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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • 8 years of extensive experience as a Front - End UI Developer with solid understanding of database designing, development, JavaScript Libraries and installation of different modules.
  • Specialized in development and implementation of Application, mobile and Web based Technology Solutionsusing J2EE Architecture Frameworks.
  • Solid experience working with plain/vanilla JavaScript on both browser and Node
  • Experience building dashboards and websites in Responsive Design
  • Experience in building web applications using jQuery, JSON, AJAX, Augular.JS, Angular 2, Backbone.JS, Bootstrap and React.JS.
  • Experience using ReactJS, Flux, Common JS, Babel+ES6, Web-Pack for SPA development.
  • Experience with Angular 2 with TypeScript using Angular CLI for generating components, services, modules, pipes.
  • Experience in creating custom directives and filters matching the wireframes in Angular 2.
  • Developed User Interface utilizing HTML5, CSS3 with JavaScript and Kendo MVVM framework for view models while integrating jQuery, AJAX and JSON to call Web API methods.
  • Experience applying the latest development approaches including MVC in the browser, event-driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML.
  • Experience in working with frameworks like Struts, spring, JSF and implementing various J2EE design patterns such as Singleton, Session Façade Pattern, Data Access Object and Factory design patterns.
  • Experience working with RESTful Web Services and implementing RESTful API's.
  • Experience of working on CSS Preprocessors like LESS and SASS along with JavaScript task runners like Grunt.
  • Extensive experience in developing web pages quickly and effectively using jQuery and in making web pages with cross browser compatible.
  • Experience working on scalable environment using Agile/SCRUM, Test driven development (TDD) methodologies.
  • Experience working with GIT repository and maintaining version control using GIT.
  • Experience on Oracle (9i, 10g), IBM DB2, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and usage of tools like Toad for Oracle.
  • Experience with build tools such as ANT&MAVEN.
  • Experience with Performance tuning tools like JS Profiler, Fiddler and Debugging tools like ULS viewer.
  • Developed and prepared test cases for unit testing with Jasmine, karma.
  • Good experience in unit testing with Karma, Mocha, Jasmine, Protractor.
  • Experience in all stages of testing namely Functional testing, Performance testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and User Acceptance testing.


Programming Languages: CoreJava/J2EE, JavaScript,C, C++, VB, Python,SQL, PL/SQL.

Frameworks: Struts, Angular JS,Angular 2,React JS,J query Redux, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, Node JS, RequireJS, Backbone,PHP, Apache CXF

Development Tools and IDE: IntelliJ, Eclipse IDE, Rational Rose, TOAD, Clear Case, Web-storm, Gulp, Developer Tools, Spring Tool Suite, JBOSS, sublime, Amazon AWS tool set.

Databases: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo Db and DB2.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, UNIX, Linux.

Web Technologies: JavaScript, Ajax, XML, XHTML, CSS3, JSP 2.0/2.1, JSTL, Spring 3.2, Log4j,HTML5, DHTML, XSLT, AJAX, GWT, JQuery, JSON, RIA framework, Amazon Web Services, Restful web service, SOAP.

J2EE Design Patterns: Front Controller, Composite View, Business Delegate, Session Façade, DAO, Command Pattern, Singleton pattern, Service Locator.

Debugging Tools: Bugzilla,Firebug, J Unit v 4.12,Yeoman, Grunt.

Application/Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x,Web sphere Application Server8.0, IBM WebSphere 7.x/6.x,J Boss 5.0, WebLogic 8.1/9.2, Restful Services, JAX-RS, Apache Tomcat 5.0


Confidential - Chicago, IL

Sr. UI Developer


  • Developed an effective HTML5 User Interface using new HTML5 form elements.
  • Developed an Angular based front end including custom widget, controls, event handlers and effects.
  • Created custom filters which parses $http response to match the wireframes.
  • Created custom Angular directive and services.
  • Designed and developed web pages using with HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS, Angular bootstrap and jQuery.
  • Used various jQuery plugins like date picker, dialog boxes etc.
  • Extensively used Angular-grid and UI components.
  • Used AngularJS and JQuery library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the application.
  • Used Angular 2 with typescript for multiple implementations along with other web technologies.
  • Implemented routing between various component by providing the routes using RouterModule.
  • Worked with @inject () and @injectable() for dependencies.
  • Created various reusable components using Angular 2 and Web pack
  • Used Angular 2 router techniques to build Single Page Application for switching from one view to other within the page.
  • Created custom filters which parses $http response to match the wireframes.
  • Extensively used SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) while styling with CSS3.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, RESTful Web Services using $http.
  • Utilized various jQuery plugins to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) to make it look more intuitive.
  • Successfully handled JSON data and carried out JSON parsing for form submissions and DOM manipulation.
  • Maintained Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap, custom media queries, etc.
  • Used JIRA as the bug tracking system to track and maintain the history of bugs/issues on everyday basis.
  • Implemented the SEO Techniques to improve the search results on the web.
  • Used CSS Sprites to decrease the load time of web pages.
  • Involved with bug fixing on functionality, performance and designing issues with JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Involved in parsing JSON API to JDOs and use them in frontend handlebar.js
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking and issue tracking.
  • Created Single Page Applications (SPA) using handlebars, backbone.js and node.js.
  • Involved in designing and developing the JSON, XML Objects with MySQL.
  • Extensively used HTML5 for audio and video playback. Worked on the MVP architecture for the GWT.
  • Used jQuery plugins autocomplete, validation, drag and drop and more exceptionally. Used jQuery template for markup. Used Ajax, JSON with jQuery for request data and response processing.
  • Developed programs to port the XML data to database to make the website XML driven.
  • Involved Finding out the bugs, broken links and missing images etc. and rectifying them.

Environment: OO JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, Handlebar.js, Angular.js, Angular 2, Node.js, Backbone.js, Agile methodology, Dreamweaver, MVP, Bootstrap, Usability Testing, Karma and Jasmine, SSAS, LESS, GIT, MySQL.

Confidential - Dunwoody, GA

Sr. UI Developer


  • Reviewing business requirements and functional designs for application.
  • Created User Stories from the requirements in JIRA
  • Implemented Routing in AngularJS using $routeProvider
  • Designed and developed around 8 screens in the application and handled all UI Validations and routing for each.
  • Designed and developed reusable charting custom directives using D3.js (Donut chart, Pie Chart)
  • Developed Services to share data across controllers in Angular
  • Developed Services for common utilities such as truncation feature, Data Unit Conversion etc.
  • Used $http to make Ajax calls and consume JSON response across various services
  • Developed user panels and confirmation pop ups as a reusable component which were implemented as custom directives
  • Evaluated converting the current implementation of the front-end to using React JS.
  • Used various predefined components from Node Package Manager and REDUX libraries.
  • Developed a chat portlet using Node.JS and Socket.IO
  • Worked closely with the UX designer to in corporate CSS changes.
  • Developed various Controllers following Angularjs framework to fulfill business requirements
  • Used Grunt as a build tool and also to validate JavaScript code with JSHint
  • Developed left hand navigation as a custom component which was made responsive with the help of Media Queries.
  • Used bootstrap grid layout in the application for responsiveness and for general layout
  • Worked in Agile Environment, attending everyday scrums, sprint planning and sprint review meetings
  • Transformed design mock-ups into cross-browser compatible HTML/CSS layouts
  • Wrote AJAX calls to populate tables, tab menu and other components with JSON data in Angular.js.
  • Extensively used Angular validations for forms and to validate user input data
  • Wrote AJAX calls to populate tables, tab menu and other components with JSON data.
  • Debugged and resolved many cross-browser issues (mainly CSS issues)
  • Worked with the team of architect’s middle tier and back-end Developers to gather requirements and enhance the application functionality and add new features.
  • Debugging the application using Chrome Batarang and Mozilla firebug
  • Performed unit testing with Karma (Test Runner) and Jasmine (Testing Framework)
  • Incorporated Videos with HTML5.

Environment: Angular.js 1.2/1.3,ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, Node.js, SocketIO, Bootstrap 3,MangoDB JSON, Karma, Grunt, D3.js, Jasmine, Windows 7

Confidential - Charlotte, NC

Java UI Developer


  • Constantly participated in Idealization meetings to share ideas.
  • Development of code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, plus relevant coding standards.
  • Developed Mobile Applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile
  • UI development using Angular and UI frameworks MVC.
  • Converted wireframes and Adobe Photoshop documents into functional CSS, HTML and JavaScript code.
  • Architected and developed a mobile web application publishing framework component library based on AngularJS.
  • Received business logic specifications and design documents, and translated them into HTML, CSS3 preprocessor styling SASS, JSON files, JavaScript code and AngularJS.
  • Involved in developing Web pages that are more user interactive using AJAX, JavaScript, LESS, Bootstrap and Angular JS.
  • Designed and developed the application to be responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets using media queries and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Developed a single page, mobile-first, cross-device/cross-browser web application for real-time location sharing utilizing AngularJS, JavaScript API.
  • Built dozens of interactive charts, dynamic maps and dynamic reporting using HighchartsJS and some using D3.JS.
  • Worked on package management / build tools related to Front End Technologies (like Grunt, Gulp).
  • Involved in implementing all components of the application including database tables, server-side Java Programming (JSP Templates) and client-side web programming.
  • Used AngularJS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models).
  • Worked with QA team on daily basis in fixing the reported bugs/defects and checking cross platform compatibility.
  • Debug the application using Firebug too traverse the documents and manipulated the nodes using DOM and DOM functions.
  • Created Cross-Browser compatible and standards-compliant CSS-base page layouts.
  • Designed table-less layouts using CSS and appropriate HTML tags as per W3C standards.
  • Created optimized graphic websites and application interfaces using HTML and CSS.
  • Handled all aspects of the web applications including maintaining, testing, debugging and deploying.
  • Participated in the research of new technologies like JQuery-Mobile for few potential mobile app development efforts.
  • Worked on tools like Eclipse and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Evaluated JSON from the server and making Ajax requests using XHR object and handling JSON objects.
  • Extensively used Firebug/webkit inspector to debug UI code and handle different browser CSS issues.
  • Design and develop web application as per the user specification provided.
  • Perform adequate unit testing and provide automated unit test cases.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Ajax, JSON, XML, Java, JSP, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Oracle 10g.

Confidential - Columbus, OH

Java Developer/UI Developer


  • Review the system requirements and attending requirements meetings with analysts and users.
  • Involved in the life cycle of the project from documentation to unit testing making development as priority.
  • Developed web pages using Struts framework, JSP, XML, JavaScript, sHtml/ Dhtml and CSS, configure struts application, use tag library.
  • Used Apache Struts framework includes the integrated AJAX.
  • Played major role in designing & developing JSP pages and XML reports.
  • Developed Servlets and custom tags for JSP pages.
  • Developed few module Web pages using Springs IOC and Hibernate.
  • Designed and developed dynamic pages using HTML, CSS- layout techniques, Java script.
  • Took the various challenges in the enhancement and completed them on time.
  • Extensive Used Exception handling and Multi-threading for the optimum performance of the application.
  • Extensive use of multi-threading from synchronization
  • Involved in design (using RUP, Visio) and implemented (SOA, SOAP) next generation system on distributed platform.
  • Extensively used XSL as a XML parsing mechanism for showing Dynamic Web Pages in HTML format.
  • Implemented OWAS (Open web Application Security) mechanisms for secure bank transactions.
  • Implemented Searching based algorithms for searching key-terms in application
  • Implemented SOAP protocol to get the requests from the outside System.
  • Used CVS as a source control for code changes.
  • Used ANT scripts to build the project and JUnit to develop unit test cases.
  • Developed coding using SQL, PL/SQL, Queries, Joins, Views, Procedures/Functions, Triggers and Packages.
  • Provided development support for System Testing, Product Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Conversion Testing, Load Testing, and Production.
  • Deployed application on Web sphere application server.

Environment: Java 1.5, J2EE, AJAX, Servlets, JSP, RUP, Eclipse 3.1, Struts, Spring 2.0, Hibernate, XML, CVS, Java Script, JQuery, GWT, ANT, SOAP, Log4J, DB2, Web Sphere server, UNIX, IBM Web Sphere Portal Server, Message Broker

Confidential, New York, NY

UI/Web Developer


  • Used Microsoft Visio for designing the Use Case Diagrams, Class model, Sequence diagrams, and Activity diagrams for SDLC process of the application.
  • Prepared Functional and Non-Functional requirements by analyzing the business requirements for MMIS, Prisoner Match, DLEG batch processes by using Java Multi-Threading
  • Implemented GUI pages by using JSP, JSTL, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Extensively used Java multi-threading to implement batch Jobs with JDK 1.5 features.
  • Implemented the online application by using Core Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Web Services, SOAP, and WSDL.
  • Implemented the project by using Struts2 MVC framework and used hibernate to communicate with database.
  • Configured the project on WebSphere 7 application servers
  • Communicated with other Health Care info by using Web Services with the help of SOAP, WSDL.
  • Tested the web services with SOAP UI tool
  • Implemented Singleton, factory design pattern, DAO Design Patterns based on the application requirements.
  • Used SAX and DOM parsers to parse the raw XML documents.
  • Used RAD as Development IDE for web applications.
  • Tuning complex database queries and joining the tables to improve the performance of the application
  • Developed back end interfaces using embedded SQL, PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, Functions, Procedures.
  • Designed and developed base classes, framework classes and common re-usable components.
  • Used Clear Case for Version Control tool and Clear Quest for bug tracking tool
  • Wrote shell scripts for batch jobs
  • Developed test plan documents for all back-end database modules.
  • Deployed the project in Linux environment.

Environment: JDK 1.5, JSP, Web Sphere7, JDBC, Spring Framework, Hibernate Framework, XML, DOM, SAX, EJB 2.1, CSS, HTML, JNDI, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, RAD, SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Oracle10g, Toad, Log4j, ANT, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Windows XP, Red Hat Linux.


Java Developer


  • Involved in requirement analysis, design, coding and implementation and code review.
  • Used UML and Rational Rose for system design and modeling.
  • Designed and developed the presentation layer using JSP/Servlets. Implemented the JSPs, Servlets in the MVC Struts Framework to effectively handle the workflow of the application.
  • Executed complete implementation of business/data access layer in EJB's and other classes on Web Sphere Application Server
  • Deployed the EJB's on WebLogic Application Server.
  • Used Servlets to service requests from UI to manipulate Business Objects and invoke respective EJBs for making database updates.
  • Established JDBC connection to retrieve the customer account details and transactions list from the IBM DB2 database.
  • Worked with IBM Sybase Data Base back end. Used XML as data communication format between different modules
  • Extensively worked on Prepared Statements and Callable Statements of JDBC 2.0 API to access the IBM DB2 database.
  • Developed Controller Servlets, Action and Form objects for process of interacting with IBM DB2 database and retrieving dynamic data.
  • Involved in the Validation and documentation of Test Results. Writing Detail Design Documents with UML Specifications.
  • Developed a standalone java client using the Java API for XML-based RPC, and tested the functionality of the web service.
  • Involved in Configuration and Usage of Apache Log4J for logging and debugging purposes.
  • Wrote test scenarios for testing the web service, both from a Web Client and a Standalone Java Client.

Environment: Core Java1.4, J2EE (EJB 2.0, JNDI), Servlets (Struts), log4j, JMS, PL-SQL/SQL Procedures, WebLogic Application Server 5.0, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rational Rose, UML, XML, XSL, IBM DB2 UDB 8.1, PVCS & Unix.

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