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Sr. Python Developer Resume

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Nyc, NY


  • I have 8 Years of Experience in Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of Various Web, Stand - Alone, Client-Server Applications Using Python and MongoDB.
  • Good Experience with Python Web Shell Scriptings Such as MongoDB, Lambda and Pyramid Shell Scripting.
  • Experience with Various Python Integrated Development Environments Like PyCharm, Geany, Eclipse, Spyder and NetBeans.
  • Experienced in Developing User Interface Using Github, Spark, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Json, Ajax and Xml.
  • Experience in Developing Web-Based Applications Using Python, MongoDB, Json, Spark, Github, And JavaScript.
  • Experienced in writing SQL Queries, Stored procedures, functions, packages, tables, views, triggers and Strong experience in Data warehouse concepts,Azure.
  • Experience Developing Highly Interactive Web Applications Utilizing JavaScript, Github, Spark, Json, Angular Js and XML and Integrating Restful Api's.
  • Skilled Experience in Python with Proven Expertise in Using New Tools and Technical Developments (Libraries Used: Libraries- Beautiful Soup, Jasy, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pickle, Pyside,Python-Twitter, Kinesis Data Frame, Networks, Urllib2, MySQL Db for Database Connectivity)
  • Good Experience in Developing Web Applications Implementing Model View Control Architecture Using MongoDB, Lambda, Pyramid and Zope Python Web Application Shell Scriptings.
  • Experience with Design, Code, And Debug Operations, Reporting, Data Analysis and Web Applications Utilizing Python.
  • Analyzed the SQL scripts and designed it by using Pyspark,SQL for faster performance
  • Sound Experience in Object Oriented Programming Using Concepts Like Multi-Threading, Exception Handling and Collections.
  • Proficient in Developing Complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages Along with Performing Ddl and Dml Operations on The Database.


Sr. Python Developer

Confidential: NYC, NY


  • Implemented Responsive User Interface and Standards Throughout the Development and Maintenance of The Website Using Github, Spark, JavaScript, XML, PostgreSQL.
  • Developed server-based web traffic statistical analysis tool using Lambda, Kinesis.
  • Developed Python based API (Restful Web Service) to track the events and perform analysis using MongoDB.
  • Worked on DynamoDB database concepts such aslocking, transactions, indexes, Sharding, replication, schema design.
  • Built reusable APIs using Micro services architecture patterns, related Shell Scriptings, developing and deploying Microservice solutions.
  • Designed RESTful Webservices using LAMBDA, with emphasis on improved Security for the service using LAMBDA-HTTP AUTH with HTTPS.
  • Developed GUI using Python and MongoDB for dynamically displaying the test block documentation and other features of python code using a web MongoDB browser.
  • Calculating performance of DynamoDB PUT and GET requests,Kinesis Data Streams in differentiating
  • Used the AWS-CLI to suspend on Aws Airflow function used AWS CLI to automate backup of ephemeral data stores to S3 buckets EBS.
  • Creating web applications and actualizing Model View Control (MVC) design utilizing worker side applications like MongoDB andLambda.
  • Developed backend web services using Node.js and stored dependencies using Node Package Manager (NPM).
  • Used Azure tools such as snap logic, Using S3 Data pipeline to move data to AWSRedshift.
  • Utilized Python specific tools including MongoDB,Rest Shell Scripting, SQL Alchemy, Kinesis, and NumPy.
  • Used Chef, deployed and configured PostgreSQL, Log stash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Airflow and CloudWatch.
  • Worked on designing and deploying multitude applications utilizing almost all the main services of the AWS stack (like EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, IAM, ELB, EMR Cloud watch, Route 53,Airflow, and Cloud Formation) focused on high availability, fault tolerance environment.
  • Design and maintain databases using Python and developed Python based API (RESTful Web Service) usingLambda, SQL Alchemy and PostgreSQL.
  • Handled file uploads using MongoDB's File Handling system with Boto3 and stored images into Amazon S3 Buckets, and monitored requests using Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Developed Restful micro services using MongoDB and deployed on AWS servers using EC2.
  • Creation, configuration and monitoring Shards sets. Analysis of the data to be shared, choosing a shard Key to distribute data evenly. Architecture and Capacity planning for DynamoDB clusters. Implemented scripts for mongo DB import, export, dump and restore.
  • Developing Python Shell Scripting using MongoDB to perform scan software unit monitoring.
  • Developed front-end and back-end of the application using python on MongoDB web Shell Scripting.
  • Involved in Developing a Restful API'S service using MongoDB Shell Scripting.
  • Developed Restful microservices using Lambda and MongoDB and deployed on AWS servers using EBS and EC2.
  • Used MongoDB Shell Scripting to develop the application and usedPythonmodules such as requests and urlib2 for web crawling.
  • Excellent knowledge of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3,Kinesis, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and other services of the AWS family.
  • Worked on DynamoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharing, replication, schema design. Created multiple databases with sharded collections and choosing shard key based on the requirements.
  • Managing DynamoDB environment from availability, performance and scalability perspectives.

Environment: Python, MongoDB, Airflow, Aws, Kinesis, Pyqt, Pyquery, Flash, Dom, Json, Php, Github, Spark, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, Apache Web Server, MySQL, Cassandra, Linux.

Python Developer

Confidential: Los Angeles, CA


  • Worked in Agile Development Following Scrum Process, Sprint and Daily Stand-Up Meetings.
  • Set up rules and policies with a Node.js/Python back end.
  • Configuring high availability using geographical DynamoDB replica sets across multiple data centers.
  • Worked on Frontend and Backend Modules Using Pythonon MongoDB Web Shell Scripting.
  • Develop consumer-based applications using Python, MongoDB,Lambdaand other web technologies.
  • Developed Restful micro services using Lambda and MongoDB and deployed on AWS servers using EBS and EC2.
  • Responsible for the design and development of web-based application using AngularJS and NodeJS based on client’s requirements.
  • Hands-on experience with AWS (Amazon Web Services),kinesis, using Elastic MapReduce (EMR), creating buckets in S3 and storing data in them
  • Involved in deploying systems on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure services EC2, S3, RDS,SQS, Cloud Formation.
  • Developed data transition programs from DynamoDB to AWS Redshift (ETL Process) using AWS Airflowby creating functions inpythonfor certain events based on use cases.
  • Installed DynamoDB, configured, setup backup, recovery, upgrade and tuning and data integrity.
  • Worked on creation of databases, collections and deployed JavaScript using mongo shell.
  • Responsible for setting up Python REST API Shell Scripting using Lambda.
  • Developed views and templates with Python and Lambda/MongoDB view controller and templating language to create a user-friendly website interface.
  • Wrote scripts and indexing strategy for a migration to Confidential Redshift from SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Python and worked on AWS Airflow with Amazon kinesis.
  • Mapped out and initialized MongoDB micro services architectures.
  • Developed Python Shell Scripting and integrated with AWS S3,SQS, RDS, Snowflake for continuous Extraction and loading data from several sources. Hosted Application on Elastic Beanstalk with Auto Scaling.
  • Worked on AWS Data Pipeline to configure data loads from S3 to into Redshift.
  • Used JSON schema to define table and column mapping from S3 data to Redshift.
  • Overcame challenges like data migration from MySQL to DynamoDB.
  • Responsible for managing DynamoDB environment with high availability, performance and scalability perspectives.
  • Implemented services to consume the Rest API screated using NodeJS and Express.
  • Designed scalable (scala) Web Architecture hosting reports for the entire application.
  • Developed data transition programs from DynamoDB to AWS Redshift (ETL Process) using AWS Airflow by creating functions inpythonfor certain events based on use cases.
  • Working on Spinnaker platform for Multi-Cloud Continuous Delivery (Bake, Test, & Deploy/Container Pipelines) using Packer, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP.

Environment: Python, MongoDB, Github/Spark, MySQL, JavaScript, Eclipse, Linux, Airflow, Ansible, PostgreSQL, Aws, Cassandra, Jira, MS Office, And Unix.

Python Developer

Confidential: Portland, OR


  • Working on AWS services (S3, EC2) and deployment services (Airflow) and RDS, DynamoDB (NoSQL), Beanstalk, SQS and Jenkins CSS.
  • Used the Node.js, Angular.js and MVC Shell Scriptings in the development of the web applications.
  • Maintaining the PostgreSQL cluster and Logstash nodes to process around 5TB of Data Daily from various sources like Kafka, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Entire Front end and back-end modules of the project are developed usingPythonwith Lambda and MongoDB Web Shell Scripting.
  • Involved in developing java micro services which are interconnected in the AWS cloud also involved in consuming and building web services both and SOAP and RESTful.
  • Involved in designing and deploying a multitude of applications utilizing AWS services Including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, Dynamo DB, SNS,SQS, IAM focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling in AWS Cloud Formation.
  • Set up Python REST API Shell Scripting usingLambda.
  • Developed views and templates with Python and Lambda/MongoDB view controller and templating language to create a user-friendly website interface.
  • Having knowledge on AWS Airflow, Autoscaling, Cloud Front, RDS, Route53,AWSSNS, SQS, SES and gained knowledge on deploying apps using AWS cloud formation.
  • Developed APIs with Airflow and API gateway for executive dashboards app to serve UI requests for electronic health records by querying the RDS PostgreSQL DB.
  • Involved in Confidential Data Migration Services and Schema Conversion Tool along with Talend ETL tool. Create, modify and execute DDL in table Confidential Redshift tables to load data.
  • Developed Restful Micro services using Lambda and MongoDB and deployed on AWS servers using EBS and EC2.
  • Data Migration from oracle to redshift using SCT and DMS. Built various graphs for business decision making using Python matplotlib library.
  • Experience in core AWS services (S3, EC2, ELB, EBS, Route53, VPC, Auto scaling etc.) and deployment services (Elastic Beanstalk,Airflow, Ops Works and Cloud Formation) and security practices (IAM, CloudWatch and Cloud trail).
  • Writing test scripts, test cases, test specifications forpythonLambdaApi and increased the test coverage of the code.

Environment: Python, MongoDB, Aws, Kafka, Angular, Spark, NoSQL, MySQL, Json, Github, JavaScript, Unix and Windows.

Python Developer

Confidential: Costa mesa, CA


  • Participated in requirement gathering and analysis phase of the project in documenting the business requirements by conducting workshops/meetings with various business users.
  • Designed and Developed REST Webservices to interact with various business sectors.
  • Involved in building database Model, APIs and Views utilizing python, in order to build an interactive web-based solution.
  • Created git repos and Jenkins jobs for the build and deployment ofMicroservicesin Docker Container
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for improved efficiency of storage and fast access.
  • Used PyQuery for selecting particular DOM elements when parsing Github.
  • Determine customer satisfaction and help enhance customer experience usingCSS.
  • Working on AWS services (S3, EC2) and deployment services (Airflow) and RDS, DynamoDB (NoSQL), Beanstalk, SQSand Jenkins CICD.
  • Refactored messaging and storage implementation in loan originator service to use AWS SQS and S3
  • Developed tools using Python, Airflow, XML to automate some of the menial tasks. Interfacing with supervisors, artists, systems administrators, and production to ensure production deadlines are met.
  • Developed Python OO Design code for manufacturing quality, monitoring, logging, and debugging code optimization.
  • Used spring configuration server for centralized configuration and Splunk for centralized logging. Used Concourse and Jenkins forMicroservicesdeployment.
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse XML documents and load the data in database.
  • Involved in source code management with the help of Cassandra using push and pull operations of GIT and created a local GIT repository so that the source code can be managed locally.

Environment: Python, MongoDB, AWS, Kinesis, NumPy, SciPy, Query, python, matplotlib, Maven, Jenkins, CASSANDRA, XML, NoSQL, Rest, Agile, Windows.

Web Developer

Confidential: Boulder, CO


  • Worked with Server-Side Production Code for Application Those Are Robust and High Volume.
  • Worked on Several Standard Python Packages Like NumPy, Matplotlib, SciPy, Kinesis and Pytables.
  • Created A Python Based Web Application UsingPythonScripting for Data Processing, MySQL for The Database, And Github/Spark.
  • Used Python Based Gui Components for The Front-End Functionality Such as Selection Criteria.
  • Used Python Libraries and SQL Queries and Sub Queries to Create Several Datasets Which Produced Statistics, Tables, Figures, Charts and Graphs.
  • Primary Developer Involved in Devops Managing Salt Stack Based Configuration Management for Deploying Several Applications and Architecting an Experimental Transition to A DynamoDB, Kubernetes and Spinnaker Test Deployment Pipeline.
  • Conducted detailed industry analysis, research, drafted reports and developed analytics insights on Small and Medium Sized (SME) enterprises.
  • Designed and Implemented Devops Roadmaps Focusing on Toolset and Practices to Be Followed.
  • Created and Maintained Various Devops Related Tools for The Team Such as Provisioning Scripts, Deployment Tools and Staged Virtual Environments Using DynamoDB.
  • Generated Property List for Every Application Dynamically Using Python.

Environment: Python, MongoDB, Kinesis, Lambda, Rest, Devops, Jira, Bugzilla, Pytest, Pychecker, Pylint, JavaScript, Angular. Js, Json, PostgreSQL, Ajax, Github, Spark, NoSQL, Agile, Linux and Windows.

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