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Service-now Consultant Resume

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Columbus, GA


  • A ServiceNow Developer with around 5 years of overall IT experience and 3+ years having specialized experience on Implementation, Administration, Development and Maintenance
  • Service - Now working with different modules such as Incident Management, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, Problem Management, Asset Management, Request Management, Change Management, Project Management, Portfolio management and Reporting and CMDB.
  • Proficient in Analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of business and commercial applications.
  • Good Experience in customizing ServiceNow modules and applications by writing Business Rules, Client Scripts, UI Scripts, Script Includes, UI Policies.
  • Good experience in administering ServiceNow modules using Email Notifications, Access Control Lists, Scheduling Reports, Roles, Groups, User Administration, Update Sets, Defining SLA’s, Service Catalogs.
  • MID Server configuration and understanding the concepts of Discovery and its basic troubleshooting steps on ECC Queue log checking.
  • Experience in Implementing Single Sign on (SSO) using SAML, LDAP, and Windows AD Azure.
  • Experience in Integrating using web services (SOAP and REST), inbound email actions and Transform maps.
  • Experience in loading the data into ServiceNow using import sets and transform maps.
  • Expertise on creation of workflows, Flow Designer for Service Catalog items in ServiceNow.
  • Involved in upgrading and cloning of instances with a proper documentation.
  • Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), quality management system and project life cycle processes.
  • Extensively worked on configuring Service portal by designing pages using OOB widgets and custom widgets.
  • Experience in creating test and suites using Automated Test Framework (ATF).
  • Automated HR Training compliance process by creating custom application, workflows with orchestration activities.
  • Utilized Orchestration to extend workflows to interact with systems and application code outside.


Scripting: JavaScript, Python, Jelly Script, Glide script

Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Web Technologies: jQuery, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, XML, Web services

Software Methodologies: SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, scrum

Framework: ITIL


Confidential, Columbus, GA

Service-Now Consultant


  • Worked closely with Business Analysts/stakeholders in gathering requirements and converting them into stories/creating technical documentation for ServiceNow implementation.
  • Used ITIL practices to implement ServiceNow applications in phase by phase approach using agile methodology.
  • Involved in sprint planning, creating sprints and stories for day to day development tracking.
  • Configured and Customized Incident/Problem/Change/Service catalog modules using Business rules, Client scripts, Workflows per the requirement.
  • Involved in creating users, groups, roles and load the data to service now using import sets on daily, weekly or requirement basis.
  • Involved in deploying and releasing work into Production and provided off-hours production support
  • Creating Scheduled Reports, legacy homepages and Dashboards to track the important day to day activities.
  • Worked on creating custom and cloning OOB service portal widgets to utilize them in pages and catalog items.
  • Worked on Inbound email actions for custom tables, incident with defined rules and triggering conditions.
  • Administered update set captures while moving updates from one instance to another with minimal errors/warnings.
  • Configured OOB KB from custom solutions by implementing KCS process to improve user experience.
  • Worked with module owners to define workflow structure by creating mock-up flowcharts/pictures with different situations for better handling process.
  • Prepared technical documentation for new process/modules and involved in training sessions.
  • Created Tests and Test Suites using Automated test framework for catalog items.
  • Good noledge of domain separation (ATF), separate data, processes and setting up the access control level of data.
  • Performed enabling and disabling the Automated Test Framework (ATF), modify retention policies, move tests between instances, control user access to the Automated Test Framework, and created custom test step configurations and step environments.
  • Created scoped application extending incident table and writing cross scoped privileges for reading data and configured service portal.

Environment: ServiceNow, JavaScript, Jelly script, Problem, Incident, Problem, Change, Asset, UI pages, Service catalog, Knowledge, CMDB, Integrations, mid servers, LDAP, SLA, reports, Script includes, Asset management, Agile/Scrum module, email notifications, dashboards, workflows, ACL, update sets

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA

Service-Now Consultant


  • Involved in implementing service catalog by creating multiple catalog forms and record producers.
  • Created complex catalog forms using multi-row variable sets and including portal widgets when required.
  • Created Automated tests and suites for forms as well as modules for a smooth upgrade process.
  • Involved in upgrading/cloning from Jakarta to Kingston with a 6 week plan from DEV to PROD.
  • Written cloned scripts to preserve the specific configuration in target instances.
  • Worked on different server side and client side logic using ServiceNow API methods which involves background scripts, fix scripts, client scripts, UI scripts, Business rules, Script Include, Transform Scripts, Script actions, email notifications scripts, inbound email action scripts etc.
  • Involved in update set review to make sure updates are properly captured when moving them between different instances.
  • Integrated ServiceNow with third party tools using REST web services using HTTP Methods.
  • Defined and created proper ACL’s to make sure data is secured on different record operations and script includes per the requirement.
  • Created several email notifications, events, email notification scripts, script actions.
  • Hands on experience on building reports and scheduling them on regular basis for user to track ongoing data traffic.
  • Created Dashboards for the users with restrictions implemented for different groups using reports, gauges
  • Involved in designing portal pages with custom and reusable widgets using options schema.
  • Created relationships for configuration items (CI’s) in CMDB
  • Involved in data migrations process using import sets and transform maps from external applications (Excel, CSV, JDBC etc).
  • Used transform maps for setting the field mapping for the data in import sets with the target table and writing transform scripts per the requirement (onAfter, onBefore and onComplete).
  • Extensive experience on Orchestration extending the workflow engine and OOTB applications to manage processes and to automate things outside of a ServiceNow instance.

Environment: ServiceNow, Update sets, lookup definitions, assignment rules, data policies, UI Policies, UI Actions, Script includes, Glide AJAX, Background scripts and record producers, ACL’s, Reports, Dashboards, Workflows, Forms, import sets, CMDB, LDAP, SSO, CI Relationships, Reports, Service Portal, Integrations, Transform maps, Web services, Scripting.

Confidential, Batavia, IL

ServiceNow Developer/ Admin


  • Gathered requirement from stakeholders for attributes needed to develop Service Catalog items.
  • Maintained Service catalog in creating new catalog items, record producers, designing workflows and execution plans.
  • Customizing and developing for the ServiceNow Platform using JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Other Web Based scripting.
  • Created Assignment rules and trigger rules for on-call.
  • Worked on LDAP migration process between different tools.
  • Defined user Criteria for noledge base and catalog items
  • Generated scheduled Reports and created dashboards for the business users.
  • Worked on Problem Management implementation in configuring and customizing using Business rules, script includes notifications and script actions.
  • Setup custom functionality using formatters, UI macros on the problem form for additional functionality in terms of UI.
  • Defined Response SLA’s and Resolution SLA’s for incidents with proper escalation path when breached.
  • Worked on Inactivity monitor on problem records and script actions/notifications when events are triggered.
  • Maintained internal noledge base for ServiceNow process and procedures related to development and administration.
  • Good understanding of integration protocols: REST and SOAP APIs and worked on LDAP, Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations.
  • Utilized Orchestration to extend workflows to interact with systems and application code outside.

Environment: ServiceNow, Update sets, lookup definitions, assignment rules, data policies, UI Policies, UI Actions, Script includes, Glide AJAX, Background scripts and record producers, ACL’s, Reports, Dashboards, Workflows, Forms, import sets, CMDB, LDAP, SSO, CI Relationships, Reports, Service Portal, Integrations, Transform maps, Web services, Scripting.


UI Developer


  • Responsible for designing and developing WebPages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, jQuery based on the W3C standards.
  • Involved in implementing the UI pages to support all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Worked on designing the frontend setup and user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML and CSS.
  • Worked with CSS background, CSS Layouts, CSS texts, CSS border, CSS margin and CSS behaviours.
  • Utilized jQuery and AJAX technologies to make the website more attractive and user friendly.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Agile methodology, jQuery, XML.

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