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Rpa Developer / Ui Path Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • 5 years of experience with 2+ years of experience as RPA developer.
  • Expertise in C, C++, Java, asp.net, vb.net, SQL Server, Robotic process implementation using UI Path and Blue prism.
  • Experienced in developing Web applications using C#, VB Script, VB.NET, ASP.NET.
  • Expertise in developing various applications using Visual Studio.NET technologies like C#.Net 4.5, ASP.NET, ASP, ADO.NET, XML, Web Services, WCF, WPF, MVC, SQL Server technologies.
  • Working Experience with AJAX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, XML and Bootstrap.
  • Having experience in designing automation solutions using UIPath and Blueprism RPA platform.
  • Implemented different RPA solutions to automate business processes across functions.
  • Have knowledge of debugging process, identify errors in log file and close defects.
  • Implemented all the Basic, Desktop, web recordings using numerous activities and Flow charts using UiPath.
  • Designed multiple workflows using RE Framework in Uipath.
  • Worked on UIPATH Orchestrator in the deployment of an Automation process.
  • Designed and configured the Blue Prism infrastructure for development, test and live environments, which comprises Interactive clients, Resource PC's, Application servers and Database servers.
  • Experience in designing different flow charts and sequences in UIPath for designing different processes.
  • Worked as a POC for RPA developers and acted as a bridge between developing and testing.
  • Good Experience in all implementation phases that include POC, Business process analysis
  • Experience in implementing Data Access Layer using ADO.NET, Entity Framework.
  • Automated numerous routine tasks using UI Path thereby reducing manual intervention also helpful in Error Handling and maintenance of robots.
  • Hands on experience in managing robot's workloads using UIPath Queues.
  • Expertise in creating the pages using CSS webpage layouts and vast knowledge in usability and accessibility concepts.
  • Experience in using Software development methodologies such as agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and extreme programming.
  • Proficient in developing applications using Object Oriented (OO) programming concepts.
  • Worked with mainframe, windows, web application and surface automation.


RPA Tools: UiPath and Blue prism

Programming & Scripting Languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Angular JS, VBScript, C#.NET, ASP.NetVB.Net 10.0

Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JSON

XML Technologies: XML, SOAP, Web Services, SDLC

Design and Development Tools: Eclipse, MS Visio and MS Testing Tools

Modelling Tools: UML, MS Visio Version Control, MS Visual Source Safe

Database Systems: SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL, MS Access

Platforms: Linux, Windows


RPA Developer / UI path

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Computed on Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Windows Applications by using basic, desktop, web recorders and screen scraping & data scraping.
  • Experienced in building UI Path Processes and Business Objects for various business systems.
  • Performed one of the Screen Scraping methods i.e. Optical character recognition (OCR) (Google OCR / Microsoft OCR engines) to process PDF invoices and JPEG images.
  • Built some solutions by utilizing UiPath tool and further maintain technical responsibility for project delivery as the sole technical resource on a project.
  • Performed the practical usage of various UiPath Orchestrator functionalities like Bots, Processes, Assets, Jobs, Schedulers, Logging, Recovery Methods and Application Credentials.
  • Maintained both Attended and Unattended Robot resources, and provided centralized Robot logs, remote execution, monitoring, scheduling, and work queues using UiPath Orchestrator.
  • Accessed data from multiple file formats like .CSV, .PDF, excel sheets, web pages etc., using multiple scraping techniques like full text, Native and OCR.
  • Developed Re framework in UiPath for exception handling & used to define states in project.
  • Operated various UiPath Activities such as Foreach, Switch activity, Citrix Screen Scraping for Remote machines, Loops, User prompts, OCR, Key strokes, Error handling, Break, Try Catch.
  • Inspected on PDF Processing, Excel Automation, SAP Applications and various web - based Applications Automation.
  • Implemented Web Recorder for automating logging and inserting data actions into browser applications using different Input methods such as Send window messages and Simulate.
  • Evaluated task migration process from development to production systems through UiPath Orchestrator.
  • Interacted with different mail services such as POP3, Outlook and IMAP to get the mail messages into folder.
  • Developed workflows for various business activities like HR On-Boarding, Invoices generation and Exceptions Processing.
  • Used UiPath selectors to store the attributes of a graphical user interface element and its parents, in the shape of an XML fragment.
  • Created and documented test procedures and scenarios for Pre-UAT phases supporting the operational teams during UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and rollout phases.
  • Implemented UiPath Orchestrator for deployment, monitoring, and management of UiPath Robots automation activity.

Environment: UI Path, VB Script, Java Script, AWS EC2, S3, HTML, WebSphere

RPA Developer / Blue Prism

Confidential, Appleton, WI


  • Designed solutions utilizing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software and maintained technical responsibility for project delivery as the technical resource on a project.
  • Worked on different Licenses in Blue Prism such as Development Client License, Run Client License, Control Room License.
  • Hands on experience in building and developing different types of Applications (Browser, Windows, Citrix, SAP) by using Blue Prism Tool
  • Implemented handset automation framework, scripting and execution Sanity, Regression, Stress, and Boundary test cases for mobile applications using Device Anywhere Automation Tool.
  • Designed Blue Prism processes in accordance with BP standard and guidelines.
  • Performed the role of system manager to audit logs and perform management tasks, monitor resource allocations in Blue Prism.
  • Created different tasks for RPA & RDA.
  • Implemented a process using Blue Prism to implement error handling when transferring data simultaneously from numerous applications.
  • Developed custom DLL binary files in Visual Studio for use in UI Path Studio
  • Troubleshot and debugged UI Path automations for bug fixes
  • Converted business logic/requirements to automations
  • Implemented Blue Prism User authentication by defining user roles, creating users and setting password policies.
  • Worked on Logging into websites, searching websites, submitting web forms, or updating records on a website.
  • Staged and deployed the automation solution into test and live environments.
  • Implemented Blue Prism User authentication by defining user roles, creating users and setting password policies.
  • Defined RPA automation strategy for process involving mainframes, web service calls and web applications implemented performed stress test for bot Scripts to prove the scalability and stability of RPA code.
  • Debit process areas involving web, mainframe and windows-based applications.

Environment: Blue Prism, PDF Converter, OCR, MS-Excel, HTML.

RPA Developer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Examined on Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Windows Applications and involved in Object Cloning, Web Recorder and Manage Window Controls.
  • Led in creation, development, refinement and maintenance of an ongoing automated management information Reporting of Automation Anywhere processes in MS Access and Excel.
  • Assisted the Automation Anywhere, recorders to manage and execute Windows controls as a background process and automated routine backups and file management tasks.
  • Implemented Automation Anywhere Control room with defining user roles and security in User Console and Security Management.
  • Administered in managing the robot's workloads using Automation Anywhere Work Queues and to identifying and debugging the errors using Error Handlers.
  • Developed a utility module for data conversion and exporting to Excel workbooks and VBA programs simultaneously.
  • Reviewed on logging into websites, searching websites, submitting web forms, or updating records on a website.
  • Innovatively integrated the advanced features of automation tools like OCR, Web Recorder for existing robots and improved the performance.
  • Explored the possibilities of automation within SAP, billing systems and CRM applications such as Seibel and automate various processes based on input from respective teams.
  • Prioritized the strategic and tactical roll-out of the RPA solution to clients by creating and documenting test procedures and scenarios for the pre-UAT phases and supporting the Operational Teams during the UAT and rollout phases.

Environment: MS Excel, XML, VBA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MS SQL

.NET Developer



  • User Interface was developed using Event Driven Web Forms using HTML, DHTML, Java Script, XML, CSS, and ASP.NET that runs on IIS 7.0 using Visual Studio 2005.
  • Used Tab strip, dropdown, Menus, Web List Bar controls for .NET to customize the look and feel of the application.
  • Created DB objects like Tables, views and SP in SQL Server.
  • Have written SQL Query to fetch data for existing user.
  • Have created multiple modules in win applications for Company Management, statement management and user management.
  • Developed the Classes, Objects, Dataset Classes, and Methods depending upon the business requirements in C#.Net.
  • Implemented and extensively used the Object-Oriented programming concepts (OOPS) in C# and ASP. Net.
  • Involved in developing WCF Web Service using REST to communicate with legacy systems.
  • Developed Custom Controls which provides flexibility, reusability better design time experience, and partial post back validations to manipulate data on web pages using AJAX.
  • Used XML intensively to bind the data to the web controls, data manipulation and to store data and sent as parameter to the stored procedures.
  • Performed Unit Testing for ensuring the reliability of the application development.
  • Created test cases and implementation for Web application.
  • Separate views are created to fetch the Details for all the individual modules.
  • Bug fixing based on issue generated by the client.
  • Involved in deployment process from Development server to stage and PROD.
  • Implemented waterfall model for project development.

Environment: .Net 2.0, ASP.Net, AJAX, C#, VB.Net, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and II

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