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Web Developer Resume

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  • Computer Repair: Providing the end - user wif repair solutions wif extremely efficient solutions to difficult problems. Accurate diagnosis and repair of both hardware/software of Mac OS/Windows/Linux environments. Hardware repair up-to requiring replacing components to software repair fixes since 2004 to today.
  • Networking/Security: Dealt wif setting up networking - setting up cabling using latest ethernet standards. Keeping everything very organized while making sure the system was running up to par every day. Analysis of security threats in large server environments and quick fixes as well as testing backups and functionality of Windows server environments on a constant basis, and virtual machine setup.
  • Computer Assistance: Providing users wif best industry-practices to ensure stability in not just server environments but to create better behavior throughout work environments from single user experiences to large scale multi-platform users.


Systems: Latest Windows platforms on end-user and server environments. Mac OS

Databases: MySQL, MSSQL

Software: Myriad of software repair tools to analyze hardware/software issues, MS Office, Adobe Suite

Skills: Hardware Specialist, Networking, Fast Typer (90wpm), Advanced Computer Repair, Teaching, Server Administration, PHP, SQL, Batch, Bash, etc.

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