce # of columns Workbench, Data Modeling, EER Diagrams, MWB files Digital Ocean Droplets Debian Linux Crons Apache HTTP Server Composer Domain Model PHPUnit Testing GIT/SVN PSR coding standards PHPdocumentor Docblocks Javascript (JQUERY, AJAX, JSON), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. Chrome developer tools. APIs Google Maps, Google Charts, Facebook Graph API, charts.js, DataTables etc. Agile I have even monitored and understand Google Pay Per Click campaigns.


Confidential, Bartlett, Illinois

PHP Developer


  • Eliminated future technical debt by contributing to the refactoring of very old legacy code that had PHP only make API calls and then use XSLT for business logic.
  • We needed to remove XSLT completely. Maintained old legacy system and built new requests / features for the old system.
  • Improved San Francisco Ballet’s workflow by developing a PHP 7 Photo Management system that used Facebook Graph API calls to import Facebook photos into their system for use in their websites.
  • User experience enhanced for multiple clients by developing functionality for customer ticket and donation histories along with membership renewal options.

Confidential, Northbrook, Illinois

PHP Developer


  • Development of features on the lead tracker interface sales representatives used.
  • I helped partner stores access critical client info via multiple RESTful web services that strictly adhered to RESTful principles.
  • I created a sales statistics application using CodeIgniter / MySQL that allowed the marketing team and owners to make more informed decisions.
  • I was able to bring data alive and present it in a more dynamic fashion via some interesting APIs: Google Maps, pie charts, bar charts, line charts, donut charts, datatables.
  • Improved efficiency in the DB server by refactoring many of the old queries to lower the amount of requests made to DB server.
  • Sales reps efficiency/workflow enhanced as I was able to improve their lead assignment tool to utilize Google Maps and show them exactly where the customer is and where a partner store is.
  • My last Google Maps project there had me building an active counties “heat map” for a new product.
  • Pairs of latitude and longitude are used to draw a “polygon” in Google Maps which represent that county.
  • Business owners and marketing team were able to track sales stats on their phones after I developed a mobile version of the sales stats tracking application utilizing Bootstrap for responsive mobile styling.
  • Close interaction with sales reps, team managers and seo people who report bugs/issues to us and provide feedback.

Confidential, Downers Grove, IL

Back-end developer


  • I developed new features and fixed bugs for an extremely flexible and customizable CMS for car dealerships.
  • Partnership of local dealers’ inventories was formed (usedcarsofchicago.com) so I implemented zip code radius search functionality for the site.
  • I maintained a separate credit approval application.
  • This credit application used PHP framework mainly for routing and business logic was handled in Javascript.
  • This app was not developed by DealerE and there was no documentation.
  • Effective communication with sales reps who would relay customer requests and bugs.

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