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Rpa Developer Resume

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Ridgefield, NJ


  • A highly self - motivated and enthusiastic professional with overall 5+ years of IT experience and 3+ years of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in UiPath.
  • 2 years of experience as an Agile Scrum Master.
  • Experience in building RPA (Robotics Process Automation) solutions using UiPath.
  • Hands on Experience in creating PDD (Process Definition Document) and developed respective SDD (Solution Design Documents).
  • Developed many proofs of concept automation processes using the UiPath tool and have also helped develop many real time automation processes.
  • Working in Insurance and Financial domains related process automation for 3+ years.
  • The RPA implementation TEMPhas resulted in good FTE savings and improved AHT to 70%.
  • Experience in setup Orchestrator in new environment and provisioning access to team.
  • Good Experience in developing & deploying the bots using UiPath Studio, Orchestrator and creating executors to trigger the bots from back office, monitoring bot execution & production support.


RPA Tools: UiPath

Programming Languages: .Net, VB.NET

Databases: SQL Server 2012/2008, Oracle 9i, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows & VM

Web technologies: HTML, XML, CSS

Business Modeling Tools: MS Vision

Design and Process: Agile Scrum, RPA Methodology

Packages: MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint)


Confidential, Ridgefield, NJ

RPA Developer


  • Implemented End to end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath.
  • Working with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and BA’s (Business Analyst) to discuss on the detailed process, gather requirements and get clarifications.
  • Responsible for implementing the full life cycle of RPA solutions: identifying automation opportunities, gather requirements, implement, test, and deploy targeted automation solutions using industry leading RPA tool UI Path
  • Experience in designing and developing high volumewebservicesusingAPIProtocols and Data Formats like REST, JSON.
  • Implemented features of automation tools like Basic/Web/Desktop/Image Recorders for existing robots and reduced the time of Task development using UI-Path.
  • Build scraping method for structured and unstructured data from the web applications by using Data Scraping and Screen Scraping.
  • Used Screen Scraping techniques with the Full Text, Native and OCR accurately.
  • Experience in using the OCR activities and its engines like Google, Microsoft.
  • Following Best Practices of UiPath like creating annotations, Naming conventions for the variables, (in/out) to the arguments, logging, using write line activity to check outputs, maintaining titles or names to each container throughout the project, exception handling to execute the project.
  • Used GitHub application for committing the code daily.
  • Extensive experience on building reliable selectors using UI-Explorer, Chrome, Firefox based on applications behavior.
  • Experience in building thereusable components or processes which can be implemented in several processes.
  • Expertise in handling multiple modules or tasks in UiPath like UiPath Orchestrator, and UiPath Studio.
  • Well Versed with UiPath Orchestrator, adding Robots, Queues, Assets, Creating-environments, uploading Processes, Jobs, Publishing packages, Scheduling jobs.
  • Interacting with team to check on any unresolved issues and meet the deadlines.
  • Performed tool evaluation and feasibility to help in selecting suitable Automation tool forRPA implementation.
  • Provided Exception handling at every possible scenario for a robust error-free development.
  • Participated in online meetings to demonstrate the capabilities of RPA for on-going projects and potential clients.
  • Implemented Agile Methodology for Design and Development of the projects.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving complex issues.
  • Collaborated in setting up and maintaining a knowledge sharing library for (a) information about how to implement Robotics and (b) re-usable Bot code.

Environment: UiPath, GitHub, Postman, SQL Developer, Outlook, Excel.

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI



  • Implemented End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath.
  • Worked with the Architect on the Process Definition Documentation (PDD).
  • Conducted walk through of Solution Design Document (SDD).
  • Use agile/rapid-iteration methodologies to deliver work and involve in AGILE AND SCRUM meetings.
  • Hands-on experience in automating various applications like Email, Excel, Browser, Desktop, PDF using UiPath Studio.
  • Implemented various logics in the Bot using IF, While, Do while and For Each loop.
  • Used EMAIL AUTOMATION with different activities like IMAP, SMTP, EXCHANGE, OUTLOOK to send and receive the email notifications, business or application exceptions.
  • Developed RE Framework in UiPath for exception handling & used to define states in project.
  • Expertise in ORCHESTRATOR to deploy and manage processes and packages executed by one or multiple Configured BOTs.
  • Interacting with window and web browsers for continuous navigation of applications.
  • Used image activities with wait conditions to ensure proper website or application loading, to perform certain actions in a loop.
  • Extracted text from the PDF Documents by using Get Text, Read PDF with OCR activities along with Anchor Base activity for fluctuating values from one or more PDF files.
  • Designed workflows in EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE to automate all the manual tasks in the business which used MS Excel.
  • Worked on technologies like OCR (Google, Microsoft) for getting confidential information from the business documents.
  • Scheduling the BOTs through Orchestrator and managed robot's workloads.
  • Supported business and technical teams during robotic projects and mitigate/Resolve risks and issues that may impact project schedule, cost, scope, quality etc.

Environment: UI PATH, OCR, MS Office, VB.Net, Html, Oracle, SQL Server.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Agile Coach / Scrum Master


  • Serving as an Agile Coach for all Cyber Protection and Cyber Risk scrum teams at Toyota.
  • Identifying and removing impediments from the team that interfere with the team’s ability to deliver on project objectives.
  • Leading the Scrum Master Community of Practice (Quality Circle) group.
  • Working with teams to institute, practice, and adopt Scrum and Agile techniques.
  • Conducting daily scrum meeting with all the involved stakeholders of the Agile Scrum team.
  • Identifying and introducing opportunities for the team to improve through coaching and questioning.
  • Serving as a mentor to Scrum Masters, Product Managers, and other Agile leaders with an aim to make Agile techniques successful, resilient and permanent.
  • Collaborating to develop Agile training materials, newsletters, and supporting communities as they relate to Agile practices.
  • Providing Agile and role-specific training for management, team members, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.
  • Observing team activities (e.g., sprint planning, sprint review, retrospective, grooming) and providing constructive feedback to teams and leads.
  • Working with the teams to ensure adherence to the defined Scrum processes and framework (status reporting, compliance, estimation).
  • Working with the teams to ensure the appropriate tools are being leveraged and enterprise practices are being followed to enable consistency and metrics where needed.
  • Working with management and teams to strengtan our Agile culture.
  • Booting up new teams from Waterfall to Agile.
  • Facilitating team activities (e.g., Definition of Ready, Definition of Done, Team Working Agreement) and assisting those teams in establishing the fundamentals of Agile.
  • Managing the Agile Scrum process, for multiple Scrum teams.

Environment: JIRA, JIRA Portfolio, Confluence, Microsoft Teams.

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