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Node.js/react.js Developer Resume

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Omaha, NE


  • IT professional wif 7+ years of experience as a UI Developer specializing in responsive web design development .Successfully led and developed solutions, participated on team doing analysis, design, development, implementation, enhancements and testing of web applications
  • Experience in Web Application Development using HTML5/4, CSS3/2, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, LESS/SASS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular2, and NodeJS.
  • Experience on the latest front end Technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 properties like Border Radius, Border Images, Transition, Transform, Animation and Multi - Column properties.
  • Has used extensively CSS and Bootstrap wif a good look out for.
  • Expert in Bootstrap to develop responsive web pages and other great features like modal, collapse etc. which will give a smooth animation.
  • Designed the application using J2EE multi-tiered Web Application technologies incorporating MVC and other popular design pattern.
  • Designed and developed application using Core Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), spring and Oracle.
  • Strong noledge of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and applying OO principals in full Software Development Life Cycle
  • Expertise in Java, Multithreading, Exception Handling, Struts 2.0, Spring, Spring MVC Hibernate, RESTAPI, Enterprise javaBeans, JDBC
  • Extensive experience in analysis, designing developing Web applications usingC, MVC 4, JQuery, JSON, SignalR, WCF, Web ApiRestful servicesandEntity FrameworkORM
  • Worked mainly on User Interface using HTML, JSP, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, and JQuery.
  • Experience in using jQuery, AJAX, JSON and DOM scripting to create user interactive web applications like alerts or prompt boxes and autocomplete form validations.
  • Good experience in working wif High Traffic Websites.
  • Extensive Knowledge in developing single-page applications (SPAs) using various JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS.
  • Used Google charts API to create dynamic charts which are good in making decision are helpful in getting overview.
  • Expert in using Angular directives, custom directives and third party directives
  • Good noledge in Angular.js directives to create reusable elements and attributes, along wif easy to test and maintain client side interactivity in web applications
  • Sound noledge on Angular 4.
  • Proficient in designing and developing Single Page Applications usingReact,React-RouterandReact-Reduxfrom scratch
  • Experience in using D3.js to build dynamic, interactive graphs and charts in web browsers.
  • Experience in cross browser and cross-device compatibility check and thoroughly performed unit testing using Jasmine, Mocha, JUnit and Karma.
  • Experience in working MVC Architecture andalso proficient in various version control systems cross browser issues GitHub, Subversion.
  • Good understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM functions.
  • Experience in working wif RESTful Web Services and implementing RESTful API's.
  • Worked on both web and mobile based applications.
  • Working experience wif JIRA, Bugzilla, Firebug and CDETS bug tracking tools.
  • Experience wif Gulp and Grunt task runners and also using package managers like Yeoman, Bower and NPM.
  • Knowledge in database programming experience using SQL, T-SQL, in constructing tables, views, Stored Procedures, Indexes, relational database models and ETL techniques.
  • Strong in writingSQLqueriesinPL/SQLandT-SQL,triggers,storedproceduresin Relational Database Management Systems likeOracle, MySQL, PostgreSQLandMicrosoftSQLServer.
  • Experience in implementing MEAN Stack(Mongo DB, Express.js, Node.js, and React.js).
  • Experience in using various IDE's, Web Storm, Notepad++, Eclipse, Sublime, Dreamweaver, Brackets and IntelliJ.
  • Experience in working wif multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE … ), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Good noledge wif Amazon web services, AWS command line interface, and AWS data pipeline
  • Experience in using testing frameworks likeSelenium, JasmineandPhontom.js.
  • Worked extensively in Agile & Waterfall Development process


Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, ES5/ES6, AJAX, JSON, PHP

J2EE Technologies: Java EE, JSP, Servlet, EJB, JDBC.

J2EE Frameworks: Spring 3.x, Hibernate 3.X, Struts 1.x/2.x

JavaScript Libraries: ExtJS 5.0.1, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngulrJS, Knockout.JS, Node.js, ReactJS.

Application/Web servers: Apache Tomcat, HTTP Web Server, JBoss, IBM Web Sphere

IDE,HTML Editor: Eclipse IDE, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, RAD, Net beans, Microsoft Visual Studio, WebStorm

Databases: MongoDB, PL/SQL (Oracle), Python, NOSQL.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X,UNIX and LINUX

Debugging Tools: Firebug, IE Developer Tools, Safari Web Inspector, Firebug Lite, AngularJS, and Batarang.

Animation: Adobe flash CS3,Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Photoshop

Version Control: GitHub, CVS, SVN, Clear Case, Visual SourceSafe(VSS)

Methodology: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall


Node.JS/React.JS Developer

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 2.0, ReactJS, NodeJS, JQuery, AJAX, XML, JSON, PHP, REST web services, Protractor, Mocha, Chai, GIT etc.,.


  • Designed Responsive Web pages using media queries and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Experienced in ReactJSand working wif React Flux architecture.Experienced in working wif Redux architecture.
  • Working wif ECMA Script 6 features. For build of JSX and ES2015 (ES6) used Babel, web pack.
  • Working wif React Router for developing Single Page Applications SPAs.
  • Experienced in developing React components.Used Axios wif ReactJs for making AJAX Calls.Worked on Web pack for build and web pack-dev-server a server.
  • Actively involved developing proof of concept for a newly proposed application in using Angular 2.
  • Working experience wif Typescript new features block scope, type restrictions, decorators, arrow functions, classes, interfaces, modules (import and exports).
  • Used web pack, babel and gulp for transpilation (compilation) configuration for typescript to be converted to JavaScript.
  • Worked wif Angular 2.0 to develop single page applications, worked wif ngrx/store for managing Angular 2.0 applications.
  • Worked wif http interceptors configurations for security in Angular 2.0 applications.
  • Worked wif Angular 2.0 directives, components, pipes, injectables.
  • For Responsive Web design used Bootstrap to build grids, layouts and components. Used Bootstrap components like dropdown menus, navigation bar, alerts, and labels.
  • Setup Jasmine and Karma for UNIT and Functional Testing of JavaScript wif mocking frameworks and spys.
  • Worked wif MEAN/ MERN stack for developing applications.
  • Worked wif modules like Mongo DB and mongoose for database persistence usingNode.jsto interact wif Mongo DB.
  • Worked wif Express.jsfor development of Restful web services and middleware configurations.
  • Worked wif Passport and JSON web tokens for autantication and authorization security configurations usingNode.js.
  • Worked wif npm commands and using package.json for managing dependencies and dev-dependencies ofNodeJSapplications.
  • To simplify the connection between the client and the resources located on the server used REST APIs
  • For exchanging data between several client applications and gives the developer to build applications wifout having to depend on the type of client we used REST API s
  • Consumed RESTFUL webservices in the user interface using JSON
  • Worked wif Grunt, Gulp for task runner configurations for minification, watch, jshint, jscs, css autoprefixer, and sass compilation, bundling and test runner configurations and make it available as a command.
  • Worked wif unit testing of java script applications using Karma, Jasmine, apimocker, Jest, enzyme, snion.

UI/Node.js Developer

Confidential, Illinois

Environment: HTML5, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular.js, NodeJS, ReactJS, Ember.js, Bootstrap, Web storm


  • Developed website using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, and JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js, jQuery, RESTful web Services.
  • Utilized CSS to improve the user interface by re-shaping the panel using the feature of border and box-shadow.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap Grid system to improve the layout design.
  • Created sites to organize client contracts and to summarize monthly financial data usingEmber.js, D3.jsandMySQL
  • Used various libraries of JavaScript likejQuery,backbone.js, Ember.js Require.js and node.jsto develop User Interface of web page.
  • Experience in building end to end web applications usingMEANstack wifAngular1.X,2.
  • Developed client side validation code using JavaScript wifES5andJQUERY
  • The tech stack isAngularJS, Express and innovative server side technologies likeNode.js, MongoDB(MEAN Stack)
  • Utilized Bootstrap Modal plugin to display the full information in the pop up window.
  • Worked wif HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript, ReactJS and ES6 for developing user interface.
  • Modularized Front End CSS and NodeJS code wif sass. Built a real time mouse/click user analytics web services wif NodeJS.
  • Implement modules into NodeJS to integrate wif the design and requirements.
  • Ran bower and grunt components and wrote the scripting using NodeJS implemented a NodeJS server to manage autantication
  • UsedGulpto compile and compress the JavaScript, CSS, HTML files wifBabel,ESlint,uglifyand usedWeb packto bundle files.
  • Experience developing web based applications using NodeJS and java on the server side.
  • Created web server to intercept requests by clients and to talk to the database wif NodeJS.
  • Employed express.js to setup middle wares to respond to http requests and created restful web services wif NodeJS.
  • Developed real time tracking of class schedules using NodeJS (socket.io based on socket technology, ExpressJS framework).
  • Browserifying the NodeJS module, so dat it can be directly invoked from browser, used Browserifymodule.
  • Developed and prepared test cases for unit testing wif jUnit. Followed Agile Methodology.

UI/Node.JS Developer

Confidential, Oregon

Environment: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, Source Tree, NodeJS, Gulp, Firebug, Sublime Text


  • Worked in the development of UI pages using HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS
  • Used JavaScript framework AngularJS to develop Single Page Application.
  • Used AngularJS for creating new validations for the form field validation implemented through HTML5.
  • Experience in working wif various concepts of AngularJS like Directives, Services and Data Binding Etc.
  • Developed AngularJS custom directives for data manipulations and to display data in company standard format in UI. DesignedFrontendwif in object oriented JavaScript framework likeAngular.JS, Node.js. Used building rich internet applications,backbone JS RequireJSto optimize in-browser use and to load the module and to improve the Speed.
  • Applied jQuery core library functions for the logical implementation of all the applications at the client side.
  • Utilized jQuery and AJAX for service calls on pages to interact wif the server for information.
  • Used jQuery to update bulk of attributes and used AJAX, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the website.
  • Developed application for different browsers and fixed bugs for browser compatibility. Implemented and designed user interface for web based customer application.
  • Developed components to fetch the data from the backendusing AJAX and jQuery.
  • Used gulp task runner to observe changes in project, wif installation of latest versions of Node JS environment.

Associate Software Engineer


Environment: Java, Hibernate, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax, HTML, Css


  • To develop and enhance all the customer facing management portals as suggested by integration Team
  • Writing UI/Business validations for the owned use case besides unit testing and integration testing of owning use cases.
  • The large feature dat me worked here is to merge all the individual policy portals into single management portal and deprecate the individual portals for all types of policies.
  • Developed the portal from the scratch including the database design in MySQL The back-end code was written in JAVA. We used MVC architecture for developing an Hibernate ORM tool.
  • The new portal has reduced the rendering speed time of the portal by a factor of 1.7
  • Developed an automatic billing generation system to render the complete policy details for the customer and create an invoice in multiple formats for downloads.

Java Application Developer


Environment: Java, Groovy, Grails, Hibernate, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax, XML, Json


  • Responsible for coding of DAO classes using spring wif hibernate, coding POJO classes and its HBM files.
  • Developed many features from scratch which includes the phases like DB modeling, writing core business logic at back-end in JAVA and UI development using front -end web technologies.
  • Paralleled the batch updating of customer entities using threads in JAVA.
  • Monitored the deployment of RPMS into sever for many release shakeouts. Resolved more TEMPthan 120 critical issues as apart of improving and fixing existing bugs in the management portals.

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