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Sr. Front End Developer Resume

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Monroe, LA


  • Dedicated and proficient Full Stack Software Engineer aiming to leverage 9+ years of software development and 9+ years of software quality assurance testing experience to contribute using extensive knowledge and strong foundation cultivated through Enterprise software development processes and procedures.


MICROSOFT .NET DEVELOPMENT: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, UX), Invision/Zeplin, CSS3/HTML5 (LESS/SASS), Mobile Design (PWA, RWD, etc.), JavaScript, (Angular13, React, Redux, React Native, Vue.JS GraphQL, NodeJS, ES6, Typescript), NoSQL, Database (MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc.)

ORACLE/JAVA DEVELOPMENT: Java EE 8 SDK, Spring, Struts2, JSF Frameworks, ORM Frameworks (Hibernate, iBatis), Oracle RDBMS (PL - SQL), Apache Foundation (Tomcat, Maven, OpenJPA, etc.)

PRESENTATION/UI/UX: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, UX), Invision /Zeplin, CSS3/HTML5

(LESS/SASS), Mobile Design (PWA, RWD, etc.)

OTHER/INTANGIBLES: Cloud Platforms (AWS/Azure), SOA/Microservices (JSON, SOAP, XML, REST), 7+ Years Remote Development, Continuous Integration (Docker/Jenkins), TDD/BDD Auto(Jasmine, Jest, JUnit, Selenium),Agile Development.



Confidential, Monroe, LA


  • Worked on Enterprise Risk Management platform, which provided custom developed Angular 13 components written to simplify record management towards better risk, requirements and problem management across the Enterprise.
  • Extended in-house Dialog component within Fuse library, which allowed component to present a text area form input for accepting user feedback - while leveraging Storybook.
  • Integrated newly-developed Record Administration component into Risk Details section, and refactored using - internal-facing Gravity Design System specification - to fit business need for supporting both creates and edits.
  • Completed rewrite of Customer Portal written in React.js while implementing Chi - an internally built Enterprise Design System, used to build consistent products and experiences. Developed application using Typescript, React, React Hooks, Functional Components.
  • Developed CCMA application, which supported features and components written in Angular 12 that required integration into ServiceNow application along with NGRX, RxJS, Angular Material.
  • Architected solution to implement existing Single Sign-on authentication methodologies that allowed CCMA to seamlessly interface with the Customer Portal.



  • Constructed 6-member development team with mission to modernize Enterprise-scale CM/ECF Java Swing application to “NextGen” Angular 12 single page application standards along with NGRX and Angular Material.
  • On a separate application developed mission-critical Case Opening features using JavaScript, React, Redux, React Hooks for the Administrative Offices of the US Courts, which enabled users to add, modify and locate cases based on judges, origin, etc.
  • Responsible for delivering features for mission-critical front-end applications, and architecting approaches for supporting various Angular state management methodologies.


Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Worked in Angular 10 monorepo to provide Solar team with large-scale unit testing ecosystem to provide QA for public-facing Capital One components/features.
  • Coupled Jest unit testing framework with Angular Schematics code generation collection to test against breaking changes across in-house Enterprise components in real-time.
  • Pioneered use of Angular store using reactive pattern with RxJS to manage global state.


Confidential, Durham, NC


  • Enhanced gamification features of MedChallenge project using React Web/Native Storybook, CSS Animations, etc. while persisting performance and data via Google Analytics.
  • Developed Formic/GraphQL UI to survey users and capture feedback for enhancing UX.
  • Took primary ownership of Challenges section and delivered critical bug fixes and enhancements; including large-scale effort to extend “Up Next” banner to Events & Categories.


Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Key resource on Agile Dev team focused on delivering Enterprise Web solution using AWS cloud computing - while leveraging Lambda, S3, AppSync, VPC, EC2, EBS, etc.
  • Designed and Developed Student registration system, which featured dynamic Formik React Web and Native forms toolsets, GraphQL for querying Lambda functions, while integrating/practicing responsive web design principles and CSS methodologies.
  • Implemented React search component - with autocomplete, and business-specific "locking" functionality - that was released and integrated in various apps Enterprise-wide.


Confidential, San Mateo, CA


  • Conceptualized UI/UX mockups in Invision, and delivered primary layout, data visualizations and navigation menus in CSS3/HTML5, doT.js templating engine and D3 libraries.
  • Rewrote AngularJS system as Angular 7 and React driven dashboards; complete with JWT authentication; powered by AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Amplify and Cognito.
  • Designed NodeJS/Express API to render paged datasets of over 100,000 records.


Confidential, Fort Worth, TX


  • Interfaced with In-House TravelClick API to build React driven reservation system and
  • Angular driven profile information portal for Valencia Hotels.
  • Implemented .NET 4.5 cryptography enhancement to Core Suite of Enterprise applications for use in oAuth powered login portals across hotel applications.
  • Collaborated with 10-member team across several departments to design roadmap for migrating from monolithic system to microservice architecture.


Confidential, Chantilly, VA


  • Worked with 4-8 Full stack developers, while delivering iterative releases in an Agile Development environment for “MCC 2.0” project.
  • Designed and developed features for “MCC 1.0” project, including scaling applicationfrom initial prototype phase to global-facing production application
  • Mentored Junior Developers, while developing React/React Native Summer Camp application catered to Providers (admins) requesting care for their installations.
  • Delivered image storage solution for storing and retrieving over 10,000 Care Option im- ages using AWS Lambda and S3 buckets.




  • Developed LAMP Stack Esports platform, while establishing standard engineering processes for 20+ direct reports.
  • Innovated Web-based system, and customized Joomla-based Freelancer System for use by customer base of over 100,000.

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