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Front End Engineer Resume

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  • Front End Engineer, with a history in computer engineering and computer science looking to help build more dynamic experiences for users on the web. Obtained from Vanderbilt University in full stack development. Strong professional skills in JavaScript, CSS, React.js, mobile responsiveness, and other modern web technologies with complete understanding of back end (server - side) implementation. Excited to showcase skills as a highly committed/enthusiastic developer based on quality and attention to detail, consulting with members who have similar passion for coding.


  • Computer programming, Python, Java, JavaScript, algorithms, data structures, web applications, operating systems, TypeScript familiarity, ES6, asynchronous programming, CSS3, HTML, MVC, software design/front-end engineering tools, jQuery, SQL, database knowledge, relational database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, React.Js, other frameworks/programming languages, Single Page Applications, Express.js, webpack, MongoDB, JSON, GraphQL, Apollo, Node.js, REST APIs, API connectivity, Jest, TDD, Unit Testing, debugging software, GitHub, HTML5, User Interface, User experience design, software engineering, mobile responsive design, interaction design, full-stack development, web development, UI component libraries familiarity, agile software development, agile methodologies, excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong problem solving skills, Lean, scrum, Vuco, Kanban




  • Contributed towards React development, styling, planning, and logo creation
  • Includes React.js, MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, GraphQL, and Apollo



  • Worked on front-end development, implementing Tailwind style css.
  • Maintained organized retro theme for classic-style gaming
  • Helped improve overall CSS style to the page based on team's theme ps

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