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Senior Ruby On Rails Developer Resume

San Jose, CA


  • Over 14 years of experience developing software wif PHP, clean and scalable code wif OOP and MVC architecture, creating dynamic Websites and Rest APIs under a wide range of technologies.
  • 14 years working wif relational databases (MySQL, MariaDB) creating designs that work for teh business model, making materialized views and other type of de - normalized records to speed up search and sort on large databases.
  • Fully capable to configure Amazon Web Services: EC2, Auto Scaling, S3, RDS, OpsWorks and Elastic Beanstalk.
  • 5 years of experience working wif Continuous Integration processes using Git, and PHP integrations wif 3rd party such as Slack, Rollbar and Newrelic.
  • Strong skills setting up services wif Docker containers, turning of legacy applications into images and deploy of multiple services.
  • Great skills wif LAMP Stack configuration using Linux servers like Debian or Ubuntu.
  • High technical system administration skills to setup servers and configure control panels such as ISPConfig, as well as web servers, proxy cache and load balancers such as Apache, Nginx, lighttpd, Varnish and HAProxy to distribute web load and MySQL load. Setup of security tools like fail2ban to prevent unauthorized access even behind public proxies such as Cloudflare.
  • More TEMPthan 2 years of experience developing wif Ruby on Rails (ROR) multiservice platforms.
  • Optimization for best performance of MySQL (or MariaDB), PHP-FPM wif Apache or Nginx,
  • Setup of automated backups using different tools such as bup (implements incremental backups), also incremental backups using tar.
  • Monitoring wif Netdata Cloud and Newrelic.
  • Wide experience working wif PHP backend frameworks such as Laravel 5, Lumen, and CodeIgniter.
  • Extensive experience working wif AngularJS and ReactJS+webpack frontend frameworks.
  • Working wif SCRUM agile methodologies, handling sprints, deadlines, user histories and backlog, reviewing peer’s and communicating times frequently.
  • Excellent communication wif product owners and team members.
  • Good experience working wif HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Currently learning more about front end development, UX & UI product design and Mobile development.


Languages Server Side: PHP 5/7, Ruby, Bash Client Side HTML5, CSS3, JS, json

Frontend Frameworks: JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS

Databases: MySQL 5/8, MariaDB, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache

Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, lighttpd, PHP-FPM

Proxy Cache/Load: Balancers Varnish, HAProxy

Backend Frameworks: Laravel 5+, Lumen 5+, CodeIgniter 3+, Ruby on Rails

Methodologies: Agile Scrum, Kanban

Development Tools / Environment: Cloud9, Github, Bitbucket, SSH Terminal, Docker, Chef, Slack, Rollbar, Newrelic, Netdata Cloud, Trello, JIRA, Kanbanflow.


Confidential, San Jose. CA

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer


  • Maintain and implement new features for teh newspaper sites.
  • Plan and document for hardware infrastructure grow according to each site usage.
  • Manage incremental backups and system monitoring of all 130+ domains hosted.
  • Create disaster recovery plans, software usage user guides, and any other system documentation necessary.
  • Analyze new possible solutions to add to teh newspaper sites.
  • Plan and implement for code reusability among teh set of network sites.
  • Creation of new plugins, themes and necessary addons for newspaper sites when existing solutions are not acceptable.
  • Fixing 3rd party plugin bugs and failing integrations when necessary.
  • Upgrade of software package versions, Wordpress, themes and plugin versions in a safe way wifout downtimes.
  • Implement Wordpress MU network to reuse theme for a set of 10 different sites.
  • Migration of old platform sites into newest Wordpress MU networks.
  • Update and add plugins for ISPConfig when necessary.
  • Installation and configuration of teh LAMP stack on production environments.
  • Setup of mail system wif postfix, dovecot, roundcube to handle domain emailing system.
  • Manage domain DNS records including email domain autantications SPF, DKIM, DMARC.
  • Setup of security plugins and software (such as fail2ban) to stop hackers and DDoS attackers behind Cloudflare.
  • Containerize wif docker any application running on older versions to migrate from old servers such as old php platforms, old ROR platforms and thumbor services.
  • Setup and configuration for best performance teh database servers: MySQL, Redis and Memcached.
  • Keep close communication wif CTO and client users for feedback of errors and issues
  • Find teh reported error, debug and fix code.
  • Make plans wif software, requirements and time to develop new features as well as fix special condition errors.

Environment: Main Wordpress sites: ISPConfig, LAMP Stack, PHP 7.4, MySQL 5.8, Redis, Memcached.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

PHP/ROR Developer


  • Design, development and maintenance of new platform backend in microservices, wif a rest API and a website including design of databases, models, controllers and service code. Teh backend app is teh API that serves teh application and autanticates users wif OAuth. Teh frontend ROR app uses teh API and other external APIs to generate views, caches and keeps front end pages stateless to be cached by proxy caches.
  • Creation of seeds for development environments and test environments.
  • Migration of CodeIgniter powered sites into ROR platform.
  • Migrate data from old databases to new system.
  • Manage OpsWorks to deploy project and make it work for a Continuous Integration process.
  • Work on performance bottlenecks and find ways to reduce resource usage for running sites.
  • Create importers from API’s and web crawlers to feed movies info from TMDb, Actors info from TMDb and Wikipedia, and movie times from different separate theater sites to keep movietimes.com up to date.
  • Plan for system resources and configure OpsWorks for auto scaling depending on those requirements.
  • Implement fail2ban under Cloudflare into custom OpsWorks recipes; configure to block bad requests and brute force attacks.
  • Split large processes into Sideqik jobs to run in separate on demand machines triggered for specific time and keep monitoring on those processes using CloudWatch and Slack.
  • Move all static assets to S3 to serve via CloudFront CDN for static and dynamically created assets.
  • Keep close communication wif CTO for ideas and find solutions for ongoing development challenges.
  • Keep work correctly tracked in git history for all development members, help split large changes into specific consistent updates, help wif making clear messages of wat changes are happening for posterity.
  • Make sure all information on wat’s teh project requirement is tracked in Trello cards as well as Kanbanflow.

Environment: ROR 5.1.6, Unicorn, Nginx, AWS RDS, ReactJS, SASS, CoffeeScript, Thumbor, Redis, Sidekiq, NewRelic, Cloudflare, Git, Bitbucket, Foundations



  • Design, development, and maintenance of new platform backend, including design of databases, models, controllers and service code as well as designing teh view mechanisms to implement layouts and reuse views.
  • Work on performance bottlenecks and find ways to reduce resource usage for running sites.
  • Make test unit cases from most regular case scenarios and fixed bugs to avoid regression bugs.
  • Peer review other team members for project approval.
  • Create scripting code to deploy after accessibility and functional testing pass and testing in separate environment as well as run migrations and other necessary deploy code for basic Continuous Integration.
  • Make sure rollback procedures work as expected.
  • Plan and set minimal AWS EC2 resources required to launch each of teh increasing sites, making separated environments to stress test.
  • Implementation of an indexed search method using AWS CloudSearch to search and filter events and businesses through categories, tags, boundaries, event and business information.
  • Design AWS EC2 autoscaling wif dynamic instances on demand.
  • Setup and configure AWS RDS for best performance.
  • Install and configure Varnish and HAProxy as proxy cache and load balancer for a set of dynamically updating servers. Build purge and ban procedures per event, business, category, or tag.
  • Scripting for initializing and finishing instances in EC2 auto scaling groups.
  • Moving of AutoScaling to Elastic Beanstalk to ease teh management of configuration and resources.
  • Keep constant communication wif team peers and product owner about changing requirements and estimation updates.
  • Make good use of git for version control making separate updates, merge of large projects and resolve conflicts.
  • Keep JIRA tickets up to date wif all resolving issues.
  • Implement process to run businesses and events imports programmatically in worker machines using AWS SQS from over 10 different API’s including Facebook, Glodstar, Ticketnetwork, Ticketfly, Eventbrite, Eventful, Instagram, Semrush, Hotels.com, Factual, Foursquare, Yelp, Google Places, Edmunds, Opentable, Porch and Viator.
  • Migrate data from older legacy platforms.
  • Implement 2d polygonal boundaries for cities and neighborhoods so be able to relate businesses to their right boundaries using latitude and longitude information.
  • Develop admin modules to find low quality data businesses and events, batch match and update from 10+ different API’s, find and merge duplicated businesses and events, find closed or non-existing businesses by matching wif other source API’s, export events and businesses into multiple formats including a format for newspaper printed editions, a process to review and approve events and businesses, manage teh SEO per page and configurations per site, manage redirects, update and create boundaries visually by drawing polygons visually in a map.
  • Code to import 2d boundaries from geojson format and fusiontable,

Environment: LAMP Stack, PHP 5.6, Nginx, AWS RDS, Thumbor, Redis, NewRelic, Git, Github, CodeIgniter 3, AWS SQS, AWS S3, jQuery 1.7, Bootstrap



  • Development of new features and maintenance of teh platform.
  • Documentation of existing app processes using UML to help newcomers understand how was it architected.
  • Document deployment and rollback procedures.
  • Plan dates and times to deploy code to production according to procedures.
  • Document procedures to create development environments from scratch.
  • Create virtual machines for development environments that were intended to run locally wif VMWare or VirtualBox.
  • Keep documentation and tickets up to date in trac software.
  • Implementation of materialized view in MySQL to keep a large list of businesses, topics and locations ready for indexed search and filter.
  • Make good use of subversion for version control, use of branch and merges.
  • Development of a new Booking Engine module using Hotels.com and Rezserve APIs.
  • Setup and configuration of a search engine using solr 1.3 on top of apache tomcat for businesses, events and articles.
  • Implement administrative dashboards to drag and drop dynamic modules to specific category pages such as featured article and event slideshows, ad blocks, news sections, guides, maps wif nearby businesses and events, categories etc.
  • Development of information collectors to determine page keywords, ads keywords, etc. by processing site content.
  • Refactory old subsystems to make them compatible wif other frameworks such as Zend Franework and CakePHP.
  • Integrate user sessions wif teh multiple frameworks.
  • Updates of Zend Franework and CakePHP framework versions.
  • Update code to keep up wif latest pear package versions.
  • Install and configure Varnish as proxy cache and update web applications to work well wif intermediate cache proxies and maximize HIT %.
  • Build project using MediaWiki to has a better customization approach to articles for a set of 10 sites.
  • Build platforms wif ExpressionEngine 1.6, develop data sharing system to connect data for a set of different sites, migrate 8 MediaWiki sites to ExpressionEngine.
  • Design, build and deploy platform using Wordpress MU for a total of 8 news sites. Migration of all ExpressionEngine sites to Wordpress MU.

Environment: LAMP Stack, Varnish, Apache mod PHP, PHP 5.2, SSI, CakePHP, Zend Framework, PEAR DB, Prototype, jQuery 1.3, trac, Memcached, NewRelic.

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