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Software Development Engineer Resume

Burbank, CA


  • About 6 Years of Work Experience in Web Development using HTML5, CSS, Javascript,SASS,ReactJS, NodeJS, and Redux.
  • Experience with common front - end development tools such as YARN, NPM, GULP, NPM server, Webpack, and Babel.
  • Proficient in React Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Material UI and React Spring.
  • Versed in creating asynchronous programs using technologies such as Fetch and Axios in React.
  • Strength in implementing State Management Systems using React Redux, Redux Saga, and Redux Thunk.
  • Experienced in designing RESTful and Dynamic API’s using MVC Data structure.
  • Experience in Testing Frameworks such as Mocha/Chai, and Jasmine for the back end and Selenium and Jest with Enzyme for the front end .
  • Ability to authenticate using technologies such as Google Firebase and JWT.
  • Knowledge in Agile and Scrum development practices that aided to the productivity and efficiency of every team member.
  • Experience in GIT Version Control to manage software development between team members using technologies such as Jira, Bitbucket, and Trello.


Web Technologies: ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, JS, ES6, CSS(3), HTML(5), Sass...

Libraries/Frameworks: Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Material UI, React Spring, Redux

Build Tools: NPM, YARN, BABEL, Gulp, Grunt...

Testing: Jest with Enzyme, Selenium...

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum...

Version Control: GIT, Bitbucket, Jira, Trello...

IDE: VS Code, Sublime, Atom...


Confidential, Burbank, CA

Software Development Engineer


  • Extensively used ReactJs, NodeJs and Javascript to provide a seamless user experience for Warner Brother’s various software platforms and programs.
  • Used various predefined components from Node Package Manager (NPM) and YARN to download, and launch various technologies.
  • Unit testing code by utilizing Jest w/ Enzyme.
  • Used React Router to apply a seamless experience for the user to navigate through components.
  • Responsible for debugging and improving the original React Redux configuration.
  • Set controls and configured new projects to Cloud Servers.
  • Implemented frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI to cosmetically improve various components.
  • Used Selenium to automate browsers for testing purposes.
  • Work with global software team members to deliver complete and high-quality instrument control software applications to schedule and specification.

Confidential, Washington D.C.

Software Development Engineer


  • Responsible for programs coded in ReactJS, NodeJs and Javascript for Confidential ’s various software platforms and programs.
  • Made improvements on current User Interaction on a number of programs and sites that are directly related to Confidential .
  • Implemented Model-View-Controller data structure to rewrite back-end databases for more readable and interpretable code.
  • Used various predefined components from Node Package Manager (NPM) and YARN to download, and launch various technologies .
  • Tested code on both ends of development by utilizing Mocha and JEST w/ Enzyme.
  • Built Dynamic API’s with full CRUD functionality and normalized object data structure from scratch using MongoDB.
  • Acclimated to latest MongoDB databases using Mongoose, Express and GraphQL server.
  • Interacted with backend in ReactJS by implementing GraphQL with GraphQL-YOGA and React Apollo.
  • Used React Router to apply a seamless experience for the user to navigate through components.
  • Implemented frameworks such as Bootstrap, Material UI, Semantic UI to cosmetically improve various components in various projects.
  • Followed SCRUM and later AGILE software methodologies to ensure productivity and efficiency of the team members alongside using GIT to manage to entire process.

Confidential, Fresno, Ca

Front End Developer


  • Worked as its sole Web Developer
  • Created Client Management system using ReactJS.
  • The Client Management System was secured by using Google Firebase to provide a completely front-end server.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining all forms of Digital Marketing. And Implemented modern forms of Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  • Implemented technologies such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Manager, and analyzed the businesses web traffic using Google Analytics.
  • Used React Router to provide a seamless experience while navigating through the page.
  • Utilized Google Analytics to fully optimize the company’s user traffic on their website by making informed decisions after interpreting the data.
  • Used CSS frameworks from Semantic UI and Bootstrap to provide professional and aesthetically pleasing User Experiences.
  • Configured React Redux into client management program to manage the high amount of clients and healthcare providers turning over

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