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Sr. Python Developer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over 7 Years of experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Management, and Implementation of various standalone and client - server architecture-based enterprise application software.
  • Extensive knowledge in Python, PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, UNIXandLinux.
  • Experience with Design, code, debug operations, reporting, data analysis and web applications utilizing Python.
  • Worked with MVW frameworks likeDjango, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, XML, Java Script, jQuery, JSONandNode.js.
  • Involvement in building frameworks and automating complex workflows using Python for Test Automation.
  • Exposure toCI/CDtools - Jenkins for Continuous Integration,Ansiblefor continuous deployment.
  • Experience in writingREST APIsinPythonfor large-scale applications.
  • Have good exposure inLAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python) andWAMPArchitectures.
  • Experienced with containerizing applications usingDocker.
  • Excellent working Experience inAgile (SCRUM)using Rally and TFS, RUP and Waterfall methodologies with high quality deliverables delivered on-time.
  • Wrote Python modules to extract/load asset data from the MySQL source database.
  • Good Command of web services with protocolsSOAP, REST.
  • UtilizedPyUnit, the Python unit test framework, for all Python applications.
  • Proficient in developing websites and web applications usingPHP, MYSQL, AWS, Flask, REDIS, HTML, XML, JSON, CSS, Java Script & AJAX.
  • Have experience on Kubernetes and Docker for runtime environment of system to build, test &deploy.
  • Experience inAmazon Web Services (AWS)cloud platform likeEC2,Virtual private clouds(VPCs), Storage models (EBS,S3, instance storage),Elastic Load Balancers(ELBs).
  • Experience in working with Python ORM Libraries includingDjango ORM.
  • Superior Troubleshooting and Technical support abilities with Migrations, Network connectivity and Security and Database applications.
  • Skilled in testing tools likeBugzillaandJIRA.
  • Contributed to the Python codebase used in the automated deployment of software on multiple virtual machines.
  • Experienced in working with variousPython IDEsusing PyCharm, Spyder, NetBeans, PyStudio, PyScripter, Eric, Wing IDE and PyDev.
  • Adept at automating repetitive work throughShell scriptsand Python.


Sr. Python Developer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle including gathering Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the Website using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Angular Js.
  • Designed and Developed SQL database structure with Django Framework using agile methodology.
  • Setup and build AWS infrastructure various resources, VPC EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling, and RDS in Cloud Formation JSON templates.
  • Developed project using Django, Oracle, Angular, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Express.js and Bootstrap.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes
  • Created an on-premises CI/CD solution using Jenkins and the Pipeline plugin which uses pipeline as code.
  • Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for local timestamp data manipulation and retrieval and storing it into MongoDB.
  • Experienced with AWS cloud platform and its features, which includes EC2, S3, ROUTE53 VPC, EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS and cloud watch.
  • Developed views and templates with Python and Django's view controller and templating language to create a user-friendly Website interface.
  • Managed datasets using Panda data frames and Oracle-SQL, queried Oracle-SQL database queries from python using Python-Oracle-SQL connector and Oracle-SQL dB package to retrieve information.
  • Developed Docker container based micro services using Spring Boot and deployment on Kubernetes cluster.
  • Worked on AWS EC2/VPC/S3/SQS/SNS based on automationTerraform, Ansible, Python, BashScripts.
  • Develop programs to automate the testing of controller in CI/CD environment using Python, Bash script, Git and Linux command line.
  • Utilized Python libraries Numpy, Report Lab, Jason-Logic and Matplotlib.
  • Created methods (get, post, put, delete) to make requests to the API server and tested Restful API using postman.
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Written functional API test cases for testing RESTAPI’ swith Postman and Integrated with Jenkins server to build scripts.
  • Worked withTerraformto create AWS components likeEC2, IAM, VPC, ELB, Security groups
  • Generated dynamic Pdf documents using Report Lab python library.
  • Deployed the project into Heroku using GIT version control system.
  • Involved in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with Shell script.
  • Python's Unit Testing library was used for testing various programs on python and other codes. Worked on various applications using python integrated IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Sublime Text and PyCharm

Environment: Python 2.7, Django, C++, MySQL, Oracle 11.2, Linux, CI/CD, Eclipse, Shell Scripting, HTML, Jason, SVN, CSS, AJAX, Bugzilla, JavaScript, Apache Web Server, Apache spark, Git, Jenkins.

Python Developer

Confidential, Beaverton, OR


  • Developed, tested, and deployed Business feature set in Node.js with Express and MongoDB backend, incorporating APIs.
  • Developed Cloud Formation templates, also launched AWS Elastic Beanstalk for deploying, monitoring, and scaling web applications using different platforms like Docker, Python etc.
  • UsedAzure Container ServiceswithKubernetesfor orchestrating the servers.
  • Worked on with Dockers container snapshots, attaching to a running container, removing images, managing director structures and managing containers. Virtualized the images by using the Docker files.
  • Deployed the applications on multiple Web Logic Servers, Tomcat Application servers and maintained Load balancing, high availability, and Failover functionalities.
  • Analyzed the SQL scripts and designed the solution to implement using PySpark.
  • Used Spark and Spark-SQL to read the parquet data and create the tables in hive using the Scala API.
  • Managed a team of DevOps engineer for infrastructure support on AWS cloud. Creating Cloud Formation scripts for hosting software on AWS cloud. Automating the installation of software through Power Shell scripts.
  • Worked on SQL and PL/SQL for backend data transactions and validations.
  • Installing and automation of application using configuration management tools Puppet and Chef.
  • Trained staff on effective use ofJenkins, Docker, GitLab and Kubernetes
  • Implemented Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, and SVN and ran the Chef cookbooks/recipes to automate Build and manage on tomcat, apache, Web Logic.
  • Worked on statistical analysis by processing of collected data and Data Visualization using Python Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy and Numpy packages.
  • Worked on Jira for managing the tasks and improving the individual performance.
  • Used REST and SOAPUI for testing Web service for server-side changes.

Environment: Python 3.4, 2.7, Django 1.9/1.7, SQL, Java Script, Numpy, Linux, Shell Scripting, Mongo DB HTML, Angular JS, CSS, MySQL, CI/CD, Bootstrap, Amazon S3, AWS

Python Developer

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL


  • Representation of the system in hierarchy form by defining the components, subcomponents using Python and developed set of library functions over the system based on the user needs.
  • Developed tools using Python, Shell scripting, XML to automate tasks.
  • Enhanced by addingPython XML SOAPrequest/response handlers to add accounts, modify trades and security updates.
  • Build and deployed the code artefacts into the respective environments in the Confidential Azure cloud.
  • ImplementedRESTful Web-Servicesfor sending and receiving the data between multiple systems.
  • Developing scalable and reusable database processes and integrating them.
  • Worked on SQL and PL/SQL for backend data transactions and validations.
  • Installing and automation of application using configuration management tools Puppet and Chef.
  • Using python NLTK tool kit to be used in smart MMI interactions.
  • Supported development of Web portals, completed Database Modelling in PostgreSQL, front end support in HTML/CSS, JQuery.
  • Assess the infrastructure needs for each application and deploy it on Azure platform.
  • Involved in various phases of the project like Analysis, Design, Development, and Testing.
  • Developed a Front-End GUI as stand-alone Python application.
  • Debug application deployments on Multiple levels.
  • Involved in development of Web Services using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface in theXMLformat.
  • Trained and documented initial deployment and Supported product stabilization / debugging at the deployment stage.
  • Designed and maintained databases using Python and developed Python based API (RESTful Web Service) using FlaskSQL Alchemy and PostgreSQL.
  • Used Django & Flask framework for API creation and application development.
  • Used private Git for the version control.

Environment: Python 3, Django, Rest, Apache Tomcat, Azure, MS Team Foundation Server, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, JIRA, PyCharm.

Python Developer 

Confidential, Oakland, CA


  • Participated in various phases in lifecycle of projects including Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Testing.
  • Built anETLdata pipeline in Python.
  • UsedRestfulWeb services for integration with many monitoring devices.
  • Migrated the Django database from SQLite3 to MySQL with complete data integrity.
  • Knowledge of user authentication to various systems usingOAuth.
  • PortPython 2.7scripts toPython 3so to be in compliance with latest libraries.
  • UsedPandasfor handling large volume of data asDataFrames.Written scripts to handle missing data, for data analysis and to reduce dimension.
  • Wrote Unit and Integration Tests for all the ETL services.
  • UsedRESTfulWeb Services to read the XML content from suppliers.
  • Build API services withRESTendpoints usingFlaskframework.
  • Created interactive Dashboard utilizingNode.jsandusingNode-RED.
  • Worked on Code-Refactoring for many modules to increase code efficiency.
  • Participate in Code reviews and identify potential issues.
  • Developed test cases and performedunit testing.
  • Virtualization experience usingVMware.
  • Implemented Multi-threading in Python where Threads aggressively monitor for different types of incoming server requests on the build.
  • UsedJirafor issue tracking and usedBitbucket with Gitfor version controlling.

Environment: Python 2.7, Python 3, Pandas, Git, Node.js, REST, OAuth, Flask, Bitbucket, VMWare.

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