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Ui Developer Resume

Hamilton, NJ


  • 6+years Front End Developer with experience in designing and developing content - rich and responsive web application, relationship database and back-end using different technologies.
  • Experienced in developing Front-end UI with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3&4 and JavaScript.
  • Experienced with JSON, jQuery, TypeScript, Font Awesome and developing asynchronouswebapplicationsby using AJAX.
  • Proficient in developingwebapplications with Angular features such as Modules, Components, Directives, Pipes, Route Guards, Services, Reactive Forms and configuring Routing.
  • Good experience in developing Single PageApplication(SPA) using ReactJS, AngularJS, Angular4-7, Angular CLI and Angular Material.
  • Experienced in developing web application with ReactJS while using Redux to apply middleware and manage states of different components.
  • Understanding of the implementation of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Experience in developing and consuming ASP.NETMVC, Web form, Web API and Node.js.
  • Experience in developing Restful Web Services using Node.js and .NET Web API framework.
  • Good noledge and experience with ADO.Net, Entity Framework and LINQ.
  • Hands-on experience in MongoDB and SQL with skills like Queries, Store Procedures, Scalar Function, Aggregate Function and Conditional Statements.
  • Good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming Structure, Onion Architecture and N-tier Architecture.
  • Proficiency in Agile and Waterfall SDLC methodologies and development processes.
  • Knowledge of testing with Postman for Web API and Jasmine & Karma for Angular.
  • Experienced with deploying web application with Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline and Azure App Services.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Azure DevOps, Git and JIRA source control/project management tools.
  • Ability to communicate and work TEMPeffectively in a team with enthusiastic to learn new things.
  • Extensive exposure to optimization and different fields of programming.


Programming: Microsoft C#, Python 3, MATLAB, SQL, VBA

Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3&4, Font Awesome, AJAX, ReactJS, Redux AngularJS, Angular 4-7, Angular CLI, Angular Material

Back-end: ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API, Web Services, WCF, ASP.NET Web Forms, Entity Framework 6, LINQ, ADO.NET, Node.js

Database: MS SQL SERVER 2012/2017, MongoDB

IDE: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code

Others: Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Git, JIRA, JSON, NUnit, Webpack, Postman, Jasmine & Karma, Mocha


Confidential, Hamilton, NJ

UI Developer


  • Developed front-end with Angular 7 and back-end withWebAPI.
  • Implemented front-end components using Pipes, Directives, Modules and Services.
  • Improved responsive UI with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap3.
  • Deployed Routing and Navigation for different pages while applying Lazy Loading.
  • Used Angular Material with features like Pagination for better data displaying and Filters to achieve searching functionality.
  • Used Reactive Form to gather or edit information dynamically.
  • Implemented Form Validation for required input field and checking input data standard.
  • Developed Services with RxJS Observable for async data communication and error handling.
  • Used different Route Guards like CanActivate for autantication, Resolve to preload data and CanDeactivate to avoid missing unsaved changes.
  • Implemented Restful Web API with OAuth token-based autantication and authorization.
  • Developed CRUD functions with Entity Framework Database First Approach to connect to the database and achieved Onion Architecture with the halp of Unit of Work and Repository Generator.
  • Handled exceptions inWebAPI using Exception Filters and Exception Handlers and enabled CORS.
  • Involved in SQL database design and developed several Store Procedures and Triggers.
  • Deployed the web application with Microsoft Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline and Azure App Services.
  • Tested the Web API functions with Postman.
  • Implemented Angular unit test with Jasmine and Karma.
  • Collaborated with the group in Agile development process through the Microsoft Azure DevOps source control/project management tool.

Environment: Angular 4-7, Angular Material, Angular CLI, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3&4, JavaScript, TypeScript, Web API 2, C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server 2017, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2017, Postman, Jasmine & Karma, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Azure App Services

Confidential, New York City, NY

UI Developer


  • Designed and implemented the web application with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS and Redux.
  • Developed reusable and maintainable components with ReactJS and different views navigation with React-Router.
  • Implemented single page application feature with ReactJS.
  • Used High Order Component to bind actions to components to enhance the maintainability.
  • Implemented Drag-Drop function to allow users to directly drag products and customers data into forms withReact-Dragabble.
  • Stored and managed different components’ states and apply middleware like Redux-thunk to handle actions with Redux.
  • Used Bootstrap to achieve responsive web design like pop-up windows.
  • Involved in Restful API development using Node.js and database development using MongoDB.
  • Used axios AJAX request to implement CRUD functions like achieving and updating data.
  • Tested ReactJS parts with Mocha.
  • Bundled and packaged the ReactJS project with Webpack.
  • Implemented version control with GIT and project management with JIRA.
  • Worked with Agile and Scrum process management.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 2, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Mocha, Webpack, GIT, JIRA

Confidential, Mayfield, PA

UI Developer


  • Developed front-end with AngularJS and back-end withWebAPI.
  • Displayed data front-end components using AngularJS with features like Modules, Directives and Services.
  • Used HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, Font Awesome to make the page look better.
  • Created Custom AngularJS Directives of elements attributes types for reusable tasks.
  • Implemented client-side validations using ng-minlength, ng-maxlength and ng-pattern for different validation requirements.
  • Used custom Filters to do filtering for searching, and sorting for better data displaying.
  • Deployed Routing for products lists, products details and other pages.
  • Created Restful Web API which implemented CRUD with different HTTP Methods and enable CORS.
  • Implemented Error Handling and Exception Filter in Web API.
  • Configured data access in Web API base on Entity Framework with Database First Approach and LINQ to query the database with customized constraints.
  • Deployed Web API for the web application to consume HTTP based services like getting required data with Microsoft IIS.
  • Tested the Web API functions with Postman.
  • Implemented AngularJS unit test with Jasmine.
  • Collaborated with the group through the JIRA source control/project management tool.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Web API 2, C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Postman, Jasmine, JIRA


UI Developer


  • Designed and developed different pages like login page and multiple detail pages with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and ASP.NET Webform.
  • Developed the web application as a single web application with AngularJS.
  • Implemented different ASP.NET Webform controls like Gridview and Repeater to display different information like products information tables and orders information tables.
  • Implemented data binding and data display with AngularJS.
  • Created Master Page and multiple Partial Classes to reduce duplicate codes.
  • Implemented different classes for autantication with Validation Server Control and error handling.
  • Implemented asynchronousdata communication and ach with JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Used Cookie, Session and Viewstate to maintain the login information for easier login and status information.
  • Used ADO.NETto connect to SQL database to retrieve and update data and LINQ for convenient data query to implement searching and filtering functionalities.
  • Involved in SQL server database design and tables design.
  • Deployed the web application with Microsoft IIS.
  • Implemented version control with Git.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, C#, AngularJS, ADO.NET, LINQ, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012, Git, Microsoft IIS

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