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Software Engineer Resume


Language: C++ / SQL (Oracle 11g)/ PERL /Shell Script, Unix Scripting

Operating System: Linux/Unix, Windows



Software Engineer


  • Write and maintain C++ code which performs various data conversions like binary to decimal/ octal/ hexadecimal/ string etc.
  • Write and maintain C++ to perform file operations on TAP(Binary) files. (use inheritance, overloading, polymorphism, templates, namespaces, do memory management)
  • Use CPAN modules to write Perl scripts which perform various file operations and system monitoring.
  • Write Perl scripts which use DBI and interact wif database, generate report from database, used “sqlldr” utility to load data in database.
  • Write sql procedures, functions, triggers, packages, views to perform different validations and data manipulations on data.
  • Write shell script to fetch/push files from FTP server. (use of basic Linux commands and awk, sed)
  • Write Perl and shell scripts to automate system and monitor teh system
  • Understand teh client requirements, prepare flow chart and algorithms.
  • Training new joiners /freshers and halping them no teh system and code.
  • Code documentation.

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