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C/c++/c# Developer Resume

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


  • 10+ years as a full time developer and prior as a self - employed consultant.
  • Client/ServerDevelopmentwithC#
  • Have developed and evolved data-driven solutions in C# and deployed them as web services on cloud machines using local and remote data sources for client applications, (REST/SOAP/XML, JSON),.
  • Strongunderstandingofrelationaldatabasestructures
  • Originally a db consultant, I have always designed with the database in mind and developed and optimized schema, indices, triggers, SqlDependencies, stored procedures, and bridge tables to utilize hardware and networking at maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Hands-onexperiencewithSQLServerDevelopment&Administration
  • As a developer, I have proven my additional db admin skills to the point ofbeing granted full ownership of mission critical servers and have been trusted with complete schema design.
  • Familiarity with the latest SqlServer statements that implement atomic SELECT-OR-INSERT / UPDATE-OR-INSERT,(SelSert/UpSert) like MERGE INTO, WITH, OVER, PARTITION, and SELECT INTO and understand their value in multi-threaded distributed systems that cannot afford to be hung by BEGIN/COMMIT transaction blocks.
  • Have developed .NET libs for SqlServer access in C# that, encapsulate db access, use Stored Procedures, and Parameterized queries that avoid sql injection.
  • These feature the ability to trap exceptions and respond by retrying, waiting, changing connections upon failure recognition and appropriate communication with humans via email, etc. when necessary, all editable via a .config file.
  • Have determined regular data cleaning/moving tasks and the best scheduling times to ensure uninterrupted availability of data for services.
  • Have used the power of SQL to write sometimes really long queries in SPs that call other SPs, etc. but always work to reduce complexity and find the simplest and fastest way to accomplish the desired result.
  • Have designed custom SSIS components for proprietary products and incorporated existing ETL components for both in-house moving of lookup data and database deployment on the back end and developed SSIS products.
  • Have always designed with massive testing, hitting inputs with millions of records and have generated test data to ensure all possible inputs have been experienced and are expected.


Languages: UNIX core utilities and tools, Perl, Ruby, C/C++/ObjC/C#, JavaJavascript, SQL, PHP, Visual Basic, UML, XML

Environment: s & Tools: GCC, Eclipse, PostgreSQL (pl/pgsql, pl/perl), vim, emacs, cvs, subversion, git, MySQL, Visual Studio, eCos, SQL Server SSMS/SSIS/SSRS, CLR.NET3/3.5/4+, Access, WinForms - 2.0, Office, Oracle, Sqlite, IIS5/6, Apache

Operating Systems: UNIX - Free/Open/Net -BSD/PfSense Darwin DOS, MacWindows NT/95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7/8, Linux RedHat/Debian /Slackware /Cygwin/CentOS


Confidential, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

C/C++/C# Developer


  • developed, deployed, and maintained data cleaning/processing products C++, C#, with .dll wrappers for many other languages as well as web service deployment of objects via custom WebService classes that provided service-specific logging while simultaneously implementing XML, SOAP, and REST, (old REST <=.NET3.0).
  • Later refinements prepared same services for .NET3.5+ versions to use current RESTful paradigm.
  • These details include the latest best practices that use JSON/NewtonSoft.dll, (responses to JSON string) and log4net, (a better asynchronous logging library) tools that provide better implementations of the built-in .NET libraries and the painstaking time to evolve and experiment to make everything work as efficiently and reliably as possible.
  • Converted data cleaning objects into SSIS toolbox components that were ported to Pentaho and other ETL tools, (like Informatica)
  • Utilized SSIS (ETL transformations) in daily work to move data around servers and load staging and release databases.
  • Maintaining running of hundreds of worker processes on distributed servers and Cloud Machines, controlling server coordination and quitting/pausing of processes in response to db performance and load issues with communication to administrators if network or communication failure occurs,
  • Constructed stored procedures and GUI for custom Dashboards for data analysis and to monitor cloud processes.
  • Automated data unloading, (after processing), and reloading new data for continuous processing. moving db instances to various locations, (IIS, WAS, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET, .NET4+, AWS) on the cloud/storage to minimize network traffic and server loads in response to system performance needs. more recently we have explored some NOSQL renderings like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop 2.x and HPCC Systems to address replication issues, scalability and availability.

Solution Architect



  • Using Java, (jboss, maven, eclipse, axis2, jira), SQL-Server, Sybase, Oracle, and XML/XSLT, implement and customize facility management software solutions and data migration to/from existing systems and designed interfaces to connect them to web, standalone, and mobile clients.
  • Wrote custom Perl library to import legacy data from .xls spreadsheets into oracle database, then merge/modify company db to fit new axis2 web service api, (which was all in Dutch).

Web Developer

Confidential, Watertown, MA


  • Perl based web application framework, (ad hoc) using SqlServer JavaScript, jQuery, (AJAX), Selenium, CSS and log archiving, developed database-driven turn-key solutions for information gathering and analysis using SQL-Server.
  • These were ad-hoc frameworks that are now standardized in things like AngularJS, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Provided custom information systems for small businesses in various hardware, software, and networking environments.
  • Worked with business owners to learn their special needs to plan the scope of projects from requirements to design, development, testing, deployment, documentation, and maintenance


Confidential, Canton, MA


  • Implementation of proprietary medical record software to hospitals using with software management tools and networked environments moving code changes into and out of development test, and live environments

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